Whatta Year…..2013!

One of my best friends, Steph, came over today and we were talking about Christmas and the year that has passed and what we have to look forward to in 2014. We have both had some ups and downs this year and she is probably the only person that understands when I say that I am fed up of this country and cant believe I haven’t spent anytime abroad this year!

I have totally spoilt myself since I starting working full time in 2006 as every year I have been abroad on holiday. This year I have taken leave from work, but unfortunately due to a skiing accident Matt and I were unable to go on holiday and I wasn’t prepared to take leave and go on holiday by myself and the majority of my friends now are married or have children or already had plans to go away! So I have had some wonderful mini breaks in the UK this year, but it isn’t quite the same as packing a suitcase, grabbing your passport and getting some duty free!

Anyway, when I was speaking with Steph, it got me to thinking about when looking back on 2013 I am proud of…..

Joining A Gym
If anyone is reading this and knows me well, you will know that I am not really an active person. I hated the gym and if I can take a lift or escalator rather than the stairs I ALWAYS will! However December 31st 2012, I joined up to the gym and I have been going pretty much 3-4 times a week, every week since. The only times I haven’t been is if we have been away OR if I have been sick. This is a big achievement for me and it has really helped me to distress after work and given me something to keep motivated with. Joining the Gym and sticking to it is really a big thing for me.

Losing Weight
So when 2013 began I will tell you honestly, I pretty much topped the scales at 14st, which shocked me and upset me deeply. However, me being me I never really showed it, but I did the only thing I knew how and joined my local slimming world! So my journey hasn’t been quick, but I am 4lbs away from my 1.5 stone award and I can pretty much fit into a UK 14 (Dependant on the shop!). My aim is to get to a comfortable size 12, I am not too bowled over on how much I weigh, but I will be pleased if I can just fit into a UK 12!

My Job
I don’t really like to talk about work too much on here as whilst it is important to me this blog isn’t about my 9-5! However, the department in which I work in has expanded beyond my wildest imagination in such a short space of time and we have expanded from just 5 people, including myself at the beginning of the year to now 17! I am not going to lie, being a team leader is hard work, but the group of people I have working with me (because we are a team!) are brilliant! When the chips are down they know what counts and really stick together. 2014 is going to be another busy year for us, but I can feel it will be a good one!

My Anxiety
I have suffered from panic attacks for a few years now and whilst they aren’t always full on – they still can knock me for six! However, this year thanks to the gym and yoga I have learnt to keep a lid on things and remain calm and using breathing techniques and just generally learn to step away when things become too overwhelming!

So as you can see there are a few things I am proud of this year as well as all my achievements on my bucket list. Now there are things that I will happy to see the back of this year, but this blog is not and will never be a negative blog! Whilst I know you all know I am not superhuman and I do have my down days and days where life isn’t great, but you all have your own struggles – you don’t need to hear about mine!

Well I am going to sign off and do some reading and have set my alarm (on my day off!) so I can get to the gym and weigh in early before I get some bleach through my hair! My roots are insane!

Love To All

Emma xxxxxxxx

Thoughts Have Turned To The New Year

Tonight, whilst watching Miracle On 34th Street (the ’94 version!) my thoughts have turned to what events I have planned in 2014!

I have a big holiday planned with my family in the Summer to stay with my godparents for 2 weeks, I am also booking our Vegas trip next year, so money is going to be a little bit tight! So next year will be more about cheaper things to cross off the list! So my plans for next year, as well as anything else that comes along……

1) Girly Spa Break
2) Milk A Cow
3) Make My Own Christmas Cards
4) Stay Up All Night Watching Movies
5) Run The Race For Life

Ok, so Girly Spa Break…..I need to do some research and find somewhere that me and a friend can really go to town have some lovely treatments and some even better food! Milking A Cow…..I can do this at a local farm and the experience runs daily and I only need to pay to get in (so any friends reading this that would like to join me, please feel free!). Make My Own Christmas Cards…..I wanted to do that this year, but left it a little late, so I am going to raid the craft shops in the January sales and get some bits throughout the year! Stay Up All Night Watching Movies…..I need to put a movie set list together and put one Saturday night aside with my man and have popcorn, pick n mix and yummy drinks and go through a Harry Potter Marathon or Hangover Marathon or maybe even Avengers Marathon! Run The Race For Life……this requires ALOT of motivation from me! I can currently run half a mile and the race for life is 5k which is approx 3.1miles, so I have a bit of work to do, but I am confident I can do it! The Race for life is taking place in my local town in July….so I have approx 7 months to be able to run and be confident in running it without stopping!

Over the past few weeks, my thoughts have really turned to moving out and getting myself a little house, so I really need to start saving and stop splurging! So I have tried to be a bit more inventive with my Bucket List. Whilst I would LOVE to jet off to Africa and go on a real Safari, the cost is just insane and it isn’t always guaranteed you will see all the animals. So I have googled Longleat Safari Park tonight, as I have been before but remember seeing something about a VIP experience and they do have VIP Safari Tours ranging from Bronze to Platinum and prices start from £85pp. Now, I know I am meant to be saving money, but if I cant do the real thing (unless any travel agents want to send me on holiday and I can review it for them!) I am going to have to settle for 2nd best. So I have my eyes set on the Gold VIP Safari Tour, which is approx 6-7 hours and includes Tiger Feeding, Lion and Cheetah experience, Behind the scenes tour, Giraffe feeding – it looks rather cool! So that is definitely an option for me to save a few grand for the house pot! That just leaves Vegas, Boston and New York as the most expensive costs!

Well I am starting to look forward to 2014 and all that it has in store! Do you have anything exciting planned for 2014?

Eat, Drink & Be Merry!

Emma xxx

East Coast or West Coast???

Good Morning (just!),

I have realised I have been AWOL for a while, I just haven’t had much to report on or write about….

I haven’t really been on “track” either, slimming world has kinda fallen by the way side and the gym has definitely been forgotten about! I can sense you all shaking your heads…..

I feel your disappointment seeping through the screen, don’t be. I am ok with it. I am back on track, slowly, with slimming world and I am going back to they gym tomorrow AM. I am also joining a beginners pilates class on Monday! I have 8 months to shrink back to size 12 ready for holiday time…..I can do that, no sweat!

Did you see the documentary on BBC 2 last night about Killer Whales? I have always had a fascination with them from the first time I saw Free Willy. They are such large animals but i couldn’t believe last night that it has been shown that they have social circles and can feel emotion. They are beautifully creatures, if just a little bit violent about how they catch their food! It got me thinking about doing Whale Watching whilst in Boston. I have done some research and you don’t see any Orca’s in that area, its normally humpback whales, which would be lovely to see. So I looked a bit more and the best place to watch Orca’s are Seattle/Vancouver. So I have been thinking, which is more important? Boston or seeing Orca’s?

I would love to do both, but financially that is not possible. I can honestly say, I have never been drawn to Seattle/Vancouver – whereas Boston has always interested me and whale watching (even if it isn’t Orca’s) has played a big part of that. I think I am going to do a bit more research into Seattle and Vancouver first before I make any big decisions.

Somehow, without realising I have managed to already do quite a bit of my Christmas Shopping. I have everything planned as to what I am going to get people, the only ones I am stuck on is my in-laws. What are you getting yours??

Things will be back to normal come Monday and I will be back to blogging at least twice a week and planning the next thing I can get ticked off the list!

Have a lovely weekend

Em xxx

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You Can’t Revise For Some Tests!


Well its late Sunday evening here in the UK and it is the end to what I feel has been a good week!

As a family we have an agreement to our dates for our holiday next year, we are going to NYC for 2 nights and then heading to my godparents in Indiana for almost 2 weeks. I am sooo excited! We are planning on staying in either the Wellington or Crowne Plaza Times Square – if you have stayed in either your opinion would be greatly appreciated!

At weigh in, despite not really being on plan I only gain 1/2 lb, which I was really pleased with. I have been really good this week and hardly synned at all. I do however, feel really bloated and not like I have lost any weight at all.

I also went shopping today with Harriet and I got her some really gorgeous bits for her little bubba, who will be with us in just a few weeks!

Its all been quite a good week, I am slightly nervous about tomorrow, I am going for my first smear test. I know that it is something the majority of women my age go for this test and it is ALWAYS wise to do so. I think for me it I am not worried about the actual test, its the results (which is always the case after a test). Unfortunately this isn’t a test I can revise for or do my best (as my dad always says), this is down to my body to give the right results. I have been thinking over the past couple of weeks about people that really moan about their lives and that they do nothing with it. I cant help but think that if they actually did something for themselves that they might have something to be positive about. There are people in this world that would love to have the chance to lead a healthy life and have unlimited options as to what they can do, surely you would want to live your life to the fullest for them?!

Sentimental part out of the way!

On the plus side I have felt this weekend that it is the beginning of Autumn, which has got me VERY excited! I LOVE autumn/winter, getting all snuggled up in a nice thick jumper and boots, fresh, crisp mornings and dark evenings! I am seriously excited about Christmas, I love this time of year and I am going to go all out this year and make my own Christmas cards (another tick!).

Whilst browsing on Pinterest I stumbled across a new blog that I have completely fallen in love with there is free printables, craft ideas, cooking ideas all fantastic stuff and I have already seen a few things that I am going to be giving a go!

Ok, I need to call it a night, I have to be at work tomorrow for 8am! Whilst I am here I thought I would let you know that Learning To Fly now has its own Facebook Page, so why not enter into your browser and hit like

Speak Soon

Em xx

Quote of the Day

It’s Friday!

This means I only have to work till 4 then I’m off work for a whole week……yey!

In yoga last night in relaxation we were told to think of a yellow beam, running through our body breeding positivity, making us lighter. I think I was actually laid there with a smile on my face!

Even better I took a look this morning and my sunflowers are growing 🙂

So, my quote for today is simple…….


Have a great weekend, oh and don’t forget to follow me on twitter, Pinterest & Instagram.


Em xx