The Weekend

How is the weekend almost over?! I don’t even know where it went or what I did! However what I do know is that its been bloody HOT!!! I am not good with hot unless I can be in and out of a pool with cocktails handed to me hourly and snacks available 24/7. Although a nice pink & white ice-cream today on our 6 mile walk went down nicely – sod the diet haha!


Don’t get me wrong, the lighter evenings, bbq with friends and after walk sea front walks are lovely BUT I am internally looking forward to some cooler weather OR someone buying me a paddling pool!

So whats the plan for this week?! 2 1/2 day week for me – wahooo! Matt & I have booked some leave together and I cannot wait to spend some proper time together as we have a busy weekend next week! Our weekend starts Wednesday when my godparents visit for dinner (they are over from the states), Thursday & Friday we will see what happens, but then Saturday is my parents annual party with all the family and Sunday is the Food Festival which we are so excited for! So its going to be a busy long weekend for us, but I CANNOT wait!

Here is my thought for this week – I hope you have a great one!

Life is better when you're laughing - great inspirational quote.




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Wahooo! We have finally made it to Friday! I am super excited as I have this afternoon as Annual Leave – actually as you read this I will probably have finished for the day!

My afternoon off will consist of doing a spot of Fathers Day shopping for my dad and just some general house work – although I may treat myself to a Costa whilst I am out! I have sooo much fun stuff planned this weekend, I am taking Matt on a surprise day out tomorrow before visiting old friends for food and drinks in the evening, then have my monthly brunch date with Hayley!

Don’t worry – my camera and creative juices will be going with me everywhere and I can’t wait to share what I have been upto with you next week. I am aiming to have 2 posts up each week, Wednesday at 6pm and Sunday at 11am, with things officially starting on Wednesday!

Any way!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone – keep smiling!

Emma xxx

Weekend Roundup!

I woke up Saturday after a fun night in with the girls on Friday, the cupcakes and cocktails went down a storm and it was really nice to see everyone and have a giggle. There was lots of wedding talk as there was 2 brides over and it was funny to see how different they both are! Here are a few snippets from Friday Night…


I waited for Matt to come home from work on Saturday morning, I admit after clearing up, I spent most of the morning watching re-runs of The Bill. Personally I think its still good all these years on, Matt however just thinks I am sad! He picked me up and I dropped off some Party Lite goodies to a valued customer and then headed on a search to do some Strawberry Picking! The farm we went to had an offer on, basically you could fill a small punnet as much as you could for Β£3 or a large one for Β£8, we opted for the smaller punnet and headed off, there were so many little ones out with their parents, it made us both very nostalgic remembering when we were their age picking strawberries with our families….



We spent Saturday evening with my cousin and her fiance, just chilling out having a BBQ. Then Sunday I headed upto Guildford with my Friend Hayley and the rest of Team Bride for a catch up and a mooch round the shops. It was nice to spend some time with them all as we dont have much chance to all meet up, so getting the little ones in some bridesmaid dresses in Debenhams was great and they both looked so pretty…..

Sunday evening Hayley and her Fiance Lee headed over and we had a Cheese & Crackers evening watching the last Top Gear as we currently know it. We had a great time giggling, catching up and just generally feeding our faces!

what a feast!

what a feast!


Today, I am off work. I booked a holiday day to make the most of a quiet house whilst my family are away. I have also been feeling rather negative lately and the fact that the sun is out today and I have started working on my new hobby (will reveal all soon), I feel really refreshed and happy again!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend too and got up to lots of mischief!


Emma xxxx

Lots Of Little Men

Good Evening!

I had the option today to go and watch my boyfriends beloved Portsmouth FC play today…after the shambles last week I politely declined and went for a spot of window shopping with my mum.

I was in my nice new winter coat, boots and it was sooo cold and it was finally starting to feel like winter outside! We got ourselves a Starbucks, I had a yummy toffee nut latte – I would definitely recommend this! It was lovely! I got some extra Christmassy bits, I just couldn’t resist!

When we got home I decided to do a trial run of some Gingerbread Men (I have a mini present plan), using the BBC Food gingerbread men recipe that i pinned a few weeks ago I set to work…..getting flour everywhere and trying to nead the dough like they do on bake off! I wanted the little men to be hard on the outside but soft when you bite into them…..I actually did it!




So now I have lots of little men to look after! They have been iced with chocolate and caramel writing icing from Tesco! The kitchen smelt lovely and Christmassy, the smell of gingerbread just reminds me of christmas amongst many other things!

Last Friday I had the day off work and went round a local garden centre with my mum and dad and also to the shops to get a few bits. I picked up some christmas magazines and a book ready to read in December. I have had a quick look through the magazines and there are some really good ideas in there that I am definitely going to do. The book is Christmas At Claridges by Karen Swann. It was either last year or the year before I discovered her book, Christmas At Tifffanys and The Perfect Present which were both excellent reads. I have also read her other books Primadonna and Players. All are excellent and I would definitely recommend them both!

I am off now to a candle party, to get some more lovely bits from Partylite…..I don’t plan on being too late as I want to have a bath with my lovely bath bomb the comforter from LUSH!

Have a lovely evening, whatever you maybe doing. Don’t forget you can follow me o Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest!

Much Love


Shop Till You Drop


I just want to apologise for not blogging last week, I had a bit of a down week and really struggled to see any positive in what I was doing and kind of felt like the whole word was on top me and I couldn’t see the light! It turns out all I needed was a day shopping with my bestie to make everything ok!

Before I share my lovely shopping experience with you all, I just wanted to say a MASSIVE Congratulations to my friend Harriet who featured in birthday blogging She had a beautiful baby boy on Saturday Morning, she named him Thomas George and he was a good healthy weight. I cant wait to have a cuddle!

Sooo to shopping! Me and Steph tend to do a big shop together twice a year, one in the spring and one in the autumn. We have joked that we want to shop in every shopping centre in the UK & to be honest, we probably will end up doing it one day! When we were planning this trip we decided that we didn’t want to go to anywhere we have been before, but we definitely wanted to go somewhere that had a Primark, Forever 21, H&M and either Boots or Superdrug….some how we ended up on agreeing on Oxford Street! So Saturday we were on the coach for 7.55am and on Oxford Street marching towards Primark for 10.45am! As usual London was heaving and Primark was really busy! But I managed to get lots including some statement necklaces, for me that’s the best bit about Primark, you get a whole new wardrobe and only spend Β£50! You cant go wrong! I have to say we were a bit disappointed with Forever 21 – there was nothing in there that really caught my eye….but I was on a mission to find a Jumper that I pinned earlier in the month! I also got myself a lovely winter nail polish by Essie and some make up by MUA.


L-R: Elmo Jumper, Forever 21. Top, Primark. Skirt, Forever 21. Cosmetics Superdrug.

IMG_0360.JPG (2)

L-R: Silver Statement Necklace, Primark. Just Desserts Jar Candle, Partylite. Cable Knitted Candle Sleeve, Partylite. Gold Statement Necklace, Primark

So as you can see I have got some more bits to talk to you about! For the best part of last year I was a Partylite consultant. I really enjoyed it and it definitely gave me a confidence boost! So me and mum decided to host a Christmas Candle Party a couple of weeks ago. I managed to get quite a few freebies with our hostess commission. I got some tealights and also the jar above, which is Marshmallow Peppermint and also the Cable Knitted Pair, which are sooo fitting for the autumn/winter and look lovely with a tealight in them! I just need a couple of pillows to match!

So, that is me all shopped out now for a while! I have a week off next week and we are visiting my friend Katy down in Plymouth and I cant wait, but before that we have a day of fun with Matt’s nieces!

Speak Soon!


Emma xxx

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Antique or Junk?

So yesterday I was awoken at 4am by Matt being really poorly – he was up being ill for a good 2 hours. It reached 6am and I decided he needed to go home, so me and my dad took him back to his and handed over playing nurse to his mum! I climbed back into bed and slept right through until 10am!

When I woke up, I thought to myself ‘what on earth do I do on a Saturday on my own?!’ We spend most weekends together, so to actually be on my own was a turn up for the books! Thankfully my parents offered to keep me entertained for the day! Mum wanted to head to an antique shop in a local village (not sure what she was hoping to find!). When we arrived I saw a lot of shabby chic stuff in the window & thought that I could buy myself something new to add to my room – perhaps a nice quote!

We looked round and I was really disappointed, it looked like it was all stuff that you would find in a charity shop or at a car boot sale. There was nothing there that took my eye as being an antique or worth any sort of money! Which lead me to the quote ‘One Mans Treasure Is Another Mans Junk’. We were on the 2nd floor when I saw quite a few glass cabinets full of jewellery. There were some stunning rings there that you can only dream of owning, sapphires, rubys, diamonds the list was endless. That was the only thing that I can honestly say I would go back to that store for!

Me and Matt are going to an auction on my week off in 2 weeks, it is labelled as a brick-a-brac auction, I have decided to re-label bric-a-brac to ‘One Mans Treasure Is Another Mans Junk’ ha ha ha! I am hoping there will be some jewellery there that I can get my hands on! I would love to get a silver/white gold ring with a coloured stone. When my Nan passed she left me a gold ring with a ruby (I think) and the tiniest diamonds, its too small for me to wear and the style isn’t really me, but it is something that I will keep forever. I would love to find something really different and unique at the auction, but don’t really know what to look for!

When I have been to my godparents in Indiana before we have been to an antique mall (Exit 76 Antique Mall) it was massive! There was so much stuff there, but like everything I think you need to know what you want before you go! I was amazed by the amount of jukeboxes there, my dad has always wanted one and I think they look really retro and could be really good! If I had children I would love to get a really old rocking horse for them to play on, I think they look lovely!

Anyway, it is a bit of a boring Sunday here, the weather is pants and I am sitting here trying to ignore the smell of chocolate brownies and upside down pineapple cake (check out the no junk food challenge page!). I am off to search for hotels in Boston and do some pinning on Pinterest!

Have a good Sunday afternoon!

I will catch you later.

Much Love