New Beginnings

Wow, can you believe its November?! It is the 11th Month of the year and for those of us that wanted to achieve great things this year, time is quickly running away from you!

I am super excited that its November, we are closer to being able to play Christmas music, the weather is getting colder (FINALLY) and its even more acceptable to close the door when you get in and not leave the house again until you have to go to work the next day. However, there are a lot more exciting things happening in November & it has dawned on me recently, that its a month of new beginnings!

For me, I have a new start coming at work, I step into a new role for maternity cover. Its still a management position but will give me a new challenges and the opportunity to learn more about the industry that I work in, whilst one of my lovely friends has her first baby and starts a new life as a family of 3 (or 5 if you include the doggies!).

One of my closest friends is starting a new chapter in her life as a married woman, after a whirlwind romance and finally finding her soulmate she is walking down the aisle mid November to the love of her life. I cannot wait to spend the day with them, celebrate their love and wish them well as they step forward together into married life.

For the first time EVER, I am going to have all my Christmas shopping finished and completed by 30th November. I refuse to go into December with presents still to buy. I want everyone crossed off my list so that I can spend December wrapping, writing cards & making the most out of the Christmas month and not being one of those people rushing round at the last minute.

After feeling like I haven’t seen the past few months, I am going to make sure that I take the time to really slow down and enjoy myself this month & make the most of everything that we have planned. I dont want to look back at the end of year and feel like I wasted half of my year on feeling negative.

So November, lets kick start the last part of the year with nothing but happiness and positivity.

Emma x

Exciting Times

While I have been away from blogging, we all know that Matt & I have been enjoying our first home and settling in well. However, things aren’t just going well for us but also for people around us! Today’s blog was meant to be about my PCOS and how that is going, but when I was finishing it off it felt a bit gloomy and with British Summertime in full swing (yes its raining cats & dogs) I wanted to post something happy and fun!

2018 – its under half a year away, can you believe that! Its going to be a BIG year, for many reasons…here, I wrote a list to tell you why!

  1. I Turn 30!
  2. My Little Brother Turns 21!
  3. Matt & I Have Been Together 9 Years!
  4. My Best Friend Gets Married!
  5. My Cousin Has Her First Baby!

Now, what makes you most excited when you read those 5 statements?! For me, its 4 & 5! Don’t get me wrong I am excited to celebrate my 30th birthday AND see my brother turn 21! Of course the fact that Matt & I will have been together 9 years is such a fantastic achievement and especially when it only feels like it has been a couple of years!

Image result for exciting times quotes

BUT back to 4 & 5!

Sooo for those of you that read posts last year will know that around the time of Matt’s accident my best mate went through a break up. However, as most of you now, that often out of bad situations good things happen and she had some really great people around her and one of them made more of an impact than others. By the end of the summer she had brought a flat with her new man and they were extremely happy (and still are)! We all figured it wouldn’t be long before they got engaged, although its a whirlwind romance it seemed right and she was happy. I won’t lie, I was reserved, cautious that I didn’t her to go through another break up and wanting to make sure she was completely happy. However, when she called me in February to announce they had got engaged I was over the moon for her & seeing them at their engagement party earlier in the spring, I truly saw just how happy and how much they just fit together. I was overjoyed to be asked to be one of her Bridesmaid at their wedding next winter and I cannot wait to share their special day with them!

Loved By Steph

Well, at the beginning of the year my cousin, her husband, Matt & I started to go out on double dates to country pubs just having a giggles and enjoying some really gooooood food! However, our last Dinner Date in May Trina was unwell and out night ended quite quickly and since then I hadn’t heard from her (as much as I did) and her husband came to our housewarming without her. Now I remember saying at the time that I thought she was pregnant BUT inside I was worried that I had upset her and that she was having some space. But we are family – why not just tell me, its not like she could avoid me forever?! So, when she text me inviting Matt & I for a BBQ a few weeks ago Matt knew that we were going no matter what else we had planned. I walked in and thought to myself “well she doesn’t look pregnant – great maybe I did piss her off?!”, we were all sat around (her other cousin included – not my cousin – its not really that confusing) and Trina announced that she was going to start to get forgetful and bigger……instantly I knew what she was telling me and I held back happy tears sooo hard! Unfortunately Trina has been really unwell at the start of her pregnancy which is why she has been quiet and she wanted to keep quiet about things until her scan and well, I am sure she would have ended up spilling the beans had she of seen me! So I have a brand new baby cousin is on his or her way arriving January 2018!

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So as you can see 2018 is going to be a great year for us, even without those 5 things we have some wonderful trips that we are wishing for and more decorating to do in the house. I cannot wait – however we still have the remainder of this year to enjoy and there is still so much to look forward to!

So whilst 2018 is going to be great fun I cannot wait for the rest of this year!

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Keep Smiling


Emma xxx

Stevens With A V!!

Friday 25th March marked a special day in our lovely friends lives as that is the day they became man & wife! Whilst we were all getting ready in the morning Hayley was showered with gifts from Lee at various stages as well as our make up and hair specialists worked their magic on all of us!

I was sooo emotional on the day, I was crying from about 6am in the morning, over everything and nothing – god I could cry now just thinking of what an amazing day! Matt scrubbed up well for the day BUT did get insanely drunk and missed out on some photo’s and we didn’t get too many on the day!

However, I would like to share some with you……

Lee Waiting Anxiously For His Bride To Be

Me Leading The Bridal Party Down The Aisle

The Bridesmaids….There Are 2 You Cant See

The Happy Couple

Signing Of The Register

Hayley Could Totally Be Princess Leia

Love This!

Matt Enjoying The Magician


Helen & I….The First Of Many Photos!

Hayley’s Gorgeous Ribbon Bouquet

Mr & Mrs Stevens

Perfect Card Table

And An Amazing Suitcase

Look At The Gorgeous Cake Toppers

Beautiful Alternative To Cupcakes!

John’s Speech Had Me In Tears

So Did Lee’s!

Especially when he surprised Rachael & I

With A Pandora Charm!

It was such a lovely day to see them both surrounded by not only the people they love so dearly but the people who love them just as much! The evening reception was fantastic, it was great to see everyone dancing and enjoying the photo booth! I know myself and a few others definitely enjoyed it!

But above all, despite how much fun and partying we had nothing made me feel better than seeing 2 people that both myself and Matt love so dearly declaring their love for one and other and committing their future to each other. I was so overwhelmed with emotion and love for them both and hope that IF Matt & I get married we will be just as happy as they are!
I cannot believe that is it, my bridesmaid duties are over……what is next to look forward to?!
Emma xxx

A Life Filled With Love

Tomorrow, on 25th March 2016 2 of our most selfless friends will become Man & Wife.

I stumbled across this quote recently and as soon as I read it, I realised that I connected with it so much, because it reminds me not only of you both, but also the love and hopes we have for you both!

We cant wait to spend your special day with you and watch your journey as husband and wife unfold and see what the world has in store for you both! 
Wishing all the Love & Happiness in the world!
Emma & Matt xxxx

A Perfect Winter Wedding

I am not sure about you, but my pinterest is constantly covered with wedding idea’s and I thought, as I am heading off on Hayley’s hen weekend today, I would share with you my idea’s for a perfect winter wedding!

The Colour Scheme

I think for winter weddings, most people go with traditional reds, creams, golds or silver but I always like something a bit different and I figured there are others of you out there that are like that too! I was inspired when I saw a gorgeous bridal bouquet, which had white, purples and a really deep red, it gives you so much room to do different things…..
i love the colours in this bouquet/:
The Inspiring Bouquet, The Flowers Consist Of Hydrangeas, Ranunculuses, Anemones and Virburnumn Berries. Photo Credit: Studio Fleurette
The Bridesmaid Dresses

I think Bridesmaid dresses are so personal to the bridesmaid and to the bride, so I got a couple of idea’s for style, but its more the colour that I was hunting down looking for a really deep red or a deep purple with gorgeous baby’s breath bouquets. Here are a couple of dresses and bouquets that I have found, which I think would go perfectly…..
Gorgeous Dress…Visit To Order Yours!

Baby's breath bridal bouquet:
So Simple, Yet Elegant Babys Breath Bouquet

This Colour Matches Perfectly With The Brides Bouquet! Check Out To Order Yours!
White anemone and gypsophila bouquet • Alex and Charlotte’s elegant navy and white winter wedding • Wedding Ideas:
I Love That This One Includes Anemone As Well As Baby’s Breath.

The Groom & Groomsmen

We cant forget about the man of the hour and what he is going to rock up wearing with his favourite men. My thinking is that gorgeous navy blue suits would go fantastically with this, I found the perfect one for groom and the groomsmen and they are up for RENT from
and for the Groomsmen, same colour just not quite as posh with a tie instead of a bow tie!
I think these button holes would be fantastic for them too……
white buttonhole boutineer, image by Daffodil Waves Photography
Photography credit:Daffodil Waves Photography

The Favors

I love looking at options for favors and you can really go to town with idea’s for a winter, but to go with the color scheme I have picked, I think these would be great

Pine cone fire starters for fall or winter wedding favors: What a great idea instead of a guest book, get your guests to sign baubles for you!: What Cute Winter Wedding Favours!: Wedding Favours Ideas you could wrap almost any sphere shaped item in any colour: Pine Tree Sapling Wedding Favors!: Winter Wedding Favors : Wedding Favors & Gifts Gallery : Brides:
All pictures are taken from Pinterest, visit my page here for the links.

The Decorations

Here is a selection of table centre pieces, seating plans, name tags, chair covers that I have found that I think are gorgeous too!
Country Christmas wedding Ideas Burlap | visit lollycat1 blogspot com: beautiful chair backs 11.jpg: wedding flowers on a budget | All photos courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved.: Pine Cone and Candle #Winter #Wedding #Centerpiece: Purple wedding bunting, lilac, cream and purple garland, lace banner. $48.00, via Etsy.: winter wedding reception ideas #knitthrows #winterwedding #weddingchicks Candy Cane Name Holders - What a great looking (and cheap!) idea for #decorating your table for dinner this holiday season.  #diy: Rather than a candy buffet get a Hot Cocoa Buffet!: Winter wedding dessert table: Photography: Charlie Juliet -  View entire slideshow: Most Loved Pics of the Week on Glitter a toy deer for a christmas place setting. Put the name card in the antlers or attach to the neck with a ribbon.: 21 Winter Decor Ideas That Don't Scream Christmas A Practical Wedding: Blog Ideas for the Modern Wedding, Plus Marriage:
All pictures are taken from Pinterest, visit my page here for the links.
The Cake

This is the most important thing for all weddings I think and there is unlimited inspiration online but here are just a few I like the look of!
Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at Rustic winter woodland chocolate wedding cake: A Tree Bark Wedding Cake @Audrey Ryan Wofford: I've chosen my cake - The Wedding Blog - Stylist Magazine:
All pictures are taken from Pinterest, visit my page here for the links.

So there you have it, just some idea’s for those of you planning your very special winter wedding! I have joined up with The Black Tux to bring you this post, they do amazing suits and accessories all for rental, make sure you check them out! If you are Instagram, why not join in their Own The Moment sweep stake that is running from November 30th to December 12th? All you need to do tenter is post a photo of yourself or a friend in a suit, share some details about that moment in the caption and tag @theblacktux and #Ownthemoment2016. They will be selecting 5 winning posts and give away 5 black tuxs!!! I will be entering for sure – what a perfect gift for Matt!

Emma xxx

The Wedding Of The Summer

Wow, I cant believe 1 week has gone past since Trina & Nicks wedding, they have been officially man & wife for 7 days! We had such a lovely day and it was so relaxed and laid back, everyone really did look like they were having a fun time! Trina was stunning in her dress, myself and Helen hadnt seen her dress until she walked down the stairs after getting dressed & I had to hold back the tears, there were a few moments where the tears were ready to flow, but I did well and kept myself composed! I wanted to share with you all some photo’s that were taken on the day, I hope you enjoy them!

Congratulations Trina & Nick

Today is the day that my gorgeous cousin Trina and her lovely Fiance Nick become husband and wife. I am so honored to be asked to be a Bridesmaid and part of their big day.

I am in total awe of how relaxed they have both been in the lead up to the wedding and I am sure with their laid back approach the day is going to go swimmingly!

When this post uploads, Nick will be waiting for his beautiful bride to walk down the aisle ready to make her his wife and spend the rest of their lives together, so all that is left for me to do is wish you both a life time of happiness, I cant wait to see what the world has in store for you.

Lots Of Love

Emma xxxx