Last weekend I spend some wonderful time with one of my closest friends and her little boy, just before Christmas they moved to the outskirts of London from Liverpool (and Scotland before that) and I was overjoyed that they are that little bit closer and we can spend more time together.

However, when we were planning my little overnight trip up there Vicky let me know that they were now a Vegan household (with the exception of Ernie on occasions), so it would be a meat free weekend! I wasn’t overly fussed and she was kind enough to buy a pint of normal milk so I didn’t have to drink other alternatives if I didn’t want to. When she first told me I thought ‘oooo that’s weird’, but after learning more about it and her reasons behind it and how much more healthier she feels since doing it, I can understand why people follow that way of eating.

However – is if for me? I am not sure, I know a dairy free diet for PCOS suffers is ideal so perhaps that element I could take up, but not eating meat – I just don’t know that I could make that commitment. We always have meat with every dinner and I am not sure how I could cope with making 2 meals every night as there is no way Matt could give up meat.

We went on an adventure on Saturday to Windsor and spent time exploring the Castle with Ernie which was fabulous! We even got to see where Prince Harry & Meghan are getting married and hosting their reception, which was pretty cool. The castle itself is stunning and Ernie was happy to tell both Vicky and I off for taking photographs when it’s very clear that no photography is allowed.

When we stopped for a bit to eat and a coffee, I was surprised at just how easy it is for Vicky to choose something vegan friendly. We took a little break in EAT and with fruit, nuts and crisps on offer Vicky was able to pick from an abundance of things to chose from including a Soya Latte. However, with me on slimming world it was more difficult my only options was a fruit pot and herbal tea if I wanted to keep my choices free of syns (I didn’t – I went for a Chai Latte & Granola Bar!), so I found myself more restricted than she was.

After a look round the shops we headed home via Tesco to pick up some snacks for when Ernie went to bed. Vicky let me know that we had Pizza for tea with picky bits and chips which I was overjoyed at – but none of it was syn free – however all of it is suitable for Vegans. Now, don’t get me wrong I am not saying everyone should follow the Slimming World plan, however it has made me see that it is really restrictive in certain situations and questioning is it the right thing for me? Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to eat Pizza and Chips every night (ok, I am lying I do), but perhaps I need to look at what I am choosing on Slimming World and reinvent the wheel a little bit.

My focus has been on syns and not on how much free food I can have, which we all know the more we focus on free food then less we need the syns. So although the Vegan diet isn’t necessarily one for me, it has led me to consider my own choices and look at what I am fuelling my body with.

Mine and Vicky’s days of booze and a cheeseboard when Ernie has gone to bed may be reduced now, but we can still spend hours chatting over bubbles and enjoy each other’s company. I am really looking forward to spending more time with her now she is down south for a while until her next adventure takes her away again!

Our Mini Break

A couple of weekends ago, we packed up bags and did a mini road trip down to Wilvescombe in Somerset for a delayed break to celebrate Matt’s Birthday. We stayed at The White Hart which is a lovely little pub which also runs a B&B, we have stayed here before a couple of years ago and I decided to book this hotel again as we loved the food so much last time!

We did a de-tour on the way via Clarks Village, a shopping Outlet at Street, unfortunately due to accidents and roadworks it took us just over 4 hours to do a 2 hour journey….to say I was restless is an understatement. We had a quick look round the shops, Matt got a new pair of jeans and I spent the entire time clock watching as I knew we had another hours drive to get to the B&B to make sure we could get a table for the same night!

Beautiful English Countryside

It was almost like time stood still when we arrived, it was like nothing had changed when we were checked in we were told the food was ten times better than before, which concerned me a little as we thought it was brilliant last time, nevertheless we booked in for dinner and headed up to our room to freshen up.

Beautiful Beams In Our Room – With A Comfy Bed!

Matt Loves A Photo!

We had a lovely dinner the first night, Matt had the Pie Of The Day & I had Belly Pork, we followed it up with a Cheeseboard to share (our favourite desert!)! We were truly stuffed, but managed to pop to the co-op for a bar of chocolate and a cheeky scratchcard as Matt was feeling lucky! He wasn’t wrong as he won £20! 

I had planned out our day for Saturday, with high hopes the weather was going to be lovely and hot. Unfortunately the day started off really grey and muggy which was frustrating, but luckily it didn’t hamper our plans. We headed off down the coast to Paignton, where I spent many summers in my childhood on family holidays and I always love taking Matt there, despite us visiting there a few times as a couple we have never been on the Dartmouth Steam Railway (Matt has a thing for trains!).

It cost £32 for the both of us to get a return journey to Kingswear, including the foot passenger ferry over to Dartmouth, which for a day out isn’t too bad! The trains were on a reduced timetable as its not quite height of the summer yet, but during the summer they run really frequently. We passed some sights that I was able to point out of places that I have been too when I was younger!

We took the short ferry trip over to Dartmouth and treated ourselves to a pasty and a walk round the shops, I mucked up with the parking ticket, so we couldn’t stay there as long as I would have liked to, but that makes it a reason to go back!

Once we were back in Paignton, we headed down to the beach got ourselves an ice cream and headed for the pier to play on the penny machines! Once we had used up our £2’s worth of 2p’s it was time to head back to the car and venture back to the B&B, we stopped off at Trago Mills on the way on a hunt for some house bargains (more about that in a later post) and tried to figure out where we were going to go for dinner.

We settled on staying in the Pub and had a few drinks before and after dinner and spent time reminiscing on years gone by and what our plans our for the future. We had a lovely evening which was matched with lovely food, its hard to believe that when we stayed the first time I turned my nose up at having any sort of fish for dinner and this time round I polished off a large helping of freshly caught mussels! 
We had a lovely little weekend away, it was perfect to spend some time away from home together and recharge our batteries until our next little adventure. We don’t have any more travel plans at the moment but that is because we are working hard to save up for our own home, however I am sure we can squeeze in a couple more little weekend breaks where we can.
Trying To Stop Matt Being Rude!


Emma xxx

UK Staycation

Whilst writing this I am sat on a train on the way back from a work meeting in Bristol with 2 colleagues and staring out the window at the lovely British countryside thinking about my last blog post & the fact that we potentially wont be going abroad for at least the next 18 months and that we wont be having a holiday. Then it was like one of those light bulb moments you see on cartoons and I realised holidays don’t have to be abroad, why not do a staycation! We could do day’s out or 1 or 2 night city breaks it doesn’t need to be a luxury trip abroad that we have spoilt ourselves with.

So I have gotten to thinking about a couple of places in the UK I would like to go and figured it might tick some of your boxes too!


The first thing that springs to mind about Edingurgh is the castle, so that has to be top of the list to visit (arrange your trip here However, I have heard that Edinburgh is really good for Mexican food and as I love Mexican too, somewhere I have to visit is Miro’s Cantina. I don’t normally look for restaurants on Trip Advisor, but we did when we were in Rome and we had the best meals ever at a really good price, so as this is number 1 Mexican in Edinburgh I would definitely give it a try!


We have already been to Oxford a couple of times, mainly to go to the outlet at Bicester, but I have always been intrigued about going to Blenheim Palace. I really enjoyed history at school and quite fancy taking a look round and learning more about it, from the pictures it really does look beautiful. Here is the link to the website so you can find out more

A month or so ago, a fellow blogger posted a picture on instagram of a prison that had been made into a hotel and the first thing I thought was ‘I would love to stay there!’, so I got straight on google and checked it out. The hotel is called Malmaison Oxford, its based in a converted prison in a medieval castle – how cool is that!!! Prices start from around £160 for Bed & Breakfast for a basic room, why not book yours here

There are hundreds and I mean hundreds of places in the UK to visit why not sound off in the comments below with where you have been and loved or where you would love to go?

Love Emma xxx

Brighton Rocks!

Ok, so number 5, visit a fortune teller. This is something that I have wanted to do for a long time and it started when I was a teen and saw a fortune teller stall on Paignton Pier.

My first and subsequently every trip to Brighton I always seem drawn to tarot card readers or fortune tellers but something has always held me back. I wouldn’t say that I am a really spiritual person, but I have had a reading with a medium and it was something that I would do again. The thing that concerns me about seeing a fortune teller isn’t that they would tell me something bad, but they would tell me things that I would then guide my life around. For example, if they told me they saw France in my future (wow how spooky would it be if that happened!) and then I think I would subconsciously make choices to make that happen!

It feels only right that I make Brighton the place to see a fortune teller! I love its quirky atmosphere and I never feel out of place or judged when I am there, it is home to all different people. One of my favourite places to go in Brighton is the lanes, I love the quirky shops and the fun feel that the pier has!

NorthLaines brighton

On the pier, there is what I can only describe as a gypsy wagon, where one of my Matt’s family members had a reading when we were down there for my birthday last year and said it was one of the best she has ever had!

So my plan is when the weather warms and the sun (as my nan would have said) has got his hat on (hip hip hip hooray!) I would like to get a group of people on the train and head down to sunny Brighton, do some shopping in the vintage shops in the lanes, play some arcade games on the pier, have fish and chips on the beach or maybe grab some cake at a tearoom! Then those that wish to can get a reading with me!



So who’s in???


Emma xxx