Mexico In England

Every year my parents hold a summer party and of course it has a theme and this year was a Mexican Fiesta! We had a fantastic evening with our family and close friends, although it wasn’t the warmest summer evening, it was dry and the garden was full of love and laughter!

Here are just some of the pictures I took……roll on next year!

The Weekend

How is the weekend almost over?! I don’t even know where it went or what I did! However what I do know is that its been bloody HOT!!! I am not good with hot unless I can be in and out of a pool with cocktails handed to me hourly and snacks available 24/7. Although a nice pink & white ice-cream today on our 6 mile walk went down nicely – sod the diet haha!


Don’t get me wrong, the lighter evenings, bbq with friends and after walk sea front walks are lovely BUT I am internally looking forward to some cooler weather OR someone buying me a paddling pool!

So whats the plan for this week?! 2 1/2 day week for me – wahooo! Matt & I have booked some leave together and I cannot wait to spend some proper time together as we have a busy weekend next week! Our weekend starts Wednesday when my godparents visit for dinner (they are over from the states), Thursday & Friday we will see what happens, but then Saturday is my parents annual party with all the family and Sunday is the Food Festival which we are so excited for! So its going to be a busy long weekend for us, but I CANNOT wait!

Here is my thought for this week – I hope you have a great one!

Life is better when you're laughing - great inspirational quote.


Summer Evening

How beautiful is it on the south coast at the moment! Weather is lovely and hot and I am banishing all the moaners that are typically British saying it’s too hot!

My family have been in Turkey this past week and every day I come home our cat Chuck doesn’t leave my side – I think he is missing them. So as we were chilling together in the garden I thought I would do a mini photo shoot with him! All photos you see below were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S5!







Enjoy your sunny evening!


Emma & Chuck xxx

Summer Wishes!

Sat at work the other day, my thoughts turned to summer and what mischief I can get myself into! I am a big winter lover, but there is something about clear blue skies and the sun shining that just puts a smile on my face!

So I got my thinking cap on and browsed through Pinterest of some Summer Bucket List’s and got some ideas together!

Have A Picnic

I am a big foodie as you all well know and I am quite lucky to live near the beach, a national forest and lots of lovely open space so why not pack up some food and head out for the day! So what do you pack for a picnic? What are your favourite things? For me, its tuna mayo & cucumber sandwiches or maybe some cheese and pickle sandwiches. Mix it up with some vegetable sticks and dips, even some humus might do the trick! You can’t beat some marshmallow & strawberry kebabs either, oooh or even some chocolate dipped strawberries! Play a few games of Frisbee or maybe just laze about and catch some rays, definitely a picnic on the cards for the summer!


Strawberry Picking

When I was younger I knew summer had arrived when my mum and dad would take me to the strawberry fields and we would pick a couple of punnets and come home and me and dad would always have them with condensed milk! Last year, I didn’t get round to picking any strawberries as we were away for 2 weeks and I had broken my foot! This year however, I will definitely be going to pick some strawberries, maybe even take our nieces!


Enjoy An Evening Drinking In The Sun

For those of you that don’t know, our house has always been an open house and quite often will hold impromptu evenings in front of the fire in the summer drinking and snacking and just having a laugh. They are my favourite evenings, when it’s just random and chucked together and they often tend to be the best evenings too, so although it’s on my idea list, I know it will happen at some point anyway!

Of course, those are just little ideas of things that I would like to do, there are loads of other things you can get up to. You could visit the zoo, have a water fight, host a BBQ, play rounder’s, go crabbing! The list is just endless, why not tell me what some of your favourite things to do in the summer are, you might even inspire me to do something different!

Brighton Rocks!

Ok, so number 5, visit a fortune teller. This is something that I have wanted to do for a long time and it started when I was a teen and saw a fortune teller stall on Paignton Pier.

My first and subsequently every trip to Brighton I always seem drawn to tarot card readers or fortune tellers but something has always held me back. I wouldn’t say that I am a really spiritual person, but I have had a reading with a medium and it was something that I would do again. The thing that concerns me about seeing a fortune teller isn’t that they would tell me something bad, but they would tell me things that I would then guide my life around. For example, if they told me they saw France in my future (wow how spooky would it be if that happened!) and then I think I would subconsciously make choices to make that happen!

It feels only right that I make Brighton the place to see a fortune teller! I love its quirky atmosphere and I never feel out of place or judged when I am there, it is home to all different people. One of my favourite places to go in Brighton is the lanes, I love the quirky shops and the fun feel that the pier has!

NorthLaines brighton

On the pier, there is what I can only describe as a gypsy wagon, where one of my Matt’s family members had a reading when we were down there for my birthday last year and said it was one of the best she has ever had!

So my plan is when the weather warms and the sun (as my nan would have said) has got his hat on (hip hip hip hooray!) I would like to get a group of people on the train and head down to sunny Brighton, do some shopping in the vintage shops in the lanes, play some arcade games on the pier, have fish and chips on the beach or maybe grab some cake at a tearoom! Then those that wish to can get a reading with me!



So who’s in???


Emma xxx