Ladies Night

Saturday night was great fun, our 2nd annual aunties/nieces/cousins/cousin in law/sister in law night out. Just generally the younger female generation of the family on a boozy night out! Our group has grown since this all started many years ago, when we had planned days out in London. However, more recently we have decided to stick to food and drinks – beacuse lets not lie, who doesnt love food and drink!

Our venue of choice was Turtle Bay & Sprinkles in Southampton, however a few of us met up early to hit the Christmas Market before hand! Here is a lovely selection of photo’s of our evening!


The Summer Without You

I have read all books that Karen Swan has written so far, so when I saw on twitter that she was penning a new book and I knew I had to read it.

I downloaded The Summer Without You pretty much the day it was released with the plan that I would read it whilst I was in the states, it didn’t happen then I took my kindle to Rome and I didn’t read whilst I was there! So finally last week, whilst staying at Matt’s and the rain was pouring down I curled up on the sofa with my kindle and got stuck in.

The book starts off and you are bang straight into the midst of a mid twenties long term relationship and Matt has just announced he wants a “Pause” in their relationship to allow him to go travelling and actually miss Ro. Straight away I connected with Ro and thought “what, how dare he just give in on the relationship” and I knew then I was going to like this book. I wont lie after initially connecting with the book, it took me a while to work out where the story line was going, but in the midst of Ro moving to the Hamptons and her relationship with her housemates and the growth of her business was enticing me into the story. Something kept niggling me, what was the point in Ted’s character? Why did he keep coming back into the story? I think I became frustrated with myself because I couldn’t work out where the story was going, then Ro did a photo shoot with Ted’s kids and I decided that night I was finishing the book, I couldn’t put it down and needed know what was happening.

I have to admit, when Matt turned up and the ring was on the table my heart was screaming “NOOOO don’t do it Ro!” and I have to say the last few pages I kind of gave up and then it ended and I just loved the way it all came together and I didn’t want it to end…I wanted more, which is the same with all of Karen’s books!

Whilst I know this review is short and sweet, I don’t want to give the story line away I want you to download/buy/loan the book and just fall in love with the book! Whilst your at it get all her other books – they are fantastic, but the only problem is, every time I want to know what happens after!