Recently I had the joy of spending some of a Saturday afternoon with a beautiful friend of mine that I don’t get to see as often as I would like. After catching up over a Starbucks we decided to have a mooch around the shops, our setting was Whiteley a lovely little outdoor shopping centre just off the M27 in Hampshire. With a range of high street stores, coffee shops, restaurants, a cinema and free parking for 4 hours you can’t go wrong!

We haven’t shopped together for a LOOOOOOONG time and it was lovely to (for me) do some window shopping! However, it mean that I have ended up with a wish list as long as my arm of things that I want need to spend money (that I dont have) on!

So, I thought I would share with my current wish list, because it will continue to grow haha!

Recipe Book – Paperchase £6 – It’s perfect, it has space for the ingredients, the method and any notes you want to make, like its your partners favourite or if it was good to make when you had friends over!

Winter Coat – River Island £115 – I don’t need a winter coat, I need a transitional coat. BUT when I saw this my heart just skipped a beat it is BEAUTIFUL! However the price tag is slightly out of my league, that didn’t stop me trying it on & honestly if you need a new winter coat BUY IT.

Denim Pinafore – Topshop £36 – I have one similar from Primark in Black, but there is something about this one that I love and I feel its perfect for all seasons! I have never been a lover of Topshop as I have always felt too large for their clothes, but I would definitely consider making this purchase!

Chevron Leather Skirt – Marks & Spencer £27.50 – I love a skirt at winter, teamed up with tights boots and a nice top and this is perfect for that. I dont often shop at M&S for anything other than undies and good food, but perhaps I need to check them out more often!

It’s just a small list, but an expensive one! I doubt I will get any of these items – but a girl can dream right?

What have you got your eye on in the shops at the moment?

Emma xx

Just Shop……

When you read this, I will be out for the day with Matt, our 2 nieces and our nephew to treat them all for our nephew’s 2nd birthday – you can’t just take 1! haha!

However, this post isn’t about that, this is about my urge to shop…..I love a good shop, going out with some money you have saved up getting bits you need, bits you dont need and maybe a luxury item or 2 if your really lucky. BUT its been an AGE since I was able to do that & no its not because I brought a house, I just haven’t had time to plan it in. Last time I did a full day shop like leave the house at 7am and get back at 7pm was for my birthday last year! OVER 1 year!

Don’t get me wrong, I have been shopping over the past year, but just not shopped – do you know what I mean?! I am calling my girls – I NEED some shopping tiiiiimmmmmeeeeee!!!

Image result for shopping meme

Now, I know a lot of people shop online and that’s great, for them……but what happened to spending an hour in the changing room with about 10 different outfits? Coming home with about 10 different shopping bags, one of them was bound to have broke on the way round so you have to cram it all in other bags. I can recall Steph and I actually sitting down in Primark one year with our baskets to determine what we actually needed vs what we wanted so we didn’t spend all our money in 1 shop!

Even Matt is a good shopper with me but only in America! What is that?! In this country he just gets under my feet and doesn’t buy anything for himself – in the states, he turns into me! In San Francisco we were in Armarni Exchange for at least 1 hour whilst he tried on god knows how many different items on clothes and he brought 1 style t-shirt in 3 different colours! AND to make it even better – he encourages me to spend money!

That’s it, either we need to go to America just to shop OR I need a shopping day with my girls here…..somebody please step forward!

Well your probably wondering what would I buy……

What would I buy?! Honestly no blooooody clue – but when did that ever stop anyone?!

Just Take Me Shopping!!!!

Pay Day Wishlist

This post was originally meant to be about the Seafood Festival at Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth that Matt & I attended last Saturday. Unfortunately it wasn’t that good and 100% not blog worthy! However, whilst looking round the shops I really wished it was payday and I had some spare cash to spend…..

With just £15 to my name and just enough fuel to get me to and from work for the next 5 days when I wrote this, I decided I was going to do some dreaming about what to spend my money on next month!

So, everyone has bills to pay each month and savings (mine is for Canada next year) but after that most of us have a bit of money to play with. For me the amount of play money I have depends on how much I am saving that month and that all depends on how much I have dipped into my savings the month before hand haha!

But this payday, I have some plans and things I want to buy!

  • A new dress for Goodwood Races in August. The theme this year is navy and white – I am thinking a white dress, joined with a navy bag and shoes. Perhaps something like this one from New Look.

  •  Chrome Nail Polish by Sensationail. I really want the silver and cobalt blue one – I love how they look! A bargain for £6.99!


  • Birthday Goodies for my best friend. Its her birthday towards the end of July and I always try to get something that she wants and a little something extra.


  • Plants for the garden. I love our garden BUT its crying out for some greenery and colour! I got some terracotta pots a month or so ago, so I just need to get something to go in in!

So only a few little treats, but sometimes that’s all you need to make you feel happy a few little splurges here and there dont hurt anyone! That reminds me, I think I will need to pick up some smellies too and maybe take Matt out for dinner or drinks one sunny evening too!

So what do you like to spend your fun money on? Is it spent on take outs and drinks out of an evening or perhaps a new wardrobe each month! Why not sound off in the comments below so we can all have a natter together!

Keep Smiling!



Hidden Treasures

A couple of weeks ago I saw on a Blogging Community Twitter Feed that they were hosting a blogger event at a local Home Sense store, I was really tempted to go along and see what it was all about and roped my bestie in to come along with me! 

As always traffic was not on our side, but my little dot (my Citroen C1) powered along the motorway and we managed to get there not long after the start time. We were greeted by the lovely Fran and were given a choice of variety of bubbles and there was plenty of food to nibble on too! Fran gave us a Southampton Loves luggage tag and asked that we use this to include in any photo’s we take and make sure that is used as the # when we upload onto social media! 

We grabbed a basket each and started hunting round the store, there was so much to see it was like where to look first! I was loving it though and got so much inspiration for our own home, just how gorgeous are these pieces…

Homeware Haul!

We were lucky enough to be given a £20 gift voucher to spend in store on any goodies we fancy, is it just me or when you are given free money you can never decide what to spend it on?! I really struggled, I wanted to make sure my purchase was really worth while. A few weeks before Matt & I had spotted the glasses our welcome cocktails were served in when we went to Mexico. Now some of you may think that they were similar BUT I promise you, they were the same and were even made in Mexico & when I saw them at Home Sense, persuaded by Steph, I just couldn’t leave them there!

A Forever Mexico Momento

Now, whilst I love to shop and I don’t mind shopping for home ware and adding to my dream list, I never really properly looked and thought of how things would fit into our home that we will eventually buy….until that night, just how pretty are these table tops and gorgeous Moroccan themed lamps! Perfect for a little courtyard garden or conservatory!

Honestly, I had such a lovely time mooching round the shop and getting inspiration for our own home, I cant wait until the time comes that we can properly start shopping for the finishing touches! 
BIG thank you to Southampton Bloggers and Home Sense for having me, I can’t wait to attend the next event!

Emma xxx


I am not sure if any of you caught my recent Instagram post with my Coconut Haul of goodies??

So it appears that I have some crazed obsession with all things Coconut! Honestly, I have about 3 different perfumes where the key tone is Coconut haha, this girl is literally obsessed! 
Anyway, I am not here to talk about all things coconut, well ok I am kinda, but mostly its about the amazing tea that purchased from Holland & Barrett! 
I first tried coconut green tea at my Hairdressers last year and have been looking for it (not literally hunting it down) ever since! I was over the moon when this jumped out at me whilst I was scouring the aisles the other day. You have no idea how insane the smell is that radiates from the packaging, it just makes me think of the sun and blue skies! 
I have already started to use my teapees (love that they are called this) and have fallen in love with this sooo much that I wanted to let you all know! 
The packaging describes their Organic Coconut Green Tea as 

An exotic combination of green tea and coconut with delicate lychee, which together make a delicious and distinctive tea blend that is both smooth and sweet.

The tea is completely organic and is produced by an independent family run company, Higher Living, in the UK. Which makes purchasing this product a complete win, win for me. I love supporting UK Companies especially when they are an independent business!
Each packet contains 15 teapees which are completely biodegradable, so are ECO friendly and safe for the environment. They recommend using 1 teapee for a single cup or 2 for a large cup, simply pour over boiling water and leave to infuse for 4-5 minutes to create the best flavour. I personally like to get as much as I can for my money, so I used 1 teapee for 2 cups (all for myself) today, it didn’t change the flavour of the tea at all and means that I will get 30 cups out of my 15 teapees now!
I have been looking on Higher Living‘s website at all the teas they have to offer and so far have started a mini shopping list!
I hope I have inspired you to try some different tea and visit Higher Living to see what they have to offer you! 


Emma xx

Sneaky Christmas Shopping!

The other day, I had a day off it was mainly to run some errands and to get ready to meet Matt for an early dinner as we were going to see UB40! Matt loves UB40 and I like their music too. But I kinda diverted and did a tiny spot of Christmas shopping in lovely garden centre, which is a little out of the way, but I love it alot and they have got all their Christmas bits out & I wanted to share with you my favourites!

How Yummy Do These Mince Pies Look!

I Need This Decoration In My Life

So Cute

Love This Lantern

Cute Little Hankies!

I Love The White And Copper Style At The Moment

Classic Christmas Scenery


Emma xx

Summer Shopping

The other weekend me and my bestie headed off at 7.30 am in the morning to Westfields Stratford to get our shop on. It took us about 2 hours to get the shopping centre at the Olympic Park and surprisingly despite having to go on the M25 we didn’t get stuck in any traffic!

This isn’t the first time we have been shopping to Westfields and that became evident when we made the decision to hit Primark before the crowds arrived, an hour and half later and over £100 spent between the 2 of us we decided Forever 21 was next on our hit list. I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t see anything that I couldn’t leave there, it also seemed that the prices were a lot more expensive than when we have been before. We hit up Pink & Victoria’s Secret and I was hoping I could get another nightie that I got in Vegas, but it is sooo expensive here to get products from Pink or Victoria’s Secret so I had to leave it there.

My Favourite Purchase From Primark!

Steph had found out that Shake Shack had opened up recently and wanted to give it a try as she loves In and Out Burgers in LA and Shake Shack is meant to be the East Coast Version. Unfortunately it wasn’t quite what we expected and didn’t live up to an In & Out Burger, but it definitely filled a gap!

The ShackMeister

Steph Was Soo Pleased To Get Some Food!

The 1 thing that I love about shopping with Steph, is that I end up going into shops I never would do normally and 2 of those on this trip was Zara Home & The White Company. There was sooo much stuff in there that I would buy if I had my own home, I can understand why Steph loves shopping there!

I did manage to pick up a tank in American Eagle (luckily there was 25% off!), I also got some new beauty bits in Boots. Surprisingly when we were in Urban Outfitters I saw a lot of things that I wanted to get my hands on, none of them clothes, it was books, jewelry and other random products – don’t worry they are going to be added to my birthday wishlist!

Can’t Wait To Try Matte Top Coat!

My favourite item purchased this weekend, is these amazing tanned boots from New Look. They weren’t on my list of things to buy, but I couldn’t say no – I really cant wait for the weather to start to cool down so I can rock these babies all through the Autumn & Winter!

What favourite things have you brought recently – sound off in the comments below!