Today I ran 1/2 mile in 7 minutes, yes I know that’s slow and not a great time but I ran the whole way and didn’t stop. For me that is a bit achievement .

I have started to get used to being at the gym for an hour and splitting that hour between cardio and weights. Some days are easier than others, but this journey is a LONG one and results won’t come over night, you have to WORK hard to see the results and it makes it even better when you get there!

Don’t give up!



So, 2 of the things on my bucket list are to do with running…..1 to RUN the Race For Life, which I am planning on doing and the other is to RUN the Great South Run.

Now if any of you really know me, you will know that whilst I enjoy the gym and working out but I am NOT a runner….

I definitely want to do the Race for Life and I definitely want to run it, its 5k which is 3.1 miles, I figured I could do that – granted it wont be very fast and my finish time wont be like 20minutes – but I will run it and I will finish it! The Great South Run is 10miles, now there is no way on this earth I can run 10 miles – jeez I don’t even think I could walk 10 miles!

The one thing that I am sure you will know by now is that I am on a constant strive to lose weight and keep it off. I am not in a battle to be a certain weight, I used to be – but being a certain weight doesn’t mean anything. You can be 13st and a size 12, it all depends on YOUR figure. This is why I really don’t think people should constantly compare themselves to people in the public eye. Don’t get me wrong I would LOVE to have a figure like Khloe Kardashian – she looks fantastic, however, she has a spare 2-3 hours a day to work out and keep fit and she HAS to for her job. Luckily I don’t! So my aim this time round is to fit into a size 12 in the majority of stores, which again isn’t easy! Each store measures you different, I can be a 14 in one store and a 20 in another – how does that work and how is any woman mean to know what size she is!

This isn’t a decision I have come to suddenly, I have been thinking about it for sometime, but Number 10 Run The Great South Run is being removed. It is being replaced with:

Reach Size 12 and Stay There

This is something I CAN do – I have been a size 12 before and I WILL do it again – I now have a gym buddy in the form of my brother and this will mean that I have no excuse not to go and stay for at least 1hr. In September he goes to college to do sport and is going to be learning stuff to do with personal training so he can whoop my butt into shape! The aim of the game is to reach size 12 before the Grand National in April, if this isn’t possible then I definitely want to hit it before I go to Indiana & NYC in June.

This is me now – size 14 and some stores 16

Sorry About The Pj Bottoms!

Sorry About The Pj Bottoms!

This is me now – trying to get into my size 12 work trousers

Really Don't Look Too Gorgeous Today!

Really Don’t Look Too Gorgeous Today!

Sticking to Slimming World and Working Out 3-4 times a week I WILL get my butt back into those size 12 work trousers!

I CAN do this and I WILL do this!




Happy Sunday & Happy Mother’s Day to all my American readers!

I have quite a few things to update you with, so I will start with the positives.

The 3 sunflowers are growing fabulously and I plan on putting them into the garden next weekend, I would have done it today’s but the weather hasn’t been too good.


Also, I failed to let you all know of my quote of the day this week, I think it’s a good one and should make all you ladies feel proud and happy to be who you are!


On other news this week, after several heated discussions with my heart and my head and some words from the fella I have made some changes to the list…..

Numbers 10, 16, 23 as they were published on 1st April 2013 have been scrapped. I worked out if I wanted to do all the trips abroad and include spending money I would be looking between £10 – £15 thousand and if I am going to save for a house then that’s no good! Plus, I don’t think those landmarks are going anywhere soon! So they have been replaced with the following:

Number 10: Run the Great South Run
Number 16: Buy something at an auction
Number 23: Go for a girly spa break

So with those changes to the list and a new outlook I am fresh as a daisy and ready to get some wheels in motion! I have been looking at the best time to go Whale Watching in Boston and its anytime from March – November, so I think I will go in October as I have always wanted to go t Boston in the fall, it’s too late to book it for this year, so I am planning Boston for October 2014! I have also spoken to the fella and we are going to do the safari for my 30th birthday, so that will be the last one crossed off the list! I just need to sort Christmas in New York & Vegas now!

I hope you all are ok, feel free to message me hotel ideas or hints & tips for any of my trips!

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Emma xxxx