Review Of 2014

Wow, I can’t believe we are already in 2015! 2014 went super quick and soo much happened. I went a week without technology, had & threw up afternoon tea at The Ritz, saw a fashion show at London Fashion Week, Milked A Cow, went on a road trip to Ohio, went to a Rodeo in Ohio (in a maxi dress!), had a photo shoot with my mum, went on a spa weekend with Hayley and finally made my own Christmas cards!

As well as all of that I had 2 holidays, brought a new car, broke my foot, went to the grand national, reunited with old friends, lost new friends and caught lightening bugs in America. To say it has been a quiet year would be a bit of an understatement. However, for some reason whenever anyone says to me “oh what have you been up to?” I never seem have much to report back, which in actual fact is a LIE!

I cant really say what my favourite thing of 2014 was as I have a lot of happy memories and ones that I will treasure forever. There have been some sad times as well, Matt & I know people that have ended relationships, lost family members and experienced a lot of sadness this year.

I am really excited to see what 2015 has in store for me, I know that one thing is for sure I am fly to VEGAS in April! I cannot wait, I am sooo excited! I have also started number 24 – its a bit hard to find something to take a picture of everyday, but I am excited to look back on them in a years time! There are 2 more things that I would like to cross of this year, but I am going to keep them for myself and surprise you all when I announce them! People often ask each other, what New Year’s resolutions they are making; I cant help but feel that you are setting yourself up for failure, especially if they are diet or fitness related. I have made 3 resolutions for this year, but these are things I started doing at the beginning of December:

Be Kinder To Myself – dont put too much pressure on myself to hit certain goals, just enjoy life

Make More Effort With Those That Make The Effort With Me – I am not great at texting people back or calling people, but I am concious that I dont want to lose friendships that I have, so I am going to make the effort more, especially with those that always make an effort to reach out to me.

Save At Least 12k By The End Of The Year – I already have about a 3rd of this saved, so its a reasonable goal, but one that I want to achieve to get my own home!

Have you made any resolutions for the new year? what were your favourite things of 2014?


Road Trip & Rides!

Friday 27th June, we pick up 2 of my godparents grandchildren and head out for dinner at a local restaurant with their son and his children, once our bellies are full we head home pack for 2 nights and get some rest!

My Dad & His BFF!

My Dad & His BFF!

My Chubby Burger

My Chubby Burger

Saturday comes around, the van is packed for what looks like a 2 week vacation and we all jump in and head off on the road. Our first part of the drive is back through Amish country where we had been “hunting” Amish the day before – we manage to see a couple more buggies in people’s drive ways again. We then head off down country roads and drive through a cute little town called Batesville it looked really old and quaint. It had a lot of old looking houses and shops, there was also a canal and you could go on a boat and the horses would pull you down the canal. We then headed out to a huge reservoir, uncle Martin took a few wrong turns so the journey there took a little longer than expected….that ended up being a recurring theme through our road trip…..

The view from the resting area was amazing! The reservoir just seemed to go on for miles and miles, we could only see up to a bend and in my mind it would then go out to an ocean, but as we are in a landlocked state I know that’s not possible. We had some snacks and drinks then jumped back in the van and headed on towards Mason, Ohio.




We arrived at out hotel, checked in, changed and the kids jumped into the pool! It was quite refreshing as it has been quite hot out here. I realised though that my foot still hasn’t healed as I couldn’t swim properly. We all managed to get changed and ready to head out again, but this time we were going to the RODEO….more on that later…..

We headed out the next morning to KINGS ISLAND, which is a theme park & water park, all together it has to be the size of Chessington & Thorpe Park put together. The first ride we go on is called The Vortex, mum, Aunty Kim & Kaleb all sit this one out & I think my dad wished he did too as he came off white as a sheet! We then headed off to The Beast, which is a wooden coaster, we all head off to the queue apart from mum and Aunty Kim (they aren’t big riders). That one definitely tips dad over the edge & he declares himself done for the day! The 2 littlest ones decide they want to go on the racer, which is 2 coasters that pretty much race each other – we all jump on – joe & Kaleb decide to go in the red coaster, which turns out to be the winning one! Joe, Kaleb & Uncle Martin head off to the new ride The Banshee, Faye-Lynn & I decide that we are going to go on the Viking Swing, I literally thought I was going to fall out when we were swinging sooo high! On the way back to where people were sat we walked past a face painting stand we both decided we HAVE to have it done, I grab some money and we head back. I can’t remember the last time I had my face painted, but there was one design I had to have!



I Think They Got A Bit Wet On The Water Ride

I Think They Got A Bit Wet On The Water Ride

Dad Just Had To Pose With Snoopy

Dad Just Had To Pose With Snoopy

We head back to the van and Joe & the little kids get their swim stuff, after the swim the night before I decide to sit this part out, when we head back into the park I get a wheelchair too as I can feel I have overdone it as my foot is starting to hurt. The kids have a great time in the swim park and the adults (when they aren’t watching the kids) enjoying people watching and seeing all the sighs kings island has to offer & believe me there was a lot!

Once everyone has decided they have had enough fun for the day, we head back to the van and head to a restaurant for some dinner – we had ALOT of laughs there due to the slowness of the service and just other silly things – I think exhaustion had finally set in!

The next morning me & the little kids have another swim and then we pack up and head back towards Indiana! We stop en route at a McDonalds, my first one here in America! Then carry on, on our merry way!

Sooooo even though it’s not a big road trip, it was still a road trip to a different state & we had such a great time!

Big Kid In America!

It’s 8am here in Ohio….yeah I am in Ohio! We have been to Kings Island theme park yesterday & it was brilliant! The rides are bigger, better, faster & scarier than the UK by miles! It’s about the size of chessington and Thorpe park put together when you include soak city – which is the water theme park.

I did about 4 hrs walking and riding before I caved in and asked for a wheelchair, I think I over did it as my foot is now really sore. Luckily today we are heading back to Indiana so we will be spending quite a bit of time in our mini van so I will be able to rest my foot!

I have also crossed something off my bucketlist while we have been here, but I will share that with you later….however I do feel that just our journey here and hunting down Amish people on Friday could also count as as road trip….so expect another blog about that soon too!