Things No-One Tells You…….

Matt & I brought our first house just over 9 months ago now and it has been a really interesting few months together getting into routines, learning more about each others habits (didn’t know that was possible after 8 years!) and doing so much washing I want to start a petition for paper clothes!

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But as much as I love my friends and family, there is stuff that people just dont tell you before you move out for the first time – or maybe they did and the innocence that you have when living at home you just ignore it or say that wont be me…….

  1. You WILL need a new boiler! Virtually everyone that I know who has brought their first home at some point in the first year has had to get a new boiler, maybe everyone I know didn’t ask the age of the boiler or if there was any problems, or if like us was just unlucky – but have some money put aside just in case!
  2. You always be doing washing! It might be washing up, washing clothes, steam mopping floors – there is ALWAYS and I mean always something that needs to be washed. I just don’t understand where all the stuff comes from, I swear we have little people that come out in the day when we are at work that create more washing for us to do.
  3. It will really irritate you when people don’t empty bins or put washing (including washing up) away. Like SO MUCH so that you will suddenly understand why your mum was always in a mood when you expected that to be her job for all those years!
  4. You will eat ALOT of takeaways! Because no matter how much you meal plan or your cupboards, fridge & freezer are full of food the want to cook every night will fade and you will end up getting take out…..
  5. Sort out your energy provider on day 1. The very first day you move in, dont turn any lights on or heating or gas until you have called your provider and switch if needed otherwise you will be put on an emergency tariff AND get stung hard on your first bill!
  6. You wont go on holiday. We used to holiday HARD there have been years where we have been on holiday twice in one year but since moving in we just haven’t. Don’t get me wrong we have thought about it but when you look at how much it costs vs the work you want to do in your home. This one people warned us that we wouldn’t be able to holiday as much and the truth is we could IF we wanted to, but truth is, we would rather work on the house.
  7. You will annoy each other. For every couple that says the first time they live together its smooth sailing is lying. You will annoy each other – there will be things you find out your significant other does that you had no clue about. BUT with all the annoyance and the rows about paint and wallpaper you will get through it and be a better couple for it.
  8. Don’t buy glasses. Seriously – DON’T, people want to buy you moving in gifts and help you on your way in your new home which is so lovely and something you need to appreciate and be grateful for. However for some reason people always assume you need glasses…..glasses for squash, glasses for wine, pint glasses and any other type of glass you can think of. I kid you not I think we have around 50 wine glasses……I am the only one that drinks wine in this house hahaha! At least we have plenty for parties!
  9. Buy light bulbs and batteries! We were really lucky but I have heard horror stories of people that have moved in and the previous owners took all the light bulbs and switches! How mental! Although, you will have no idea how much you will need batteries for the most random of things that you really dont expect – that along with medication, cellotape, string etc. its all stuff your mum and dad had to hand all the time and you just took for granted!
  10.  Dining room tables……anything like us you will deliberate over a table for ages and then buy one, then use it a handful of times as after 6 months the preference to eat in the front room in front of the telly is just so much more appealing!

Well, these are just the things that I think you need to know about – I am sure there are hundreds more sensible and funnier things BUT these are the things that I wish people had forewarned me about!

Overall our first 9 months have been great, yes there have been tough moments but to counteract them we have had some really wonderful times in our first home and I can’t believe on 9th December we will be celebrating 1 year in our own home!

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What do you wish people told you about when you moved out for the first time? I bet you all have some funny stories!


Emma xx


Glorious Goodwood

Does anyone else find buying gifts for men a royal pain the backside?! I am glad its not just me! However, I thought I had found the perfect Christmas gift for Matt last year, tickets for us, his brother & parter for a day out a Glorious Goodwood! A chance for the 4 of us to get dressed up, have a few drinks, a bet and a nice evening out at the end of it and the day did not disappoint! However, I was left a bit dumbfolded when on our way to the racecourse Matt tells me he has been to Goodwood before – I thought he hadn’t been and it would be a new experience we would be sharing together – how wrong was I haha!

Anyway! We all had a fantastic day out, I like all other events didn’t take many photos, luckily my lovely sister-in-law (not legally but it might as well be!) managed to get quite a few. So here you go, here is a selection of photos that I feel represents our day.

Our Day Off

My godparents are over from Indiana visiting family and friends at the moment and usually they go to my parents and have dinner and drinks with us as a family. However, as we recently bought our own place it was decided that everyone was to come to us instead so we could show off our home! The date was decided to be mid week, so Matt and I took some time off for the rest of the week so we could just hang out together before getting ready for my parents big annual party at the weekend (more on that later)!

It wasn’t until we headed up to bed that I realised I hadn’t taken any pictures that night, which I was upset about BUT I realised that also meant I didn’t have my phone on me. I was just happy being and enjoying everyone’s company – it was actually quite refreshing! Seen as I don’t have a recent picture, here is an oldie of my borther & I with our godparents a few years ago.

Matt had told me he had planned a day out on the Thursday and that we would be out the door at 7am, so when I stirred from my sleep and turned over to have him staring at me, I was a bit confused. He said it was nearly 9am and that he hadn’t wanted to wake me so we would find something else to do. We took our time getting ready and decided to go out for breakfast and then go from there.

We headed to The Tenth Hole and made some decisions on breakfast, I went for Breakfast Bruschetta. 2 lovely poached eggs on bread that was smothered in pesto and avocado with a side of roasted vine tomato’s. It was wonderful! Matt had a full English which, had I have got the order right would have been with a side of Black Pudding – I was rubbish and forgot when ordering haha!!

Whilst we were sat eating our food we were discussing what we wanted to do for the day amongst many other things. We ended up deciding that we would go and see the final installment of Planet Of The Apes. We headed down to Gunwarf Quays and brought our tickets before going round the shops for a bit. I was on the hunt for a dress for Goodwood Races, we are going with Matt’s brother and partner beginning of August. Unfortunately I didn’t see anything I liked, so we headed back to the cinema picked up some popcorn, nachos and an ice blast for me before heading to our screening. There was just 5 of us in the massive screen, so we were a bit naughty and chose to sit in the VIP seats rather than our standard seats – sssssh! Don’t tell!

The film was really good – we have enjoyed the 2 before this one – there was a bit of action as well as some comedy chucked in for good measure with the Bad Ape! Watching the trailers beforehand, we both decided that we might try and see Dunkirk as it looked a lot better than what we thought it was going to and I think some of it was filmed locally as well.

It’s been really nice to just spend time together with no time limits on when we need to be home by or that we need to be doing something. Sometimes I think it is really easy for couples to get a bit lost when you are so busy doing other things, but just spending a little bit of time together can bring you right back to where you need to be. Heck, we have been together 8 years next month, we must be doing something right somewhere!

Keep Smiling

Emma xx


Beautiful Weekend

How B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L has the weather been on the south coast for the past week? We have been truly blessed with gorgeous summer sun and I even have a little tan going on!

Earlier last week I had decided that Matt and I needed a little adventure, we have been spending a lot of time putting our stamp on the house that we have kinda gotten a little lost and forgotten what it was like just being us. One thing that people don’t tell you when you are preparing to move in is that all those little date evenings or random weekends in the forest or down the beach. So in a bid to spruce life up a bit, I told Matt to be ready to leave the house at 8.30am Saturday as I was taking us out for the day.

I had my sights set on Durdle Door – I have seen a lot of nice pictures and posts about it and my brother has been recently so I thought we could both do with some sea air and peaceful surroundings.

So I cooked up some bacon sarnies for the drive down and headed out on the road, we got stuck in a bit of traffic around the Bournemouth area which isn’t unusual when the weather is like this and made it to Durdle Door in around 2 hours. We parked up, paid for 2 hours parking and started to walk down, neither of us could understand why after so many visits to Weymouth we have never made it here before. The weather was beautiful, it was so so sunny and when you looked across the horizon it felt like you were abroad!


As we reached the bottom of the hill and caught glimpses of the sea and beach below us, neither of us could believe how crystal clear the water was and I instantly regretted not wearing my swim gear as I just wanted to jump right in. We headed down the steep stairs to the main beach looking on to the rock formation and sat on the stones, it was nice just be present for a while and soak in the surroundings and watch all the kayakers and families enjoying their Saturday. We headed back up and spent some time watching 2 dogs playing around in the cove before making our way back up the hill to the car. One thing no-one warned me was just how steep the hill was, of course you realise as you are going down, but nothing can prepare you for the steepness going back up!

We made the decision to head back home via the New Forest and stop off at Burley, we both really like the little village and have often treated ourselves to an ice cream or a cream tea on many of our visits. However, this time as I am on a bit of a health kick (more on that another time), we avoided the Ice Creams and Cream Tea’s and headed to the pub for a cold refreshing drink and some lunch. Weirdly we sat in “our seats” the same seats we sit in every time and they are always available – its weird – I had a really nice Chicken Cesar Salad and Matt had a Burger. The food was fantastic and made even better as we headed out a group of horses had decide to take over the road – perfect photo opportunity and typical of the New Forest!

As we have been to the New Forest many times I figured we wouldn’t need our sat nav to get home……I was wrong. We didn’t really know where we were going and the sign posts didn’t say anywhere we recognised, so Matt got out the sat nav and we started to head out on the right path home. As we were driving down one of the forest roads directly in my eye sight were Highland Cows! Immediately I pulled into the parking bays and got out to take photo’s. I LOVE Highland Cows, I just think they have so much personality and their faces are adorable! It was soo tempting to try and touch one, but the size of their horns I decided viewing from afar was best!

Our evenings had been planned out separately, Matt was having the boys over and I was meeting up with 2 old school friends for food and cocktails. Marci, Jemma and I haven’t all been together since we left school in 2004 – I had seen both of them separately so I knew we all still got on and would have a blast especially as The Slug & Lettuce serve 2-4-1 cocktails. It was lovely to see them both and to catch up after so long, it was just like no time had passed at all and I cant wait to have another girly evening with them both!

Well there you have it my weekend in a nutshell, unfortunately Sunday didn’t go as planned, but Hayley and I are sorting out another date for Brunch and don’t worry, I will take you with us!

Keep Smiling

Emma xxx


This morning I woke up had a lovely cuddle with Matt before he dissapeared with his overnight bag to take his tablets. Which I thought was strange but didn’t question it. Laid in bed with just my granny pants on, Matt walked back through my bedroom door with his phone to his chest saying he had someone that wanted to talk to me on the phone. It was Vicky and Ernie. I cried. I hadn’t seen them for almost a year and when I saw a boarding pass for a flight to Glasgow today in Matts hand I was so overwhelmed I didn’t know what to say! Ernie was very excited to see the planes and announced to me he was now 4! With that vicky told me to go pack and that she would see me in a couple of hours.

This however isn’t a blog about my time with them, which as I write this I am 1000% positive that I will have an amazing time.

This is a blog for Matt.

When we met 7 years ago in a pub by the castle, I had no idea that you would become the most important person in my life and someone that I want to share all my life experiences with. I am not sure when it happened, but over the years you have become not just my boyfriend, but my confidant, my lover and my best friend.  You are the one I want to tell all my secrets to, the one I want to call to tell you when I’ve had a crap day or if I have had a brilliant day. It is true what they say, you always fall in love with your best friend and I really have.

When I arrived at the airport today & text you to say thank you and how much I appreciate all you do for me, you replied saying the same. I know I can be grumpy and miserable at times and look like I am not grateful, but in honesty after all this time I am still overwhelmed by the way you treat me. You are a true gentleman, even though your farts stink and you like to wind me up a treat. You always make sure I am happy and kick me up the bum when I am feeling crappy.

We have such an amazing life ahead of us and I can’t wait for it all to happen. There are people around us that are always waiting for us to take the next step, but truth be known if we stay as we are forever more, I will be happy as I know you have my back just as much as I do yours. You ARE my favourite and I will love you forever.

Don’t ever stop being you and I promise I won’t stop being me. We have something special you and me…..its called US.

Love & Kindness

When you are sat in an a&e department in the middle of the night, strange things start to happen. Fellow relatives become friends, people to lend a friendly ear and comforting words. You become concerned by how their loved ones are doing and want regular updates.  You become known as the patients relative, but often with no name. However you will often find the medical staff will seek you out & make sure to check on you to make sure you are OK. You instantly keep an eye out for the patient in the bed opposite because they are here alone and update the nurses if something has happened out the ordinary. 

You might wonder how or why I am writing this. Well it’s currently 3 am on the morning of 4th April. I am meant to be in my bed in our lodge at Centre Parcs, but earlier in the evening my gorgeous boyfriend  (or partner as he has been referred to many times this evening) decided it would be a good idea to fall off his mountain bike. I would say that none of you know the fear you go through when you get that call from your loved one to say they have been in an accident, but in reality some of you do. My amazing cousins were fantastic, we all rallied round each other and they were great. However due to Matt’s injuries we were taken by ambulance to Bath Hospital.

He is with the resus team at the moment having his arm put back into socket but will need an operation on his fractured elbow within the next day or so, I am praying they will let us go back home for him to have it done there. 

I am just in awe of how people are dealing with such life changing events that are happening tonight. Hopefully Matt’s will be pretty minor and he will be back to normal within a couple of months. However a brother and sister I have been chatting with have travelled from London to Bath tonight for their mum as she has had a severe stroke and has a bleed on the brain. Her injuries will be life changing, but the family are holding things together so well. I just don’t think I would do the same. 

It’s now midday on Tuesday and I’m sat at Matt’s bedside. We finally got to a ward at 3 pm on Monday afternoon after 18 hrs at a&e! Matt unfortunately has broken a vertebrae in his back and has a very bad fractured elbow & arm. Luckily he doesn’t require any surgery on his back & he is going to be fitted with a back brace. However he does need surgery on his fractured elbow & arm as it’s a very bad break, the consultant this morning said that he did a really good job messing it up! We are hopeful to get a bed in a hospital closer to home, so he can be transferred down there after having the brace fitted today.

16th April
I am currently laid in MY bed with Matt at my side, he has had surgery on his arm and is enjoying being discharged from Hospital on Thursday after an 10 night stay. He will need physio to help get his arm back to full function, but his back should hopefully heal within the next 6 weeks. We had made the decision for me to leave Matt April 5th and return to work, his parents came up to be with him while I couldn’t be. Those days that I wasn’t with Matt were really emotional for me, not only was I worried about him, my bosses dog Chester, who we often looked after whilst she was away, was diagnosed with advanced cancer which was just as upsetting. It was made a more emotional week after the announcement of our close friends separating also. To say I have cried a lot of tears is an understatement. 

It was a big fight to get Matt to a hospital closer to home as they didn’t have a bed until 9th April and we couldn’t source any hospital transport, so I had to bring him back in my car. He was dosed up and we were sent on our way, arriving back home within 2 hrs and due to have his op the following day. Unfortunately due to swelling of his arm, he didn’t end up having surgery until Tuesday which ended up being the same day as Chester, I was on tender hooks all day! Thankfully his operation went well, he has ended up with a plate in his arm as well as wire and screws and will need checks regularly as well as physio. Chester’s op also went as well as expected, unfortunately it was too much for our favourite pooch and he didn’t make it through the night. My heart broke as I heard the news, not only sadness that he didn’t make it, but I knew just how much love my boss and her husband have for him and that they will be at a loss without him. 

However, Matt unfortunately took a turn for the worse on Wednesday he didn’t agree with the pain killers they were giving him and it ended up making him very ill and was definitely away with the fairies. To get texts from who you see as your strong man saying how much pain he was in & not being able to do anything is truly heartbreaking. Thankfully Hayley pulled me through and kept me strong at work and having Lee go to the hospital at visiting hours and report back to me gave me peace of mind whilst I finished my day at work. Luckily when I got to the hospital he was much better and almost back to his usual self. I was overjoyed when he called me early Thursday morning to say he would be discharged!

If the events of the last couple of weeks have taught me anything, it is the importance of love and kindness. We have both had support from people we least expected, Matt has received cards from people that we would never have thought! I just want to say to all of you who have taken the time to check on either or both of us over the last 2 weeks that we are so grateful and can never thank you enough for keeping our spirits high, especially during my most emotional moments!


Emma xxx

6 Years Later

I can’t believe 6 years ago today, actually when this goes live, I first met Matt.

I wont lie the last 6 years have had their ups and downs, we have made some truly amazing memories that we will share forever more. Unfortunately, with the way our schedules are this year we won’t be seeing each other on our anniversary, but that’s ok. I thought I would share with you some photo’s from over the last 6 years…….