Yummy French Toast!

As usual I did quite a bit of research on both Vegas & San Francisco before we went on holiday and there was 1 place in San Francisco that kept cropping up in blog after blog and it was Boudin. One blogger that I have been following for some time seemed to really enjoy it & she is a lovely lady so I knew she wouldn’t steer me in the wrong direction!

When we were in San Francisco, it got to Wednesday and I genuinely didn’t think we would get to have dinner there. I decided that I was ok with that and would mean that I would just have to come back. However I was really happy when Matt suggested having a big breakfast there on Thursday before cycling over the bridge! So we got up early on the Thursday got the Muni Bus down to fisherman’s wharf & headed over to Boudin.

I Love The Sign

I Love The Sign

As soon as I looked at what was on offer I knew I wanted to try the French Toast with seasonal fruit, Matt ordered a egg & bacon sandwich and we were told to wait at the end and our name would be called when our food was ready. So as there was also a bit of a shop to look around we had a browse! There were so many cute little bits, Matt saw a lot of chutneys and jams but because we weren’t sure if we could take them home we had to leave them there. Here are a few cute bits that I liked the look of:

My name was called and we took a seat outside, both choices looked great, personally I think mine was more appealing, what do you think?

I took the first bite and I think my exact words were “Oh My God, this is so good!’ I ate the lot! I wasn’t sure what to expect with sourdough bread, but it was so yummy! Matt really enjoyed his sandwich too and polished off the lot! It definitely filled me up! We looked round at what others had ordered  (I often like to see what I could have had!) And there was a couple eating a chowder of some description out of a sourdough bread bowl. It look steaming hot and really yummy, I do wish we could have had lunch or dinner there, but it wasn’t meant to be! Maybe if we have a return visit we can try some more that they have to offer!

If you are planning a visit to San Francisco, as well as Pacific Catch make sure Boudins is on your list of places to eat, you won’t regret it!



New Favourite?!

Anyone who knows me is going to read this and think “has she lost her mind?!” BUT I am going to put it out there anyway, I think San Francisco has taken the Number 1 spot as my favourite US City! I know, NYC has always been top choice, but there was something about San Francisco that just made me really relax and enjoy it. It may have been the Pacific Sea air, the relaxed atmosphere or just the kindness of everyone that we met, but it definitely made its way into my heart. So I thought, just like with Vegas, that I would share with you a few things that we got up to!

We stayed at the Chelsea Motor Inn, which is on the corner of Lombard & Fillmore Street. I chose this location mainly because of the price and the fact that when I was looking to book it said there was free parking and we were potentially going to rent a car! Well I am glad I made the choice, the rooms were spacious and we had a great view of the bridge from our room. There have been a lot of reviews on Trip Advisor about the noise from the street, we stayed mid week, but didn’t hear a thing!

Both Matt & I are not always ones for eating at ‘regular’ resturants and like to try out where the locals eat, so on our first day whilst waiting for the Muni (best way to get around town by the way $2.25 for a ticket that lasts 90mins!), a restaurant caught my eye called Pacific Catch and one a bit further down called Noah’s New York Bagel’s, I kept a mental note and the following morning, whilst Matt was still snoozing, I did a bit of research on yelp & trip advisor to see if they were any good and we weren’t disappointed! We had a breakfast bagel in Noah’s one morning and it was a little bit of New York in San Francisco – warmed my heart a little! Now Pacific Catch, that’s a different kettle of fish entirely. We were sat, unsure where to eat, we didn’t want to go back to Union Square or Fisherman’s Wharf we wanted to stay local so I reminded Matt about the restaurant I saw earlier that week and decided we would head down there. We arrived at 6.30pm on a Wednesday and it was already booming, the few tables outside were full, the tables inside were almost full, the phone was ringing off the hook! We took a seat at the counter opposite the very open kitchen and had a browse through the menu. Watching the chef’s hard at work just fueled my hunger & trying to work out what they were cooking against the menu was great fun and looking at the food being produced we were expecting to pay A LOT more than we did! We had the Cabo Calamari for starters then for mains I had the Thai Coconut Shrimp and Matt had the 3 Taco Platter, the food was incredible the service was faultless. Just sat at the counter watching the chef’s and all the locals coming in to pick up their take-away’s and having a chatter with all the staff just showed how popular it really is! If nothing else in San Francisco, eat at Pacific Catch at least once! I do have another recommendation…..but I am going to save that for later!

If you fancy a nice walk and to get to see the scenery then head down to The Ferry Building Marketplace ideally on a Tuesday or Thursday, have a mooch round the farmers market first then head inside. Once you have had some free testers and maybe even some ice-cream, go back out side and turn right & start walking towards Pier 39! The views of Coit Tower and looking out at the bay is lovely, we just took our time and enjoyed a nice walk. When you reach Pier 39, its great to have a look round and look in some unique shops maybe have a corn dog or a churro. Don’t forget those cute Sea Lions, they are noisy and a bit smelly, but when you see them all curled up with each other they look so cute!

BUT I think I had the most fun on the day we cycled over the Golden Gate Bridge, the day was lovely and warm and it made the bike ride even easier! We rented our bikes from Blazing Saddles and headed off along the bay, we stopped took plenty of pictures then headed up a hill to make a start on the trek over the Bridge! We stopped a couple of times whilst cycling across to take photo’s, when we hit Vista Point we headed down the hill into the bay then back another GIANT hill. You start to cycle through a really cute seafront neighbourhood into Sausalito, we took a break and when you looked back at the houses set into the hills it reminded me a bit of Devon especially with the sun beaming down on my back. Sausalito is such a cute, quaint little town and reminded me very much of Nashville in Indiana. We had the best ice-cream there at Lapperts – make sure you take a visit and have the Cookie Monster flavour.

There is plenty more that I could share with you, but I think that is enough for now. Feel free to drop me a message if you want any more info or have any questions, I would be more than happy to share with you all!





Hair, Hair, Hair

I have just come back from a hair appointment at Kate Preston Hair & Beauty, who are my regular hairdressers, but I just felt compelled to share with you how great they are!

Kate has been cutting & colouring my hair now for quite sometime so I was extremely pleased for them all when Kate told me earlier this year that they had been nominated for The English Hair & Beauty Awards, it has been a long time coming and they definitely deserved the recognition! It was great to hear that they were named one of  the Top Five Hair Salon’s in the South East.

Today, I was booked in for the KP Colour Me Package which I found on their website http://www.katepreston.co.uk for £79 you get all of the following:

  • Full consultation & skin test.
  • Cut & Design or Re-design service
  • Any Colour Service
  • Colour lock treatment with relaxing head massage.
  • Colour safe shampoo & conditioner
  • Glossing refresh and treatment

This is a complete bargain, as I would usually pay £80 for a cut an colour so to have all of the above for £1 less, you cant say no, the products that I came away with is worth £27 alone! This isnt the only package they do either, they have ones especially for students & teens and also The Queen Bee Package, it looks fantastic and definately something that I want to look at doing.

As well as hair they also offer beauty services anything from a file and polish to spray tans to bridal makeup! Its all really reasonably priced and although I have never used their beauty services, I have never heard any complaints in the salon!

I know this is a quick post, but I just wanted to get something out there and to all out Hampshire Ladies, give them a call and book yourself in for a treat I can promise you that you wont be disappointed and if you recommend a friend you get £10 off your next appointment as well as your friend!

Keep up the great work ladies – cant wait for my next appointment!


Blogging To Christmas Part II

Part 2…….Christmas Movies

Who doesn’t love a good Christmas movie? Sitting by the tree and watching a classic on the TV! I was at the Christmas Ideal Home Show the other week and as we were walking round there was a group of people gathered on some sofa’a and bean bags, I wasn’t sure why at first, but as we walked past they were all sat watching Miracle On 34th Street! All of them, from young kids to grown men were completely engrossed in the movie & as we walked past, I felt comforted by the music and the section of the film as it’s one that I have watched as a young girl. That’s the thing with Christmas movies, they all start to eventually have a memory to them! Now trying to work out what are my favourites is a bit difficult, but I have listed a few that I would defiantly recommend watching with a hot chocolate!


Well why not! It’s one of the funniest movies I have ever seen, always puts a smile on my face. This has to be one of my favorite parts

The Santa Clause (and you have to watch ALL 3)

For me Tim Allen IS Father Christmas, I love all 3 films and I have to watch all 3 before Christmas as well.

The Polar Express

I have asked a few people about this movie and always get mixed reviews! I love the believing aspect behind this film, it is always something that my dad has drummed into myself and my brother, especially as there is 9 years between us, I had to keep believing because of my little brother when I stopped believing. So if your little ones are at the age where they are questioning is “he” real? Sit them down in front of this and I think it will help install 1 more year of magic!

Love Actually

Because LOVE is important at this time of year and everyone loves a rom-com that’s based around Christmas!

It’s A Wonderful Life

For as long as I can remember my dad has watched this every year when he is writing his Christmas cards. Mum & I always tease him because its an old black and white film, but without walking in the house and hearing this film on it wouldn’t be Christmas!

White Christmas

I only watched this film for the first time about 4 years ago, on Christmas Eve before going to church (more on that in another post!)So now I have to watch it every Christmas Eve before going to Church!

I hope this has given you some idea’s on movies to watch, perhaps there might even be some that you haven’t seen and are thinking you might give them a watch! I promise, you wont be disappointed!

Brightly Does It

Its not very often that I feel compelled to write a blog immediately after something has happened, but I needed to share!

It was my birthday a few days ago and my bestie http://youtu.be/q2czqfQAs5c asked me what she can get me, I straight away said Frozen or if she didn’t want to get me that then to surprise me! I was really excited to open my gift and I got Frozen (its on in the background as I type this!), a yankee candle wax tart (because she knows I love my candles) and a gorgeous China Glaze nail polish.

Steph told me that she wanted to keep the nail polish for herself as she loved the colour, so I joked and said that I would send her a picture to make her jealous once I used it! Tonight, after a stressful few days, I decided to have a bath, watch Frozen and try out my new nail polish. Now because of the colour I did a white base first to make the colour really pop, I used Barry M Matt White. Once dried, I did 1 coat of the gorgeous purple, it layered really nice and dried very quickly, but because my hands aren’t always steady and the coat wasn’t evenly applied, I did a 2nd coat and it just gave the colour so much more depth. Again it dried really quick and I applied my top coat to seal it all together and ensure I don’t need to re-do my nails before a wedding I am attending on Saturday.

I straight away sent a text to Steph and I think its save to say she loves the colour as much as I do! This is the first China Glaze polish I have used & if they are all as good as this I will definitely be buying more (I hope my boyfriend isn’t reading that!)


The Colour is That’s Shore Bright

Thank You Steph!!!

Em xxx

All thoughts are my own and I am not affiliated with China Glaze or any distributor!

Making Memories

About a year ago I made up 2 photo books of mine and Matts holidays and whilst I was away in the states I thought what a brilliant momento to make of our family holiday.

So once I was home and settled, I went onto the website for PhotoBox and was pleased to see that there was a 40% off offer for photo books, so I knew now was the time to place my order.

I started uploading my photos that I wanted in the book & my laptop crashed and I lost everything I had been doing, I was gutted & gave up. Not one to be defeated, I cam home from work the next day logged on and started all over again, saving every step that I did.

The process is really easy & the website is really easy to use, the hardest part is deciding what style of book, what colour pages, what layout for the photos & what fonts you want to use. If you don’t want to be as fussy as me you can push a button and it automatically does it all for you.

photobox web

Both myself and mum mum took over 1,000 each, so the original 26 page book I selected wasn’t big enough, I kept added 10 pages at a time and ended up with 86 in total! I placed my order and with 40% off it came to £56 with standard delivery. I have the PhotoBox app on my phone so kept track on my order. I placed the order on 16th, it was dispatched on 21st and arrived on 23rd! I couldn’t believe it.

I wasn’t disappointed when I opened the box that it came in, it was wrapped with a thick cardboard insert to keep it straight in the box as well. The quality of the product it excellent, every photo is clear and they all fit perfectly on the pages and all the text is in the right places.




Everyone has been complimenting my photo book and asking where I have got it done, I have to say I really love the product and there is sooo many options on their website of personalized things to make. I would definitely be a return customer, there are lots of things on there that would make neat Christmas presents too!

All of the above views are my own & I am in now way affiliated with Photobox

House Sitting Holiday??

I am sat here wanting to write to you guys with nothing to write about really…..

The realisation that I am going on holiday a month tomorrow is starting to set in – I cant believe how quickly this has come around! I have been looking at things that I would like to buy when we are out there and there is ALOT! I will have to reign it in though as I am back out there next year so I can always get something’s then too! One thing on my wish list is carrot cake M&Ms -I HAVE to try them. Carrot Cake is my ultimate favourite and to have an M&M that tastes like that would be amazing! Staying on the cake subject, I really want to try a Red Velvet cupcake I have never had one before and they are supposed to be AMAZING!

I have been looking for some nail inspiration for me & my mum for the holiday and I have found some awesome designs, but I don’t have the confidence to be able to pull it off – I suppose practice makes perfect, so I just have to keep trying!

I also found an amazing website through a holiday magazine with the Sunday paper last week. It is a website where you can register as a house sitter and people around the world put on when they are going away etc and you can apply to house sit for them, most of the time it is for free, but I figured it could be a good way to see parts of America that I really want to visit. I spoke about with Matt and he kind of vito’d the idea because he thought it could be a con and also said to me ‘what if the place gets burgled’ & ‘what if the pet dies that you are looking after?’ but I still think it could be a good idea. The website is http://www.trustedhousesitters.com have any of you used it or know someone who has? would you recommend it – is it trustworthy & reliable? I am really interested!

well I am off to watch some telly and paint my nails!

Love to you all!