Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Tonight I would like to share with you something that unless you know me personally you won’t have any idea about. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 17, this diagnosis came after my mum & I watching a medical programme and being able to connect with 1 big symptom of PCOS……

Hirsutism or in simpler terms, excess hair

I first started noticing excess hair on my neck and chin when I was about 16 after my periods had really settled in after a few years, at first it didn’t overly bother me and it is something other women in my family have and I just thought it was the norm. However, seeing other girls my age not having this excess began to bother me. I wouldn’t really talk about it to people and I didn’t know what to do to get rid of it.

During the time where I had just left senior school and had joined college I created a Piczo website, like most teens, it had lots of photos on there (which was the main aim of your site) I even had a few comment boxes….I remember logging in one night and seeing some really abusive comments on there regarding my friends and the most upsetting was about me and my excess facial hair. To this day, I have never really told anyone how upset I was about this and just how much it still upsets me to remember seeing that and trying to work out who had written it, as I didn’t have a big circle of friends at the time so it had to be someone who was close to me a) because you have to personally know me to see it’s there and b) to know what spot to hit to upset me!

I think when those comments were written, I had just been diagnosed from my GP, he basically told me I had to go on the pill to regulate my hormones, have blood tests every 3 months to check my hormone levels and the worse part….to lose 4 stone. I remember working in a local café at the time and being quite open with my colleagues about it and joking that there was no way on this earth was I going to lose 4 stone!

I think around this point, I started self-waxing which is awful! I would never recommend anyone self-wax, especially not a delicate area such as your neck! It is painful (to begin with) and building the courage up to rip that wax strip off is a struggle and because you can never get them all it ends up looking uneven and you have to pluck more than you probably wax!

After being diagnosed and given some suggestions on how to move forward, I went on to celebrate my 18th Birthday in 2006 & in February/March 2007 I went on my first family holiday to Indianapolis. I remember really eating well and just enjoying myself! Around the same time I lost a lot of friends, due to growing up and drifting apart. I was lucky that I had made 2 really good friends at college, 1 of whom I still speak to and see A LOT of and the other unfortunately we just grew in different directions! They were very much my 2 stable people in my life, I was working full time at a low level admin job and I wanted a bit more, I wanted to progress. I managed to get a new job in July 2007 and I can remember saying to my mum “this is a fresh start, I want to do something about my weight and I want to join a slimming club”. My mum’s friend was going to Slimming World at the time and said I could along with her that week and that was it, I lost 3.5stone in 6 months, in December 2007 I was a size 14 and weighed about 11.5stone, I had a new circle of friends from my new job and yes, people did stare at my excess hair but I noticed the more weight I lost the slower it grew back and the lighter it grew back. FANTASTIC! I had managed to find a cure!

2008 – April/May – I got made redundant and embarked on what I can only describe as a mad first serious relationship! Luckily I managed to find a job within a couple of months (where I still am to this day!) however I can’t say the relationship lasted that long…thing 2 maybe 3 months?! The plus for me was that I was maintaining what I believed to be a healthy weight between 11.5stone -12stone, the hair was still growing slowly and lightish. I had also been on 2 holidays that year with Steph (the 1 friend from college I still speak to) and I was confident in the sun in a bikini, something I thought would never happen. I remember the weight kind of sneaked back on and I stayed around 12stone for about a year. In 2009 I embarked on the next car crash relationship – looking back now I was a complete idiot, in love with someone that didn’t love me back. Whilst wasting 6 months of my life, I started having electrolysis, god knows why, it was painful and the effects weren’t long lasting. Basically, the beautician puts a hot needle into the hair follicle to kill the hair at the root. It’s great if you are working on a small area, but my excess hair is pretty much the whole of my neck and chin, so she would only be able to do a small block at a time. When you are going twice a week and paying like £20 a time you really need to weigh up is it really worth it! I think I stopped having this done around May of 2009 and went back to self-waxing!

2009 was a mixed year for me the first 6 months were a waste (apart from a 2 week holiday to America) but the last 5 months were fantastic, I met Matt fell and love and haven’t looked back since. When I was put on the pill at the age of 17 I was never good a remembering to take it. How I haven’t fallen pregnant is beyond me! In late 2011 I went to see my GP and asked about other methods of contraception, mainly the Merina Coil. I remember her taking my weight and doing some blood tests, she told me that I had a little bit more weight to lose before she would consider me for the coil – so I went back when I was in between 10.5stone and 11stone and my GP was happy that my hormones were level and that I had pretty much cured my PCOS – I have to say the excess hair had pretty much stopped and when it did grow it was really light. So I had the coil fitted and I haven’t looked back since.

One bad thing is that since I have had the coil fitted, my weight (not due to the coil) has increased. Right now I weigh 12stone 11lb and my excess hair is back! So we are back to people staring if I leave it too long between waxes (I have a beautician now), I feel uncomfortable when I know that it’s there, I don’t feel sexy of confident when it’s there and I struggle with my self confidence in general the heavier I am. The hair isn’t light anymore – it is to begin with but if I leave it too long then it’s darker. I am back at slimming world and I am exercising regularly to help reduce my weight and the growth of my excess hair.

You may be wondering why I am sharing this with you tonight, but I want you to know that I have struggled and continue to struggle with this aspect of my life. Unfortunately, my excess hair will always be a part of me. It doesn’t change the person I am, if anything it has made me a bit more thick skinned. I would rather people don’t stare and that they ask what it’s all about, but I can’t force people to make that decision! I would be pleased to tell them that this is the only major side effect I have of PCOS – I am lucky I don’t have acne as I think I would rather cope with excess hair than acne.

Maybe you are reading this and can relate to some of my story – here is some information I have found online about possible symptoms of PCOS:

• irregular periods or no periods at all
• difficulty getting pregnant (because of irregular ovulation or failure to ovulate)
• excessive hair growth (hirsutism) – usually on the face, chest, back or buttocks
• weight gain
• thinning hair and hair loss from the head
• oily skin or acne

So as you can see, it’s not a walk in the park for people who suffer with PCOS! Yes, as well as excess hair there is acne, weight gain, irregular periods and I may also suffer with difficulties getting pregnant. This is something my GP has discussed with me before, I have been advised that if I can maintain a healthy weight and don’t leave it too late in life that I should have no issues in becoming pregnant. To be honest with you after knowing at the age of 17 that the later in life I leave it I may never become a mum, I have got used to it – it’s not something that bothers me anymore and if I can’t conceive naturally then I know there are other options available.

If you think you may have PCOS then go and visit your GP, talk to them about your symptoms and ask to have a blood test AND an ultrasound – the ultrasound is the most important as this will show up cysts in your ovaries! PCOS is most likely to develop in your late teens/early 20’s, so if you don’t think something is right – get it checked out!

When I was first diagnosed, I found a charity called Verity I signed onto their forum and for about a year, it really helped me and got me to a good place in my life. I don’t use the website anymore and to be honest because I don’t feel that PCOS is a bad part of my life, it is just part of my life, I try not to dwell on it and I think if I did log on and talk about things, I would be only talking negatively and I would bring myself down.

The one thing I would like for you all to take from this is not to judge people on their appearance. Just because they may have a difference in their appearance to you or what you feel is the “norm” there is no need to stare or treat them differently.

Everyone has a story; why not take 5 minutes to hear theirs!

Emma xxx


Perfectly Pinned

So, for those of you that don’t know I am a MASSIVE Pinterest fan. I fell out of love with Pinterest for a couple of months in the run up to Christmas, but the love is back and stronger than ever!

You can follow me on Pinterest if you fancy, if you search for princessepink you will find me and all my thousands (and I mean that literally) of pins! There is everything from Nail Art to Travelling to Planning Family Parties – its all on there and I encourage you to take inspiration from my pins!

I have been pinning quite a bit over the last few days and I thought I would share my 5 favourite pins with you all!




I pinned this a while ago, but I still love it! Whoever thought of this and was clever enough to get the photo is amazing! I had one of these cars when I was younger and would LOVE to be able to recreate this if I have children!


How Does This Not Want To Make You Workout

How Does This Not Want To Make You Workout

This is 5 lbs of fat next to 5 lbs of muscle – makes me realise just how important it is every session I do at the gym and also how much weight loss on the scales doesn’t matter as its inches that helps you to lose dress sizes!


May Designs Notebooks & Diaries

May Designs Notebooks & Diaries

I stumbled across these lovely looking notebooks and diaries on a instagram I follow and I thought I would browse through their website – some of their stuff is incredible! I emailed them and was gutted to find out that they don’t ship to the UK! I am debating on ordering a diary for next year to be delivered when I am on holiday in June!


Christmas Bark

Christmas Bark

This pin has 2 things attached! Firstly I saw this and thought making Christmas Bark would be a great idea and I made Number 6 – it was really easy and I would definitely do it again! The second thing is the link to the website called Chickabug, the blog is fantastic it has a whole load of ideas for parties and gifts there is free printables as well!


My Heart!

My Heart!

I often search for New York pins to see if there is anything new or hints and tips on there, I stumbled across this photo and it just melted my heart. The Chrylser building is my favourite building ever and I especially love it at night! For me the best place I have viewed it is Top Of The Rock Observation Deck – I cant wait to go back in June!

So there you go, those are my 5 favourite pins at the moment! Why don’t you take a peek at Pinterest and set yourself up a board and get pinning! You wont regret it….you just might become addicted!

Emma xxx


So, 2 of the things on my bucket list are to do with running…..1 to RUN the Race For Life, which I am planning on doing and the other is to RUN the Great South Run.

Now if any of you really know me, you will know that whilst I enjoy the gym and working out but I am NOT a runner….

I definitely want to do the Race for Life and I definitely want to run it, its 5k which is 3.1 miles, I figured I could do that – granted it wont be very fast and my finish time wont be like 20minutes – but I will run it and I will finish it! The Great South Run is 10miles, now there is no way on this earth I can run 10 miles – jeez I don’t even think I could walk 10 miles!

The one thing that I am sure you will know by now is that I am on a constant strive to lose weight and keep it off. I am not in a battle to be a certain weight, I used to be – but being a certain weight doesn’t mean anything. You can be 13st and a size 12, it all depends on YOUR figure. This is why I really don’t think people should constantly compare themselves to people in the public eye. Don’t get me wrong I would LOVE to have a figure like Khloe Kardashian – she looks fantastic, however, she has a spare 2-3 hours a day to work out and keep fit and she HAS to for her job. Luckily I don’t! So my aim this time round is to fit into a size 12 in the majority of stores, which again isn’t easy! Each store measures you different, I can be a 14 in one store and a 20 in another – how does that work and how is any woman mean to know what size she is!

This isn’t a decision I have come to suddenly, I have been thinking about it for sometime, but Number 10 Run The Great South Run is being removed. It is being replaced with:

Reach Size 12 and Stay There

This is something I CAN do – I have been a size 12 before and I WILL do it again – I now have a gym buddy in the form of my brother and this will mean that I have no excuse not to go and stay for at least 1hr. In September he goes to college to do sport and is going to be learning stuff to do with personal training so he can whoop my butt into shape! The aim of the game is to reach size 12 before the Grand National in April, if this isn’t possible then I definitely want to hit it before I go to Indiana & NYC in June.

This is me now – size 14 and some stores 16

Sorry About The Pj Bottoms!

Sorry About The Pj Bottoms!

This is me now – trying to get into my size 12 work trousers

Really Don't Look Too Gorgeous Today!

Really Don’t Look Too Gorgeous Today!

Sticking to Slimming World and Working Out 3-4 times a week I WILL get my butt back into those size 12 work trousers!

I CAN do this and I WILL do this!



Santa Actually Came!

I am sat here with a scrummy hot chocolate in my new starbucks mug a warmed mince pie and tangled on the TV, don’t you just love this time of year!

So we are in that inbetween period of Christmas and New Year, some of us are back and work and some aren’t, its that time of year where all the days roll into one and you get a bit lost! So I thought I would bring you some Festive Cheer and share with you the Traditions of our family Christmas and also what Father Christmas brought me in his sleigh!

So every Christmas Eve since I can remember my family and my grandparents have gone to Carols By Candlelight at one the churches nearby. I am not sure when, but at some point over the last 26years my Godfathers mum has joined us and we get a Chinese afterwards! We always have the back 2 pews in the church and sing our hearts out. This was mine and Matt’s 5th Christmas and the 4th time he has joined us on Christmas Eve, it is really nice that he has joined us in this tradition and I hope that if we start a family that we can make this a everlasting tradition within our family. This year, we decided to wear our Christmas jumpers… are a few photo’s!





When I was looking back at the photo’s I realised as always, I was the odd one out and didn’t have a Stag on my jumper! Oh well!

So Christmas Day & Boxing Day Matt & I have always split it between our families and this year it was his turn to be at my house on Christmas Day, so when he arrived we opened presents with him and he was really pleased with his wallet and skydive that I brought him. Then it was my turn to open my gifts……he always likes to play the joker and started off by giving me some coal! Then it was to open some smellies (which you can never go wrong with), then some lovely PJ’s, then a gorgeous blazer (I have wanted one for ages), then he handed me a Karen Millen Bag, which completely knocked me for six. Inside was a beautiful Champagne coloured dress and such a lovely shape too. I was then given another parcel, I ripped off the wrapping paper to reveal a lovely Versace Jeans Bag, the lining is stunningly purple. Instantly I was told to go and try it all on BUT not to take off any of the labels (that were covered in wrapping paper), I was so shocked and happy to find that it all fitted – my man did good!


When I went back downstairs my mum was a tad emotional…..I am not sure why!and Matt told me to empty the bag of all the stuffing and look in the pocket, so like a crazy woman I chucked out all the stuffing and opened up the pocket….and there it was…..Number 19 email confirmation of a reservation for 2 for Afternoon Tea At The Ritz! I was shocked and speechless and also a bit worried because the date he has booked it for was so close to his birthday! The surprises didn’t stop there, once I got over my amazement he told me to look in the pocket of my blazer…and there it was again….Number 25email confirmation of 3 tickets to London Fashion Weekend In February! That was it, I had to hold back the tears and just plant a massive kiss on his lips! Not only did I get a lovely outfit, I was given 2 things on my bucket list!

I honestly could not contain my excitement! I felt like I was on cloud cuckoo land! So the beginning of next year already looks to be a good one and all thanks to my gorgeous man!

I got lots of other lovely bits for Christmas including lots of new books to read and lovely smellies!

I am off to watch the rest of my movie now and will leave you all in peace! Have a lovely relaxing Sunday!

Emma xx

Whatta Year…..2013!

One of my best friends, Steph, came over today and we were talking about Christmas and the year that has passed and what we have to look forward to in 2014. We have both had some ups and downs this year and she is probably the only person that understands when I say that I am fed up of this country and cant believe I haven’t spent anytime abroad this year!

I have totally spoilt myself since I starting working full time in 2006 as every year I have been abroad on holiday. This year I have taken leave from work, but unfortunately due to a skiing accident Matt and I were unable to go on holiday and I wasn’t prepared to take leave and go on holiday by myself and the majority of my friends now are married or have children or already had plans to go away! So I have had some wonderful mini breaks in the UK this year, but it isn’t quite the same as packing a suitcase, grabbing your passport and getting some duty free!

Anyway, when I was speaking with Steph, it got me to thinking about when looking back on 2013 I am proud of…..

Joining A Gym
If anyone is reading this and knows me well, you will know that I am not really an active person. I hated the gym and if I can take a lift or escalator rather than the stairs I ALWAYS will! However December 31st 2012, I joined up to the gym and I have been going pretty much 3-4 times a week, every week since. The only times I haven’t been is if we have been away OR if I have been sick. This is a big achievement for me and it has really helped me to distress after work and given me something to keep motivated with. Joining the Gym and sticking to it is really a big thing for me.

Losing Weight
So when 2013 began I will tell you honestly, I pretty much topped the scales at 14st, which shocked me and upset me deeply. However, me being me I never really showed it, but I did the only thing I knew how and joined my local slimming world! So my journey hasn’t been quick, but I am 4lbs away from my 1.5 stone award and I can pretty much fit into a UK 14 (Dependant on the shop!). My aim is to get to a comfortable size 12, I am not too bowled over on how much I weigh, but I will be pleased if I can just fit into a UK 12!

My Job
I don’t really like to talk about work too much on here as whilst it is important to me this blog isn’t about my 9-5! However, the department in which I work in has expanded beyond my wildest imagination in such a short space of time and we have expanded from just 5 people, including myself at the beginning of the year to now 17! I am not going to lie, being a team leader is hard work, but the group of people I have working with me (because we are a team!) are brilliant! When the chips are down they know what counts and really stick together. 2014 is going to be another busy year for us, but I can feel it will be a good one!

My Anxiety
I have suffered from panic attacks for a few years now and whilst they aren’t always full on – they still can knock me for six! However, this year thanks to the gym and yoga I have learnt to keep a lid on things and remain calm and using breathing techniques and just generally learn to step away when things become too overwhelming!

So as you can see there are a few things I am proud of this year as well as all my achievements on my bucket list. Now there are things that I will happy to see the back of this year, but this blog is not and will never be a negative blog! Whilst I know you all know I am not superhuman and I do have my down days and days where life isn’t great, but you all have your own struggles – you don’t need to hear about mine!

Well I am going to sign off and do some reading and have set my alarm (on my day off!) so I can get to the gym and weigh in early before I get some bleach through my hair! My roots are insane!

Love To All

Emma xxxxxxxx

Vlogger, Blogger, Follower!

Whilst I love telling you all about me and my life, I thought I would share with you today 2 of blogs I read and people I follow!

First up, is my best friend Steph, I have known Steph for 10 years in September. We met at college and quite often caught the train together, we weren’t in the same classes but we were studying the same subject. We have enjoyed MANY trips together abroad and in this country and we need to plan our Spring/Summer shopping trip! Steph is mainly a vlogger on youtube but she does have a blog as well, her speciality is fashion & beauty. She is an avid animal lover and all of the products she uses are cruelty free. I have to admit that I am not a big fashion/beauty fan, however I can always rely on Steph to guide me in the right direction!

Now, she has warned me not to watch any recent videos as there is some Christmas presents in there! So please everyone take a look through her video’s and her blog and make sure you subscribe to her channel as I know there is a good Christmas giveaway coming up! Steph is also on instragram, twitter & pinterest so you can keep up with her recommendations everywhere!



If you are losing weight or keeping fit and you are looking for some inspiration, look no further than Amanda Tyson. I stumbled upon her facebook page last Christmas and I can honestly say that I have never found anyone as inspiring as her. Amanda was in the final 30 to be picked for the Biggest Loser 12, but wasn’t chosen for the show. When you look at her before and after photo’s alone will be such motivation to you! She is real and honest about how she feels regarding life, weight loss, keep fit and it is so refreshing to see someone wearing their heart on their sleeve. Amanda is an avid BE KIND promoter and you will quite often find yourself just getting a smile on your face when you are reading her posts! I follow Amanda’s blog, twitter and instagram – but she does have a facebook page too.


Twitter: @amandatyson

Instagram: @amandatyson

So why not take a read or watch a video 🙂 I always recommendations for blogs to read or people to follow – so please send them in!

Hope you are all doing ok – don’t forget to keep up with my instagram for my December Photo Challenge!

Stay Festive

Emma xxx

Twitter: @PrincessEm_Ma

Instagram: @emma_pink88


Hello Everyone!

Me and Matt have been reminiscing over the last week or so, as this time a year ago we were in Guardlavca in Cuba. It was paradise – I can honestly say that I have never seen bluer sea’s or whiter sand. It was the most relaxing 2 weeks I have ever had!



We stayed at Playa Costa Verde, it was a beach front hotel – although it was a big hotel, it had a community feel. We would see the same people at dinner and the bar each night and around the pool and at the pool bar during the day. All of the staff were so incredibly friendly and it honestly felt like they could not do enough for you!

When we booked to go to Cuba, Matt kept saying “we have to take gifts for the children, we have to take medicine for them” and I was so dismissive because in my mind I was on holiday and I wanted to relax not do a charity mission! However, Matt dismissed me and still went ahead and got things to take for the people of Cuba and my god was I glad he did! After speaking with a few staff members and travel reps, I realised that compared to our way of life they have virtually nothing, so to be able to give them something other than a tip in money was very rewarding.

We did several trips during our stay and a year down the line 2 of them stick out for me; a Catamaran trip and Swimming with Dolphins. During the Catamaran trip, we had a traditional Cuban Lunch, Snorkelling off the Boat (never been so scared in all my life!), Horse Riding & just swimming in the clear blue sea. It was such a beautiful place and soooo relaxing! There is a stunning video of the catamaran ride back in the sunset which is stunning.



The Dolphin Trip was a trip of a lifetime. I can honestly say it was the most amazing experience of my whole life, if you are planning on going to Cuba or anywhere that you can swim with the dolphins I would definitely recommend you do it, you will not regret it. I was shocked at how big and strong they are and also how intelligent. The tricks we did with then, there was a certain on where you had to be stood up in the water (harder said than done) and they would swim up to you and if you weren’t stood correctly they would just swim off… do they know! It was a fantastic experience and they were very well looked after also – the enclosures were all natural and in proper sea water, there was no glass enclosures, just fencing to the sea bed. There was a mumma and a baby in their own enclosures and if the dolphin didn’t want to go into the enclosure to “work” that day, they didn’t make it. The one thing that did upset me, is that the Cuban people don’t get to enjoy this experience, it is solely for holiday makers, which I thought was quite unfair!



I just wanted to share with you, where my thoughts are at the moment. I can honestly say I would love to go back in a heartbeat!

So what are you waiting for? book your holiday!

Much Love