A Trip To The Farm

So time for another cross off the bucket list!

Sunday 13th April me and some of my friends and their little munchkins headed off to Manor Farm & Country Park in Hampshire where I was going to be Milking A Cow! My friend from work & fellow blogger Heather also came along and decided earlier this week that Milking A Cow was a rather random thing to do & fits in quite well with her blog (http://hpullan88.blog.com) so she was going to give it a go too!

I made the people at the farm aware that we both wanted to do it and surprisingly it wasn’t the first time that they have had someone there doing in because it was on their bucket list! We had a bit of a look round the farm first then it was the time….the farmer arrived & gave us all a bit of a talk about the cows and the milk (it was mainly for the kids – although we did all learn something!) and then it was ready steady go!

The cow that I milked is a Jersey Cow called Abigail, she is pregnant and her little calf is due in August.

Being Told How To Hold The Teet!

Being Told How To Hold The Teet!

Hoping She Doesn't Hoof Me In The Face!

Hoping She Doesn’t Hoof Me In The Face!

Getting Stuck In!

Getting Stuck In!

I Was A Natural!

I Was A Natural!

Even Mumma Gave It A Go!

Even Mumma Gave It A Go!

One of my friends 2 little ones even had a go!



Afterwards we all went our separate way for a while and had a look round the farm then some of us went on a bit of a walk round the bigger fields to see some of the Lambs, Chickens, Turkeys and Pigs!



The Biggest Cock I Have Ever Seen hee hee hee!

The Biggest Cock I Have Ever Seen hee hee hee!

After all that walking the kids wanted a bit more fun in the park and gave the adults a chance to sit down have a natter and enjoy some of the great south coast sunshine!

All in all I had a great morning at the farm & I am grateful to those that came to share this experience with me, alothough this is MY bucketlist it is a journey we are all taking together & I love that you were there to support and laugh at me today!

The Next Thing To Be Crossed Off……Go To A Rodeo!



Happy 1 Year!

It is 1 year ago today that Learning To Fly was created and I started on this wild adventure that is my Bucket List!

So in the past year here are some of the things I have achieved!

Brought A Designer Pair Of Sunglasses

Grew A Sunflower

Went To A Horse Race

Gave Blood

Had Afternoon Tea At The Ritz

Saw A Fashion Show

Such A Great Day!

Such A Great Day!

Oh and not forgetting….went 1 week without technology!!

So here is to another year of achieving new life experiences and learning to fly!

Thank you for reading over the last year – I hope you stay and continue this journey with me!



Since weigh in last Wednesday, I haven’t had the best week! I haven’t written in my diet doodle diary at all, I haven’t been to the gym and generally haven’t really stuck to the Slimming World plan! There have been some other things going on that have taken priority for me and I just haven’t found the time to concentrate on me. So at work today when I was eating some fruit pastels I decided that whatever happens on the scales tonight I will just deal with and move forward tomorrow……

Then I stepped on those scales tonight and the weigh lady said ‘well done you have lost 1/2lb’ how my jaw didn’t hit the floor I don’t know! Maybe not being so set on dieting and focusing on other things helps your body to lose weight! That was definitely a WOW moment!

A few weeks back a friend at work started telling me about a show she has been watching called The Big Bang Theory and that she thinks I would really like it. I have to admit I was really put off it when I heard that it was all about science…..but I borrowed the box set of series 1-3 and I think I watched it within a week and half! I am currently on season 5 and I LOVE IT!!! It really does make me laugh out loud, I have been looking for a new show to get into and this was the right thing for me to get into – light hearted and hilarious! I am definitely a Big Bang Enthusiast!

I am signing off now to go and paint my nails, watch some more big bang & do some pinning!

Much Love!

Emma xxx


Men – There Are No Boobies On Show!

Good Evening All!

I am breaking a rule tonight & using technology after 9pm…..it is Saturday after all!

So today I was running some errands with Matt and decided to test my luck and pop into Marks & Spencers to see if they had any gaps for a Bra fitting today & low and behold they had a gap in the next half hour! So we had a walk around and I found some pretty bras and also realised there was an offer on for anyone that had a free bra fitting today – BARGAIN!

bra fitting

The fitting its self was pretty normal, however I did find out that I am between band sizes and also should be wearing a larger cup size than I am currently! It did take us a while to find a few bra’s that I liked and also fitted, I was having to try a 34 and if that was too tight at 36 – but it all depended on the style of bra as to what band size I needed. I didn’t really realise how long I had been in there for until I walked out the changing room and saw Matt…..

He Does Not Look Impressed!

He Does Not Look Impressed!

So I got myself some bras that were in the sale and we grabbed some lunch and headed back home!

Successful trip to Marks & Spencer I think!

Em xxx

p.s the offer finishes tomorrow!


Today I ran 1/2 mile in 7 minutes, yes I know that’s slow and not a great time but I ran the whole way and didn’t stop. For me that is a bit achievement .

I have started to get used to being at the gym for an hour and splitting that hour between cardio and weights. Some days are easier than others, but this journey is a LONG one and results won’t come over night, you have to WORK hard to see the results and it makes it even better when you get there!

Don’t give up!


Motivation March

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all are doing ok and keeping well. I have been thinking about March and how it is going to be a positive month for me, so I have set some things to achieve for march and encourage you to do the same!

Work out for 1 hour at the gym I will quite often stay between 30-45minutes at the gym, but I think if I spent 1 hour of pure hard work and dedication at the gym for the 3-4 days that I go then I will really start to see the benefit when I measure myself and also hopefully on the scales! Hopefully this will form a habit and after a couple of weeks it will be easy for me to stay for 1 hour!

Get my boobs measured! Ok! this is a random one – but it makes sense, there is sooo many women out there wearing the wrong size bra & I cannot remember the last time I got myself measured. Its so beneficial to be wearing the right size bra not only for your comfort but to help with posture & allowing your clothes to fit appropriately. So I’m getting measured!

Get your 1.5 stone award at slimming world! This has been on my to-do list for the longest time! I am 5lb away from getting this award. THis would be easy to achieve if I was on plan 100% all the time & I will admit I’m not. However now I will be I am going to get to this goal and I am going to sort this out for once and for all! I have decided I am going to get a food diary written down and be honest with what I am putting in my body!

No technology after 9pm! This is a bit of an odd one, but I honestly think it will help me to relax and go to bed a lot easier and get some proper rest and really switch off.

I am hoping that this will really help me to get me motivated and get some habits formed so that everything will start to flow more naturally and I will get to where I want to be!

What are your goals for march? what would you like to achieve?