Get It All Off My Chest!

Hello All!

I seem to have been neglecting you all for a while and I am sorry for that! My brain has been going into over drive recently with lots of things whizzing around that I am trying to make sense of! I won’t bore you with the details, actually I think I will!

As you have probably guessed I LOVE to do my nails and whilst I was hunting round various Sephora stores in Rome, I thought to myself “oooh I want to get a home gel kit” which then turned into “oooh maybe I go back to college and learn how to do nails and maybe do it as a side business”. I have researched various different course and companies and looked at all the start-up costs, but realistically I would be spending out approx £1000 until I have either fully trained myself up and got all my equipment and then is it really worth it? Would I get the business? Would I still love doing nails if I did it up to 10 times a week? At the moment, it’s a no; I have managed to talk myself out of it. It’s still very much in the back of mind and maybe something that I do look at in the new year – I think I need to stop being so negative about it and just actually do something for me once in a while!

I have closed a door in my life that I was keeping ajar as a “just in case”, that clearly wasn’t worth leaving open. The only thing about that is that I am going to have to amend my bucket list – what with I’m not sure – but I will keep you updated!

I have also been looking into my finances and trying to make sure that I can actually start saving for a mortgage, I started doing really well, then I brought Little Dot and went on holiday, but I have started again and I have been looking into fixed savings accounts where I can’t touch the money for 2 years. I am pretty jam packed for the next couple of weekends so on my next free Saturday I am going to go into all the banks and see what they can offer me so I can start properly getting my finances in order!

I have been thinking about my bucket list and some of the things I have left, mainly learning Yoga or Pilates/reach size 12/run the race for life. As I broke my foot I haven’t been to the gym for some time and I was planning to go back this week but I recently got an email from my gym to say they were closing the gym for 10 days due to an upgrade! So I am going back 1st September and I am going to GO FOR IT. We have 8 months till Vegas, so 8 months to lost about 1/1.5 stone and tone up. I can do it!

Phew that felt good to get things off my chest!


East Coast or West Coast???

Good Morning (just!),

I have realised I have been AWOL for a while, I just haven’t had much to report on or write about….

I haven’t really been on “track” either, slimming world has kinda fallen by the way side and the gym has definitely been forgotten about! I can sense you all shaking your heads…..

I feel your disappointment seeping through the screen, don’t be. I am ok with it. I am back on track, slowly, with slimming world and I am going back to they gym tomorrow AM. I am also joining a beginners pilates class on Monday! I have 8 months to shrink back to size 12 ready for holiday time…..I can do that, no sweat!

Did you see the documentary on BBC 2 last night about Killer Whales? I have always had a fascination with them from the first time I saw Free Willy. They are such large animals but i couldn’t believe last night that it has been shown that they have social circles and can feel emotion. They are beautifully creatures, if just a little bit violent about how they catch their food! It got me thinking about doing Whale Watching whilst in Boston. I have done some research and you don’t see any Orca’s in that area, its normally humpback whales, which would be lovely to see. So I looked a bit more and the best place to watch Orca’s are Seattle/Vancouver. So I have been thinking, which is more important? Boston or seeing Orca’s?

I would love to do both, but financially that is not possible. I can honestly say, I have never been drawn to Seattle/Vancouver – whereas Boston has always interested me and whale watching (even if it isn’t Orca’s) has played a big part of that. I think I am going to do a bit more research into Seattle and Vancouver first before I make any big decisions.

Somehow, without realising I have managed to already do quite a bit of my Christmas Shopping. I have everything planned as to what I am going to get people, the only ones I am stuck on is my in-laws. What are you getting yours??

Things will be back to normal come Monday and I will be back to blogging at least twice a week and planning the next thing I can get ticked off the list!

Have a lovely weekend

Em xxx

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