Whilst updating my Dropbox the other day, I found some pictures that I had forgotten about and thought it would be a nice idea to share with you some of my favourite pictures of 2017!



Summer Evening

How beautiful is it on the south coast at the moment! Weather is lovely and hot and I am banishing all the moaners that are typically British saying it’s too hot!

My family have been in Turkey this past week and every day I come home our cat Chuck doesn’t leave my side – I think he is missing them. So as we were chilling together in the garden I thought I would do a mini photo shoot with him! All photos you see below were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S5!







Enjoy your sunny evening!


Emma & Chuck xxx

Making Memories

About a year ago I made up 2 photo books of mine and Matts holidays and whilst I was away in the states I thought what a brilliant momento to make of our family holiday.

So once I was home and settled, I went onto the website for PhotoBox and was pleased to see that there was a 40% off offer for photo books, so I knew now was the time to place my order.

I started uploading my photos that I wanted in the book & my laptop crashed and I lost everything I had been doing, I was gutted & gave up. Not one to be defeated, I cam home from work the next day logged on and started all over again, saving every step that I did.

The process is really easy & the website is really easy to use, the hardest part is deciding what style of book, what colour pages, what layout for the photos & what fonts you want to use. If you don’t want to be as fussy as me you can push a button and it automatically does it all for you.

photobox web

Both myself and mum mum took over 1,000 each, so the original 26 page book I selected wasn’t big enough, I kept added 10 pages at a time and ended up with 86 in total! I placed my order and with 40% off it came to £56 with standard delivery. I have the PhotoBox app on my phone so kept track on my order. I placed the order on 16th, it was dispatched on 21st and arrived on 23rd! I couldn’t believe it.

I wasn’t disappointed when I opened the box that it came in, it was wrapped with a thick cardboard insert to keep it straight in the box as well. The quality of the product it excellent, every photo is clear and they all fit perfectly on the pages and all the text is in the right places.




Everyone has been complimenting my photo book and asking where I have got it done, I have to say I really love the product and there is sooo many options on their website of personalized things to make. I would definitely be a return customer, there are lots of things on there that would make neat Christmas presents too!

All of the above views are my own & I am in now way affiliated with Photobox