Women Against Women

Today, I had my 3rd Liberty shoot with Dimples & Daisies, I feel so liberated during and after these shoots AND my confidence is always elevated as well.

However, after my shoot and on the drive home, I started to think about how the day went and what I enjoyed most about today and for me, it was easy!

I am and have been for a long time someone who sits and takes in her surroundings and listens to figure out her place and then figure out where I fit in. Today, I did a lot of listening and do you know I what I heard? Women building each up, encouraging each other and just being kind and supportive. Do you know what that got me thinking?

Why Is This Not Normal?

We are all, as women, so insecure about everything, from the way we look right through to our careers, to how we raise our children and how we love our partners. Do you know why, its not because of our arch enemy The Man its because we are tearing each other down.

Why Are We Doing This?

Why as women has it become acceptable to question each other and judge each other? Why on earth cannot we not encourage and support each other? I have seen far too many women/girls/teens etc. judging others for the way they look, sound, dress etc. why does it matter?

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We need to learn to raise each other up and encourage each other and just be kind to one another. After all, dont we have enough to deal with in life, without knowing that our fellow women are ready to tear us down the minute they have the chance?

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Getting Naked On A Friday Night

Early August 

A while ago now (on the old blog!), I wrote about post about my struggle with PCOS and how hard it can be especially if like me you struggle to lose weight and have excess hair! (check it out here). 

However, I kept seeing all these posts of people on Facebook I know doing boudoir or liberty shoots with various different photography companies. I had spoken to my friend Hayley (who is a budding photographer) about it as I wanted to do it as a gift for Matt and she recommended I take a look at a company called Dimples & Daises on Facebook as they do some really pretty shoots in natural environments.

It was a few weeks after her suggestion, that I messaged them and asked for up & coming dates, unfortunately they didn’t have any at that point, but it was only a few weeks later that they released a whole new batch and something, I have no idea what, made me sign up and pay for it there and then! 

I am not going to lie, although I was nervous in the few weeks lead up, nothing prepared me for how nervous I was on the day of the shoot! Things couldnt have gone any worse on the day either, work was manic and when I left at 3pm for what should have been a 30min drive, my stomach was churning over like there was no tomorrow. My journey didnt quite go to plan, I got stuck behind 2 learner drivers, a slow bus, traffic jams on the motorway then to top it off when I arrived at the location I got really confused about where to go and ended up having to ask a really posh man walking a German Shepherd where the Lavendar Fields were. He knew exactly where I needed to be and gave me what he thought were fool proof directions! However, I still managed to take a wrong turn and ended up in what looked like a cow field, I could see the corn and lavendar, but couldnt figure out how to get there and to top it off someone was following me. I pulled up got out the car and asked the lady if she was there for a photo shoot too? Luckily we were lost together haha! We turned around and managed to find exactly where we needed to be.

I got out of the car, was still completely nervous until I spoke with other ladies and we looked at what bits I brought with me. It suddenly stopped being about a gift for Matt (of course he would get a photo and hopefully love it) but it started being about me and realising that no it doesn’t matter that I have excess hair, boobs and hips because I am a woman and we come in all shapes and sizes.

There were women there of all different shapes and sizes, one lady had brought her newborn baby and to me just oozed body confidence, she was quite happy walking around in a dressing gown breast feeding her gorgeous daughter. I had a lovely chat with her about my blog and raising her children, I hope I am as calm and relaxed about life as she is when I have babies! 

I paired up with lovely Dawn for my shoot, we both walked the walk of nerves to the corn field and both said “nope we wont get naked” neither of us were confident and be both had a lot of nerves. However, Jen and Ellen were AMAZING, I had my first set oh shoots with Jen and she had me laughing and genuinely smiling and feeling good about myself as did Ellen. When Jen asked me out right “so are you getting your boobs out?” I didnt really ponder on it for any longer than 5 seconds before my response of “fuck it, you only get to do this once!” my top came off and I felt free. My body hangups were gone, I could have been there with a full “beard” or a stone heavier and I honestly dont think I would have cared at all, if anything once we were done I said “I cant wait to do it again!” 

I had a quick chat with Holly about how it works about viewing your pictures and she told me I would have to wait 4-6 weeks to see the finished product, but would get in touch as soon as they are ready and what excited me even more was that if I purchased extra’s that they would be immediately sent to my dropbox so I get them straight away. 

Early September 

Ok all of the above was written only a few days after my shoot…..we are now almost at 4 week mark and I am starting to feel stupidly nervous about seeing my photos. I keep think what if I hate them all, what if I look awful, did I waste my money? Realistically I have not see any photo’s on their site that I hate, so I know I will like at least one, but I am soo nervous just waiting for that message to say they are ready! 

29th September

So today was the day I got to view my photos! I was nervous all day and was so unsure what to expect there was a million questions rolling round my brain, but as soon as Holly opened the door I felt completely at ease! As we sat down Holly explained that she would show me all the photos then we could go through and mark the ones I liked then look at what packages she can do for me. The first photo I was blown away with, I couldn’t believe it was me & that I could look that pretty & they just carried on, of course I don’ think I looked great in all of them, but so many of them I couldn’t believe that it was me I was looking at and I ended up coming away with 9 photos in the end and I love every single one of them!

Here is just a few that I want you all to see……

So why not message the girls on their facebook and book yourself in for one of their amazing shoots – I know I will be again in the new year! 

Love Emma xxx

Review Of 2014

Wow, I can’t believe we are already in 2015! 2014 went super quick and soo much happened. I went a week without technology, had & threw up afternoon tea at The Ritz, saw a fashion show at London Fashion Week, Milked A Cow, went on a road trip to Ohio, went to a Rodeo in Ohio (in a maxi dress!), had a photo shoot with my mum, went on a spa weekend with Hayley and finally made my own Christmas cards!

As well as all of that I had 2 holidays, brought a new car, broke my foot, went to the grand national, reunited with old friends, lost new friends and caught lightening bugs in America. To say it has been a quiet year would be a bit of an understatement. However, for some reason whenever anyone says to me “oh what have you been up to?” I never seem have much to report back, which in actual fact is a LIE!

I cant really say what my favourite thing of 2014 was as I have a lot of happy memories and ones that I will treasure forever. There have been some sad times as well, Matt & I know people that have ended relationships, lost family members and experienced a lot of sadness this year.

I am really excited to see what 2015 has in store for me, I know that one thing is for sure I am fly to VEGAS in April! I cannot wait, I am sooo excited! I have also started number 24 – its a bit hard to find something to take a picture of everyday, but I am excited to look back on them in a years time! There are 2 more things that I would like to cross of this year, but I am going to keep them for myself and surprise you all when I announce them! People often ask each other, what New Year’s resolutions they are making; I cant help but feel that you are setting yourself up for failure, especially if they are diet or fitness related. I have made 3 resolutions for this year, but these are things I started doing at the beginning of December:

Be Kinder To Myself – dont put too much pressure on myself to hit certain goals, just enjoy life

Make More Effort With Those That Make The Effort With Me – I am not great at texting people back or calling people, but I am concious that I dont want to lose friendships that I have, so I am going to make the effort more, especially with those that always make an effort to reach out to me.

Save At Least 12k By The End Of The Year – I already have about a 3rd of this saved, so its a reasonable goal, but one that I want to achieve to get my own home!

Have you made any resolutions for the new year? what were your favourite things of 2014?