Confusing Diets & PCOS!

OK, as you know for as long as I can remember I have been on a diet of some decription – mainly Slimming World! However, I have a new issue – I have been doing SW for so long that I CHEAT and only to myself! I dont count syns, I eat more A or B options than I should and get annoyed when I dont see any results on the scales!

Recently I have been researching what diets are best for people who suffer with PCOS, as for anyone who has followed this blog from the beginning will know after reading will know that I was diagnosed with this condition when I was 16/17, so almost 10 years ago!

I have read up of the typical symptoms of PCOS and can see myself in them so much & I want to do something to reduce these for me today, tomorrow and 10 years time! Here are the common symptoms of PCOS as per the NHS Website:

irregular periods or no periods at all
difficulty getting pregnant (because of irregular ovulation or failure to ovulate)
excessive hair growth (hirsutism) – usually on the face, chest, back or buttocks
weight gain
thinning hair and hair loss from the head
oily skin or acne

What i didnt realise is the risks that having PCOS can impact, women who suffer from PCOS are more at risk of the below as well:

type 2 diabetes – a condition that causes a person’s blood sugar level to become too high
depression and mood swings, as the symptoms of PCOS can affect your confidence and self-esteem
high blood pressure and high cholesterol, which can lead to heart disease and stroke
women who are overweight may also develop sleep apnoea – a condition that causes interrupted breathing during sleep


Out of that list of 10 things, hand on heart I can say that at least 4 of those effect me and I want to do something about it, I want to be healthy for me. The big one that scares me on there is the difficulty of getting pregnant, I would love to one day (not in the near future) have a child and become a family with my significant other, but just like learning to save properly, I need to take this into my own hands and get something into action NOW!! Sitting around for the next 2 years carrying on as I am wont get me to a healthy weight range, it wont stop the excess hair growth, it wont stop my hair being thin, it wont stop my moodiness (especially about my weight) and it wont take the risk of diabetes or high blood pressure away either!

I have been looking at diets online and its really confusing, what is the best one out there and what should I be doing for me. Some of you will be reading this and saying ‘it depends on the person, different things work for different people’ and yes you are right, but unfortunately I am not the sort of person that can read a diet and go ‘Ok I know what I can/cant eat now’ I am not a good cook, so I need something written down so I know what I can and can’t do – which is why a slimming club worked for me, but I just dont think Slimming World is the right place for me at the moment.

As I write this, I have made the decision that I am going to book an appointment with my GP and get this all under control, request to see a dietician/nutrionist to help me things moving and get this show on the road! In the mean time, whilst I await an appointment (because it takes FOREVER!) I am going to cut carbs, diary & junk food out of my diet and keep exercising and just try to stay focused on the end goal. I know I can do this, I have lost the weight before I just need something or someone to help me this time…..maybe going back to Slimming World will help?!



I Saved A Life

Hello Everyone! How you all feeling today?!

I have some exciting news to share with you all, on Friday night I saved a life! I know, its crazy! Would you like the hear the story???

Both me and my mum turned up to our local Holiday Inn on Friday and were greeted by a really friendly face. She asked if I had an appointment, to which I replied “yes at 6.20”, she took my confirmation letter and asked when I last ate, I had a curry about an hour before and wasn’t ashamed to say it was a big bowl of mum’s home-made curry! She asked me to go through to another room, take a seat and have a big glass of cold water and read this pamphlet.


Already bursting for a wee, I must have downed at least half a pint of water and sat there trying my hardest to hold it all in! I wasn’t sure if I could use the facilities or not so I held it in! The pamphlet went through what to expect and what reactions some people have.

I then got my name called and me and mum followed this lovely nurse into the main room, my mum took a seat at the drinks and biscuits table and I went to sit at the station with the nurse. She asked me a few questions and then told me she needed to take a prick of blood from my finger, it was pretty simple and not too painful. She put it into a sample pot of coloured water and said I was all good to go as my blood sample sunk to the bottom. Just as she told me to sit down with my mum in a different section, I noticed she was using a leopard print pen! I have to say at that point any nerves I had diminished and I knew that I was in the right place doing the right thing!

I sat and waited for about 5 minutes watching everyone else then my name got called again! A really lovely nurse took me to my seat/bed and sat me down, walked me through the machinery and told me to to clench and unclench my fist in a slow motion to make sure the blood even dispersed. She told me it should take about 10 minutes to donate my 470 ml, which is just under a pint of blood. Before I knew it I had the needle in my arm and was donating!

don’t look now if your squeamish!



So me and mum sat there had a giggle and just generally had a bit of a catch up! Then before I knew it my machine started beeping and a really lovely nurse came over and told me I was all done! Whilst she was sorting out all the bits and pieces and putting on my plaster etc. Both myself and my mum were asking me a few questions and I was shocked at the facts she told me and I felt compelled to share these with you.

– Each Blood Donation Can Save Up to 3 People’s Live
– Your Blood Donation Is Ready To Use Within 48 Hours Of Donation
– Your Blood Donation Is Used To Help People Receiving Treatment, Like Cancer, Leukaemia. For Patients Having Transplants, For Babies & Pregnant Mothers And For Accident Victims.
– The UK Only Ever Has Enough Blood For 5 Days
– You Can Give Blood Every 16 Weeks (3 Times A Year).
– The Donor Team Are Crying Out For Blood Donor’s Between 17-24, They Are Low On “Young Blood”

So, even though my life saving story isn’t theatrical or full of drama and suspence, its real. I saved 3 people’s lives with just under 1 pint of blood and I will be doing it again on 17th January and I will continue to do it. I strongly urge all of you to visit and find out when your next location donation session is, give them a call and book yourself in. The team will know its your first time and they will treat you fantastically! I even got a sticker and one for my car!

Please if everyone who this blog reaches gives 1 pint of blood we will have saved 459 lives! How amazing is that!

Lots Of Love

Emma xxx