London Fashion Weekend

Today I am recovering from a looooooong, fun day in London! As you all might know if you have read my previous post you will know that my wonderful boyfriend brought me a ticket to London Fashion Weekend and invited my friends Steph and Hayley along with me so we could have a properly girly day out!

So here is what I finally decided on wearing – nothing that I posted I would – well apart from my Black Skinnys and Leather Jacket!


Unfortunately Hayley had injured her back and wasn’t able to join us, so me and Steph headed up to London on the 8.40 train – non stop talking and catching up on things the whole journey there. We stopped off at Starbucks when we arrived at Waterloo and had a quick drink and some yummy breakfast. I had a gorgeous Vanilla Spice Latte – I love the flavour, but think it is only a special for now so I will need to find a new favourite! It was also the first time I have properly had my name on a Starbucks Cup – I was very happy!


So we headed off and made the short walk to Somerset House over Waterloo Bridge, I was so glad it wasn’t raining and as long as it wasn’t windy and despite how grey London is, I think it always looks a bit prettier when the skies are blue and the sun is shining!

Somerset House

Somerset House

The Big Smoke

The Big Smoke

So when we got into Somerset House we were given our lanyards and guides and our goodie bags! I found out that because I was on Vodafone network I was also entitled to a free Maybelline Nail Polish. Here is a list of what goodies I got!

Lavazza Qualita Oro
Beauty Bar – Cereal Cubes, Coconut, Almonds & Honey
Label M. Hairspray
Maybelline Baby Lips – Hydrate
Essie Nail Polish – Naughty Nautical


We were booked into 2 fashion shows, one trend and one designer. The trend show was put on by The, they put on 4 separate sections: Precious Metals, Flower Power, Lace Embrace, Good Sport. My favourite section was probably either Flower Power and Good Sport, it was nice to see different bits on the catwalk and take some inspiration for when I am shopping.




Our designer show was Julien McDonald, I have to admit I was a little disappointed as the Catwalk Show itself only lasted 10 minutes, however the clothes were phenomenal – here is a few snippets that I took!








We had a look round the pop up shops they had and whilst the accessories were quite nice, there was nothing really that caught my eye. Whilst I really enjoyed my experience of London Fashion Weekend, I don’t feel that I am that into high end fashion as others that were there, but I definitely enjoyed my day!



We left Somerset House at about 3pm and mooched for a bit around Covent Garden and ended up in Byron Burger for something to eat before deciding to head back to Waterloo and catch the train home…..we then found out there was a LUSH store at Waterloo and just had to go in……


I ended up buying some really nice smelling goodies and I just cannot wait to have a nice relaxing bath!

All in all my experience of a fashion show was a really great one and I really did enjoy myself, however I don’t think I would go again as I’m not a high end fashion bunny.

Count down to my next bucket list adventure!

here is a trailer for Steph’s YouTube Channel – it is definitely worth a visit


Nails, Nails, Nails

So here is something you might not know about me…..I love to paint my nails, like most women! However, I have something of an obsession about nail art! Over the past few months I have been trying out some different designs etc.
I just tend to go with what takes my fancy or I find an image on Instagram or Pinterest and do my best to copy it! The one I am most pleased about is my leopard print nails a couple of weeks back, it took me a while but I got there!


Here are a few idea’s of nail art that I want to try out of the next few weeks/months



If you have any idea’s you would like to share with me feel free!

Emma xx

Spoilt Rotten!

Happy Saturday Everyone!

I am getting ready to go out for dinner with some friends and just thought I would pop by! I would like to wish all my American followers a belated Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all enjoyed wonderful celebrations with your family & friends!

I had yesterday off work and finished up the last bits of christmas shopping and also treated myself to a few goodies! A few weeks back my friend Steph brought a bubble bar in Lush called Golden Wonder she told me that I definitely need to get one and I will love what happens… when I was browsing the shops on Friday I sauntered into Lush and thought what the hell and brought myself one! I am looking forward to bath time tomorrow!

I also brought some new nail varnish…..because I don’t have enough…..there was a hair and nail shop and they had 15% off and I just HAD to get the Mariah Carey OPI trio set, there was 2 to choose from and mine includes: Silent Stars Go By, Baby Please Come Home & Make Him Mine. I sneaked in some wet look jeans from Dotty P’s… man likes these, so more a treat for him!

Now I am not one to buy perfume unless I am at duty free, however, I have been using the same 2 perfumes for about a year and wanted to mix it up a bit! I remembered when I went on holiday a few years back I brought Diamonds by Armarni and used it until the very last drop and never got a replacement. I was a bit taken aback by the cost, but I had the spare cash and went for it and I am so glad I did as I forgot how nice it was! My other ‘duty free’ purchase was brought from Ted Baker. I got a gorgeous nude purse, I have wanted one for a long time and always said “that is my next duty free purchase” but never brought one! So even though it cost almost as much as the perfume, I went for it!


Now I know your thinking ‘she only went clothes shopping a couple of months ago’, I know….however clothes are very much a necessity and you need appropriate clothes for each season(Steph are you proud?!). The items I brought are luxuries to me and I probably won’t spend like that again for a long time!

Hell if I can’t treat myself then I won’t be sending anyone Christmas gifts hahahaha ! Sooooo tomorrow is the first day of December! We already have our lights outside and I think my dad is going to start putting up the decs next week! I am off to visit some garden centres tomorrow and explore their Winter Wonderlands!

Have a great Saturday Night and enjoy your chocolate for breakfast tomorrow!

Much Love