The Sun Is Shining……

So the sun is shining on the south coast at the moment and it is lovely and hot! It is possibly just as hot as when I went to Cuba last year!

Ok so to start with something positive I crossed off number 12! All 3 of my sunflower seeds have taken and 2 are still growing but I had 1 flower this weekend! I was so excited, that is 2 things crossed off my list!


I have also been divided on Number 7 – Buy a Louis Vuitton Bag, whilst I would love to own one, the cheapest I can find is £500, which is a months worth of saving and the bags I really want are between £750-£1000 and that is my flight to my godparents next year AND possibly my holiday to Vegas! Realistically I just cant justify it. I know the whole point of a bucket list is to do things you wouldn’t normally do but I just cant do that! For the last few weeks there have been Michael Kors bags in our local TK Maxx and every time I go in there I look at them and think how nice it would be to own one. It is like when you go and visit the pet store and see the same puppy every week and dream about taking him home! So when I was in there on Friday and there was a bag on sale for £105, I just couldn’t leave it there! So I brought it, the RRP is £285 and I got it for just £105! BARGAIN! So even though Number 7 is all about a Louis Vuitton I have decided that a Michael Kors bag is a pretty good replacement!


So that is 2 more ticked off the list! I took a day off the No Junk Food Challenge on Saturday, I had ice cream and it was LOVELY I also had a chocolate brownie, but oh my it was far too sickly for my liking! What’s happening to me! But its ok, I am going to keep doing the challenge until Saturday. I quite like this whole no junk food business, I think I might have a few weeks off and go back on it!

Well I need to sign off now and get some sleep! Have a great week and I will catch up with you all soon!

Em xxx

Working Out The List

Hey all!

Hope your all ok, just wanted to start with a positive that is completely unrelated to my bucket list, BUT I got my half stone award at my slimming club last night! Soooo pleased!

Ok so….I figured that to achieve my list I need to cross off 6 things each year, there are 7 foreign trips so I ideally need to do at least 1 a year…..I’m thinking of crossing off the Eiffel Tower or Trevi Fountain this year so then I just have the states and a safari to cross off!

I think that is what is going to make me fail! I’m pretty sure that I will be able to do all the rest & probably within the next year, it’s just the trips abroad I might struggle with!

Oh we’ll apart from buy my own home, that won’t happen in the next year….ha ha ha, I’m clearly not made of money!

Right, I’m off! I want to get something crossed off my list by June!


Emma xx