Brush Egg Review


This is a really unusual post for me as its related to beauty and a review/tutorial which is way out of my comfort zone! However, when I saw on my twitter feed about a brush egg, I thought it would be a perfect tool for me to clean my make-up brushes, now I am not a big make up person and will usually just wear the basics so I have never been too bothered about looking after my brushes. My parents brought me Real Technique brushes for christmas (last year) and I figured I needed to look after them, so I brought a Brush Egg on Amazon for 99p (BARGAIN) and thought I would show you all how I got on!

So, I got all my brushes together along with my favourite towel some baby shampoo and got myself set up at the sink in the kitchen.

I ran the tap so it was lukewarm and set to work! First off make sure you have some soap on your brush egg tool, then place either your 2 forefingers or your thumb into the egg, dampen the brush and start to swirl the brush in circular motions.

Be sure to rinse your brush off and get all the soap out of your brush, always hold the brush downwards so that the water doesn’t seep into your brush and undo all the glue! 
Seeing the colour disappear out of all my brushes, I cant believe I left it so long to do this! The great thing is the egg is suitable for all brush sizes which makes this a quick 5 minute job for someone like me who as minimal make up tools. The brush I was most impressed with was my foundation brush, it was packed with make up, but the end result was fab….

I was so impressed, it looks as good as new – I almost don’t want to make it dirty again. I carried on with the remainder of my brushes and the amount of make up that came out of them was unreal!

I have left them on my windowsill to dry out before I use them again, but I am so impressed with my Brush Egg and will definitely be making sure I regularly keep my brushes clean! So why not pick your self up a Brush Egg for yourself to make this little task a bit easier! 
Emma xx

Made Up To The Nines

One of the things on my bucket list is to have my make up done at a make up counter and learn what is the right make up for me. Just before Christmas I was doing a bit of research and asking friends and girls at work what make up counter they have found is best, it was a toss up between Benefit and MAC.

I decided to go with MAC, they are expensive, but I felt it was well worth the money. I booked myself in for a 90 minute make-up lesson. I was really overwhelmed when I booked myself in, all the girls that work on the counter were very “made up” and I felt really out of place, so to say I had nerves when I went set off in the car last weekend is an under statement.

When I arrived at the local shopping centre, I decided to take a before shot… make up!

look at my bare face!

look at my bare face!

I headed into the department store where the MAC counter is and spoke to one of the lovely assistants who advised Libby would be with me shortly and to browse around, now as someone who has no real clue about make up, I was looking aimlessly. Thankfully Libby came and introduced herself shortly afterwards and completely put me at ease, we spoke about what I would like to learn and what I already know and I explained that this is all part of my blog and things I want to do before I turn 30!

I am not sure if they do this all the time, but Libby explained that she would do half of my face and I would do the other. As soon as she said that my face must have dropped as inside I was thinking ‘nooooo’, but straight away Libby said she would help me and that it isn’t as hard as I think!

So we spoke through foundation and worked out the best one for me, initially I said I didn’t want anything that was too obvious, but the mineral foundation they didn’t have in my shade, so we tried studio sculpt to see if the shading matched and actually it matched my skin really well!

My Shade Is NW15

My Shade Is NW15

I was then shown how to use concealer and eye primer and a prep and prime powder to put on top of my face, which I have learnt will stop my make up moving! Favourite thing about this is the glittery lid it comes with!


Then we moved onto eyes, probably the one part of my face that always has make up on, either mascara or some eye liner. The 2 things I wanted to take away from my session was what colour suits me the most and also how to apply liquid eyeliner! Libby recommended purple to bring out my green eyes and she asked if I would prefer a palette or seperate eye shadows. I definitely love a palette and already have one from Barry M, so I was recommended one from their new range by Isabel and Ruben Toledo. The palette is called Violetwink and has 6 colours in there, they also have 2 others Moodyblu & Bellgreens. The colours are lovely & the 1 thing I have taken away is that MAC products are so highly pigmented you don’t need to use as much of it, so it lasts longer. Which is great especially considering the products aren’t cheap.

I Love The Design

I Love The Design

Perfect For Day Time Or A Night Out

Perfect For Day Time Or A Night Out

Finally it was eyeliner and then mascara and I am a sucker for small brushes to make my lashes more defined, so we picked out Studio Sculpt! Learning my eye liner wasn’t as hard as I imagined it would be and I think  know that I would be comfortable in applying it myself now.

I am not sure if you have seen, but MAC do face charts and I have since become quite obsessed with them especially as I now have my own!


Left Is Day Eye & Right Is Night Eye!

Left Is Day Eye & Right Is Night Eye!

Here is the finished product! For anyone that is going to do this, please remember that you will look different when you leave the department store & if your like me and don’t wear a lot of make up it will be a shock to the system but worth it!

Before I Left The MAC Counter

Before I Left The MAC Counter

Before & After

Before & After

Revisiting Number 20

20. Experience Christmas In New York

As you know when I came back from New York this year, I was in 2 minds as to whether I wanted to go back again, I felt that I had done everything I wanted to do in new York and that the only reason I wanted to go back is to see the Rockefeller Tree at Christmas. Now it got me thinking, is that a good enough reason to spend potentially £800+ for a long weekend in New York?? Each time I ask that question, I have 2 little people on each shoulder, 1 saying “yeah go for it, you only live once” and the other says “ you have been to New York 4 times now, do you really need to go again?!” Even now as I am writing this I am thinking I am going to keep it in the list! But it’s a no from me, yes I want to travel, but I don’t want to keep going back to the same place all the time.

20. Have A Make Over At A Makeup Counter & Buy The Right Make Up For Me.

So this is a bit of an unusual one, I am not a big make up wearer and the make-up I do have has been recommended to me by Steph (My Bestie). So I know I wear good products and I pretty much can make a bottle of foundation last a year. But I have no clue what I am doing, I don’t know how to work out what the right colour is for me, I don’t know what brushes to buy, what eye shadow will compliment my eyes and my skin tone. Don’t even get me started on what Primer is and when is the best time to apply it. When I put make up, it’s literally foundation bit of powder, bronzer or blush, eye liner, maybe some eye shadow and then mascara – and that’s if I am going out! If it’s just a normal day, I chuck on some mascara and that’s me done! But I would really like to have a box full of make-up that I know A) how to apply & B) suits me! So I am going to do some research on quality make up brands that you can find in department stores or Boots that offer make up sessions etc. There are 2 that have caught my eye so far, MAC and Benefit, I don’t know too much about them so I am going to do a bit of research and see what I can find out.

Revisiting the list……..

I have been mulling this over now for a while, checking my list an trying to work out what can replace Number 20 & 21 and maybe changing some other that realistically are either too expensive or just not doable!

Here are a few idea’s:

Travel Somewhere by myself
Visit a fortune teller
Celebrate my birthday in a foreign country
Feed An Animal At The Zoo
Throw a massive 30th birthday party
Go to the Mall of America
Go to a make up counter and buy the right make up for me
Go on holiday with no plans – just go with the flow
Eat no meat for 1 month
Visit a castle & learn its history
Go To Disneyland, wear mouse ears and act like a big kid

There a few in that list that I could 100% do and achieve before I am 30, but actually only 5 that I probably really want to do, but there are a few things in there that would probably be an experience I would never have before!

I am going to think this over for a while and see where my decision takes me!