Falling Back In Love

DON’T PANIC…..I Repeat DON’T PANIC! Matt & I have not fallen out of love…..this blog isn’t about us!

A couple of years ago I made the decision to move to blogger and continue my blogging days on that platform. However no matter how much I tried I just didn’t like the look of it, I couldn’t upload posts via the app and I had to use a 2nd platform to share on social media. Although I would tell people my creative juices weren’t flowing and I slowly stopped writing. Looking back it was because I just didn’t like what I was producing and hadn’t fallen in love with the end project.

A couple of weeks ago a close friend of mine was searching for my posts on San Francisco and I had to make them public again on this blog. I found myself looking at the blog visually and getting lost reading old posts and it hit me. I wanted to write again, but I wanted to write HERE.

So, my past few weeks have been spent transferring posts from blogger to here and giving this a bit of a refresher. I loved my old template, but I have fallen in love with this new one and I just feel that its more me. For so long I have felt influenced by the blogging/vlogging world and trying to catch up. It has caused me alot of upset and anxiety when I have felt left behind or ungrateful for the amazing things that I have. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and looking back I shouldn’t have moved, I should have stayed put HERE, where I feel safe expressing myself and actually like the end product of what I am producing.

Its mad to think that just the right look and platform can inspire a person so much. My mind has been buzzing over the past few days and I have so many ideas of what i want to share with you. Now that I am feeling happier with my writing space and don’t care (ok I do still a little bit and I am working on it) about keeping up with the jones’, I know that my writing is going to go from strength to strength and I just hope that you will continue to read my story.

However, in the mean time, take a look around read through the 200+ posts i have written since 2013 and let me know what you like reading! For those of you that have only been reading since August 2015 – take trip back to earlier posts – there is a lot fun stuff that you missed out on.

But for now, this blogger is back and happier than ever!





This morning I woke up had a lovely cuddle with Matt before he dissapeared with his overnight bag to take his tablets. Which I thought was strange but didn’t question it. Laid in bed with just my granny pants on, Matt walked back through my bedroom door with his phone to his chest saying he had someone that wanted to talk to me on the phone. It was Vicky and Ernie. I cried. I hadn’t seen them for almost a year and when I saw a boarding pass for a flight to Glasgow today in Matts hand I was so overwhelmed I didn’t know what to say! Ernie was very excited to see the planes and announced to me he was now 4! With that vicky told me to go pack and that she would see me in a couple of hours.

This however isn’t a blog about my time with them, which as I write this I am 1000% positive that I will have an amazing time.

This is a blog for Matt.

When we met 7 years ago in a pub by the castle, I had no idea that you would become the most important person in my life and someone that I want to share all my life experiences with. I am not sure when it happened, but over the years you have become not just my boyfriend, but my confidant, my lover and my best friend.  You are the one I want to tell all my secrets to, the one I want to call to tell you when I’ve had a crap day or if I have had a brilliant day. It is true what they say, you always fall in love with your best friend and I really have.

When I arrived at the airport today & text you to say thank you and how much I appreciate all you do for me, you replied saying the same. I know I can be grumpy and miserable at times and look like I am not grateful, but in honesty after all this time I am still overwhelmed by the way you treat me. You are a true gentleman, even though your farts stink and you like to wind me up a treat. You always make sure I am happy and kick me up the bum when I am feeling crappy.

We have such an amazing life ahead of us and I can’t wait for it all to happen. There are people around us that are always waiting for us to take the next step, but truth be known if we stay as we are forever more, I will be happy as I know you have my back just as much as I do yours. You ARE my favourite and I will love you forever.

Don’t ever stop being you and I promise I won’t stop being me. We have something special you and me…..its called US.

6 Years Later

I can’t believe 6 years ago today, actually when this goes live, I first met Matt.

I wont lie the last 6 years have had their ups and downs, we have made some truly amazing memories that we will share forever more. Unfortunately, with the way our schedules are this year we won’t be seeing each other on our anniversary, but that’s ok. I thought I would share with you some photo’s from over the last 6 years…….

Mother & Daughter Time

When I came back from the states One of my friends Hayley asked me what I would like for my birthday, to which I replied I had no idea at all. She asked me if as a budding photographer she could help me with my bucket list and take me and my mum to a local garden and do a photo shoot? I jumped at the chance as she is a great photographer and I knew me and mum would be relaxed and have a giggle!

We headed down to some lovely gardens in West Sussex and just went with the flow, we had lots of giggles and it was a lovely day to spend with Hayley and Mum, the fact we were there to take photos was just a bonus!

At work Hayley asked if I would like my birthday gift before my birthday? Of course I said no! So when I opened up my gift on my birthday I was just simply blown away. Hayley had put together a lovely photobook with gorgeous phrases and brilliant pictures of me and mum and also a lovely photo board. I simply couldnt believe how lovely the photos were and what made it even better was that I could remember what we were laughing at etc at each photo. Hayley also gave me a USB with all the photos on too & I just had to share some with you!



Yeah Man!

Yeah Man!

Aaah Mummy's Little Girl

Aaah Mummy’s Little Girl



Who Thinks We Look Alike?

Who Thinks We Look Alike?

Can You See Us?

Can You See Us?

I Was Warning Mum Not To Wake Up Any Frogs

I Was Warning Mum Not To Wake Up Any Frogs

Love This Pic Of Mum

Love This Pic Of Mum

Couldn't Resist It

Couldn’t Resist It

I Love A Pose

I Love A Pose

Giving The Heart A Go

Giving The Heart A Go

Love This Quote

Love This Quote

If you would like to visit West Dean Gardens here is the link to their webpage http://www.westdean.org.uk/garden/home.aspx

All Photo credits got to Hayley Shaw.

When In Rome

I was round my friends house the other night and realised I hadn’t shared with you my Roma experience!

I went with no expectations of Rome but I am soooo glad I went as it is such a lovely place, the buildings and churches are stunning, the people are lovely and despite what some people have said it wasn’t too expensive either!

On our first day we were disappointed to see that the Trevi Fountain was under renovation, but we still joined the queue and walked through the walkway. We then headed over to the Pantheon and I was blown away by its beauty and just the sheer size of it.


The following day we headed out to Naples and Pompeii, we literally had 45 minutes in Naples and I wasn’t too impressed, there was a lot of graffiti, but it may have just been the parts we saw! Pompeii was interesting and as a complete skeptic I did have to ask if it did really happen as the pillars are sooo big I struggled to believe that they could have been completely covered.



We also did a tour of Vatican City, Colosseum, Palentine Hill and The Roman Forum. All the tours and sites were fantastic, there are things in Vatican City that you never see again in your life and the art is sooo beautiful it’s hard to believe that it is all hand painted or made out of one piece of granite or marble. Rome was very hot when we were there and often we struggled to find shade, but we had plenty of water and lots of ice cream to keep us cool!





Now, I couldn’t write about Rome, without commenting on the food…..it was lovely! We found 2 good restaurants whilst we were there and the food was fantastic. We didn’t pay much more than we would on a meal out at home, but the food was 10 times better than any Italian we have been to at home!




Where We Stayed: Hotel Trevi
Who Our Tours Were With: Gartour – booked through Thomas Cook
Where We Ate: That’s Amoré & La Fontana Di Venere