Weekend Roundup!

I woke up Saturday after a fun night in with the girls on Friday, the cupcakes and cocktails went down a storm and it was really nice to see everyone and have a giggle. There was lots of wedding talk as there was 2 brides over and it was funny to see how different they both are! Here are a few snippets from Friday Night…


I waited for Matt to come home from work on Saturday morning, I admit after clearing up, I spent most of the morning watching re-runs of The Bill. Personally I think its still good all these years on, Matt however just thinks I am sad! He picked me up and I dropped off some Party Lite goodies to a valued customer and then headed on a search to do some Strawberry Picking! The farm we went to had an offer on, basically you could fill a small punnet as much as you could for £3 or a large one for £8, we opted for the smaller punnet and headed off, there were so many little ones out with their parents, it made us both very nostalgic remembering when we were their age picking strawberries with our families….



We spent Saturday evening with my cousin and her fiance, just chilling out having a BBQ. Then Sunday I headed upto Guildford with my Friend Hayley and the rest of Team Bride for a catch up and a mooch round the shops. It was nice to spend some time with them all as we dont have much chance to all meet up, so getting the little ones in some bridesmaid dresses in Debenhams was great and they both looked so pretty…..

Sunday evening Hayley and her Fiance Lee headed over and we had a Cheese & Crackers evening watching the last Top Gear as we currently know it. We had a great time giggling, catching up and just generally feeding our faces!

what a feast!

what a feast!


Today, I am off work. I booked a holiday day to make the most of a quiet house whilst my family are away. I have also been feeling rather negative lately and the fact that the sun is out today and I have started working on my new hobby (will reveal all soon), I feel really refreshed and happy again!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend too and got up to lots of mischief!


Emma xxxx


Weddings Galore!

Since I have been asked to be a Bridesmaid x2, I have been assisting in helping the brides to fill up their pin boards on Pinterest, because of this my news feed (if thats what its called) has been full up of suggestions to do with weddings etc. So I thought, there must be hundreds, if not THOUSANDs of you out there that are planning weddings or thinking of the best way to ask your girlfriends to be your bridesmaids or maybe your fella is stuck with how to ask his brother to be his best man? Here are some bits that I wanted to share!

Best Man Problems??

If your man is anything like the other ones that I hear about, they ring their brother/best mate or have a chat down the pub, a few grunts here and there and boom – best man & ushers have been decided! I found these brilliant alternative ways of doing it….

How Cute!

How Cute!

I also saw these, you can buy these on Etsy through the shop called carinapaperco they are £2.54 each card and will be shipped from the US, so there will be postage on top too – I love these and if I was getting married, would make Matt send these out!

The Dreaded Seating Arrangement

I cant imagine that any couple that get married have no issues over the fact that Uncle Bob cant sit near Cousin Frank and Aunt Mary cant be anywhere near Aunt Carol! Once you have manged to decide who is sitting where, you need a really pretty way to tell everyone. All of these can easily be done at home, alternatively you can purchase them online too!

Here Comes The Girls!!!

Are you struggling on ways to ask your girlfriends how to be part of your big day? I have seen loads of different ways of doing it on Pinterest but these are my top 3 – there are just too many to pick from!

The Cake

I think that a wedding cake is really personal to the couple and I know in the states a grooms cake is really popular! Here are a couple of idea’s that I liked the look of & could probably fit any wedding!

So there you have it, just some bits I have been inspired by on Pinterest. I promise I am not planning my own imaginary wedding, but I wanted to share the gorgeous things I have seen!

Planning For The Future!

Do you ever wonder where time has gone? I was sat thinking the other evening that I am going to be 27 in a couple of months’ time. It scared me.

I remember when I was younger – way before I met Matt, that I thought at 27 I would be married, living in my own home and possibly have a baby or have one on the way. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t missed out on anything, I have seen and been to some amazing places in the last few years that some people my age (and older) can only dream of, but I can’t help but think that time really does go really quickly!

Matt & I have been together for 6 years in August, it only feels like a couple of months ago that we first met up, had our first kiss, went on our first mini break, had our first holiday, when in reality that all happened quite some time ago.

I am currently saving my bum off for a deposit so that I can get my own place with Matt. I am doing ok, I have 40% of the amount I want to save in the bank & that is the most amount of money I have ever saved in my life! Despite how much I really want that and I really want to move out, I can’t help but think about the sacrifices that I am going to have to make when that happens, I can’t live at home forever (despite what my parents would say!) so something has to give somewhere, it is just going to take some getting used to! On the flip side, not having our place to host parties or have friends over is a bit frustrating. Although both sets of parents are really accommodating and relaxed, it’s not quite the same! My parents are away for a week later on in June so I am making the most of it and having the girls over for a cocktail night!

I am really lucky to have minimal fixed outgoings each month, they average about £200 so I am able to put the majority of my pay into savings, which has allowed me to get where I am now. I do give myself about £200-£250 a month to play with and I honestly have no idea where my money goes! I don’t feel like I buy a lot of clothes or stuff, but I do quite a bit of socialising, so it probably goes on food! I always think that I want to be saving more, so in a bid to boost the savings pot I have signed up to be an online Partylite Consultant!

I wont even start to apologise for any partylite themed blog/twitter/instagram posts that you may find yourself viewing! I love the products that Partylite have to offer, which is why I want you all to fill your gorgeous homes with them! As soon as I have my website and everything set up, I will share this with you.

In the mean time, have a wonderful week & catch up soon.

Love Emma xxx

Lots Of Little Men

Good Evening!

I had the option today to go and watch my boyfriends beloved Portsmouth FC play today…after the shambles last week I politely declined and went for a spot of window shopping with my mum.

I was in my nice new winter coat, boots and it was sooo cold and it was finally starting to feel like winter outside! We got ourselves a Starbucks, I had a yummy toffee nut latte – I would definitely recommend this! It was lovely! I got some extra Christmassy bits, I just couldn’t resist!

When we got home I decided to do a trial run of some Gingerbread Men (I have a mini present plan), using the BBC Food gingerbread men recipe that i pinned a few weeks ago I set to work…..getting flour everywhere and trying to nead the dough like they do on bake off! I wanted the little men to be hard on the outside but soft when you bite into them…..I actually did it!




So now I have lots of little men to look after! They have been iced with chocolate and caramel writing icing from Tesco! The kitchen smelt lovely and Christmassy, the smell of gingerbread just reminds me of christmas amongst many other things!

Last Friday I had the day off work and went round a local garden centre with my mum and dad and also to the shops to get a few bits. I picked up some christmas magazines and a book ready to read in December. I have had a quick look through the magazines and there are some really good ideas in there that I am definitely going to do. The book is Christmas At Claridges by Karen Swann. It was either last year or the year before I discovered her book, Christmas At Tifffanys and The Perfect Present which were both excellent reads. I have also read her other books Primadonna and Players. All are excellent and I would definitely recommend them both!

I am off now to a candle party, to get some more lovely bits from Partylite…..I don’t plan on being too late as I want to have a bath with my lovely bath bomb the comforter from LUSH!

Have a lovely evening, whatever you maybe doing. Don’t forget you can follow me o Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest!

Much Love