Emma’s Gift Idea’s

I love shopping, in fact I would even say its one of my favourite past times but I have to say, I really don’t enjoy Christmas shopping! Most people now buy something if they want it, so I find that Christmas gifts are just token gifts unless your buying for children. So I thought why not put a blog together of some gift idea’s that I have found whilst scouring the net.

Twinkling Christmas Tree Charm
This gorgeous Christmas Tree Charm from Pandora is £45 and would make the perfect gift for anyone that has a Pandora bracelet already.

photo taken from http://www.pandora.net/en-gb

Another amazing read (not that I have quite started this one yet) from Karen Swan, if you haven’t managed to get your hands on one of her other books this is a great place to start! I picked my copy up in Sainsburys for £3.99, but I am sure you can get a copy at any good book store also.

photo taken from http://www.panmacmillan.com/book/karenswan/christmasonprimrosehill

Chocolate Brussels Sprouts

Chocolate Brussel Sprouts! Classic joke present for anyone that hates sprouts but loves chocolate. I have a few people in mind that would be perfect for this gift. You can pick these up here for just £9.95.

photo taken from http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/

If your man is into horse racing, then why not book him and yourself 2 tickets to the Grand National in Aintree. Matt & I went last year and loved it and would definitely return, You need to get in there quick as most tickets have sold out, but prices range from £49.50 to £99 and its definitely worth the money.

photo taken from http://www.thecrabbiesgrandnational.co.uk/#grand-national-day
The Everything Collection
Do you have a Chocoholic in your life? Hotel Chocolat do some fabulous hampers and this one I have shared features all their best sellers and at £35 its a perfect treat for good friends or maybe even your in laws! Click Here for the link to all the hampers they have on offer!

photo taken from http://www.hotelchocolat.com/uk/

Personalised Christmas Bauble Peace Love Noel Joy

Matt & I saw these gorgeous ceramic baubles last year in Selfridges & unfortunately they were slightly out of our price range for us, but I have just found them again here and at £12 they would be perfect for any newlyweds or perhaps a baby’s first Christmas.

photo taken from http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/

I hope I have given you some idea’s, I know its not a lot but it might jog the brain with some idea’s for you loved ones at this time of the year!


Emma xxx

Summer Wishes!

Sat at work the other day, my thoughts turned to summer and what mischief I can get myself into! I am a big winter lover, but there is something about clear blue skies and the sun shining that just puts a smile on my face!

So I got my thinking cap on and browsed through Pinterest of some Summer Bucket List’s and got some ideas together!

Have A Picnic

I am a big foodie as you all well know and I am quite lucky to live near the beach, a national forest and lots of lovely open space so why not pack up some food and head out for the day! So what do you pack for a picnic? What are your favourite things? For me, its tuna mayo & cucumber sandwiches or maybe some cheese and pickle sandwiches. Mix it up with some vegetable sticks and dips, even some humus might do the trick! You can’t beat some marshmallow & strawberry kebabs either, oooh or even some chocolate dipped strawberries! Play a few games of Frisbee or maybe just laze about and catch some rays, definitely a picnic on the cards for the summer!


Strawberry Picking

When I was younger I knew summer had arrived when my mum and dad would take me to the strawberry fields and we would pick a couple of punnets and come home and me and dad would always have them with condensed milk! Last year, I didn’t get round to picking any strawberries as we were away for 2 weeks and I had broken my foot! This year however, I will definitely be going to pick some strawberries, maybe even take our nieces!


Enjoy An Evening Drinking In The Sun

For those of you that don’t know, our house has always been an open house and quite often will hold impromptu evenings in front of the fire in the summer drinking and snacking and just having a laugh. They are my favourite evenings, when it’s just random and chucked together and they often tend to be the best evenings too, so although it’s on my idea list, I know it will happen at some point anyway!

Of course, those are just little ideas of things that I would like to do, there are loads of other things you can get up to. You could visit the zoo, have a water fight, host a BBQ, play rounder’s, go crabbing! The list is just endless, why not tell me what some of your favourite things to do in the summer are, you might even inspire me to do something different!

The Next Big Adventure

Myself and Matt last had an adventure to Rome in August last year for a long weekend which was fantastic! I was really apprehensive at first after not really enjoying Venice, but they are 2 completely different cities and I LOVED Rome and would definitely want to go back, not to do touristy things (as we did most of that) but just to relax and soak up the culture and people watch!

Fun In Rome

Fun In Rome

Our next big adventure is in April with my best friend and her partner, we are heading out to Vegas for a week then going to San Francisco for a few nights whilst they go to LA. I have been doing some research of things to do in San Fran and also reading up on some blogs and chatting to people that have already been. I have put together a Wish List of things for us to do on our next adventure and I wanted to share with you all!


So with everything I read, people are raving about the seafood, I am not a big fish lover, but I am not adverse to trying new things. I have also been reading about sourdough bread, ice-cream and burritos! So here are a few places I plan on eating at!

First stop Boudins Bistro, this place has been recommended by 2 different people so for me that straight away says we need to make a pit stop there! It looks to be right by Pier 39 and there is also a Museum and a Demonstration Bakery, the menu looks amazing and they seem to be the “Kings Of Sourdough!”

It Just Looks Yummy!

It Just Looks Yummy!

I cant go somewhere new and not try out some Ice-Cream, next on the list is Bi-Rite Creamery, who like to use local produce and as such their ‘Balsamic Strawberry’ is only available in the Summer. For locals that love this place the fact that flavours come and go dependent on the season, must make their trip there even more exciting! I have been taking a look at the Ice-Cream flavours and I have to say Banana Fudge Ripple and Malted Vanilla with Peanut Brittle and Milk Chocolate Pieces have definitely caught my eye!

Hmmmm Ice-Cream!

Hmmmm Ice-Cream!

Things To Do

The Golden Gate Bridge, do you walk it, cycle it, drive it or fly it? So many options and every option people seem to love! My fella wants to drive it, but I like the sound of cycling over it, taking some snaps of the bridge at Vista Point, then heading onto Sausalito take a look round the small town, grab a bite to eat and head back to San Fran on the ferry!

I Hope Its Not Too Foggy When We Visit!

I Hope Its Not Too Foggy When We Visit!

One of the main reasons Matt picked San Fran was because he wants to go to Alcatraz, I have been doing some research and one of the best tours to do is the night tour, but unfortunately it is only on Thurs-Mon and its going to be too tight to visit on the Monday evening so we will have to settle for a day tour!

Imagine Walking Through There At Night!

Imagine Walking Through There At Night!

So far, apart from go on a Tram, these are the only real things we have set out that we definitely want to do! So if you have any ideas or suggestions of places to go, things to see, where is best to eat then please please please comment below and help me out!




Blogging To Christmas Part I

Part 1….Christmas Gifts

There are always things that you are guaranteed to either get as a gift or give as a gift at Christmas and unless you have said that you want these specific items, you then have to put on a ‘wow, thank you for this gift, I will never use it, but thanks!’ smile, although some people don’t open their gifts in front of you BUT I bet your bottom dollar that they will still make that “face” when they open it at home! Now I am not saying I am the best gift giver there is, blimey I have already brought things for people that I am hoping they will like, but I may have got it wrong and yes, they are some of the above!

This year, I am trying to do something a bit different, I am hoping (I say hoping as I may run out of time) to give a “open me now” gift to some of my friends, so that the Christmas joy can start a little early!

Something I always used to enjoy doing when I was younger was writing a Christmas list, it was endless, there was always something that I saw in the Argos catalogue that I wanted and as I grew up there was DVDs and CDs that I wanted, so I never struggled to find anything to ask for. The other day my parents asked me for a list, a list at the age of 26! I really struggled and there ended up being 10 things on there, just 10! 15 years ago I know I wouldn’t have struggled at all, oh how times change!

So, I hear you ask what have I put on my list this year……

The Merry Christmas Gift Box From Lush, it includes 5 products, they are all either bath bombs or bubble bars – so they will keep me going for a few months


Kate Spade small square stud earrings in pink. On Nordstrom at the moment they have 25% and they are sooo pretty!


Nice make up brushes, I currently have 2 make up brushes a kabuki brush and a bronzer brush that I have had for 18 months, but to go with that and to cross something off my list I have asked for a 90minute make up lesson with MAC and a MAC gift voucher.


The one person I really struggle to buy for is my boyfriend. He is so particular with his clothes and things he wants it’s really hard to make sure you have got the right things! Although this year, I have been thinking about it for a while and I am hoping that I have got him something’s that he will really like and something’s I will really like on him hahaha!

Now if you are stuck on what to get people and would like to get some DIY ideas, why not follow my Present Idea’s board on Pinterest? Here is a link to the page http://uk.pinterest.com/princessepink/present-idea-s

Well I am going to sign off now and start looking at what I have left to buy as I am going Christmas shopping with my mum tomorrow and I am hoping to cross a few more things off the list!

Have a lovely evening xxx

Bridesmaid Duties Part I

Well I don’t think I have shared this with you but I am going to be a bridesmaid in 2016 to a good friend of mine and I thought I would share with you over the next year or so the story of my journey to being a bridesmaid!

It all began in February 2012 my friend Hayley who I work with accidentally proposed to her long term boyfriend Lee via text on 29th February (a leap year!) and he said yes!

I Don't Think Hayley Expected A Yes!

I Don’t Think Hayley Expected A Yes!

About a month after that he got in contact with me to say he wanted to come into work to propose to her and give her the ring that she chose! I was super excited to be involved in the secret planning until Hayley starting panicking as to why the ring hadn’t arrived and why had Lee changed his password to his account so she can’t see any updates! It was hard telling her she was worrying too much and that she just needed to relax! She soon realised why when she got the biggest shock of her life and he was knelt down beside her on one knee in front of the whole office!



About a month or so after that, I got a text from Hayley asking if I would be her bridesmaid! I was completely shocked as it was sooo unexpected and I had never been an ‘adult’ bridesmaid before, of course I said I would be honoured and I even got a bridesmaid badge to wear at their engagement party last September!


Over the last 18 months Hayley and I have set up a wedding board on Pinterest and we are constantly pinning things on there – Hayley & Lee have decided on a Somewhere Over The Rainbow theme for their wedding inspired by Hayley’s love of The Wizard Of Oz! So there are LOADS of ideas on Pinterest and Hayley had come to the idea of a short dress for her and us bridesmaids with us each having a colour – I am yellow!

The Link for our pinboard is http://gb.pinterest.com/princessepink/wedding-ideas-for-hayley

Hayley messaged me a few weeks back to say she had booked an appointment at a friends bridal shop to try on some dresses and see what she liked, so we headed down after work and met up with her sister and niece and watched Hayley try on some amazing dresses, it was lovely to see her out of her comfort zone and realise she DOES have an amazing waist hidden under her baggy clothes! Me & Livvi (Hayley’s niece) even got to try on a bridesmaid dress when Hayley thought she had found the dress to see if went with hers! When we left Hayley seemed pleased with her choice, but I was suprised as she hadnt tried on a shorter dress and our dresses were long…now I know people can change their mind but I couldn’t help wondering if Hayley was 100% happy with her choice – but I know what she is like and wouldn’t say anything!

Look At All The Gowns!

Look At All The Gowns!

Ignore The Black Bra Straps!

Ignore The Black Bra Straps!

Overthe weekend Hayley text me to say she was having 2nd thoughts about the dress and isn’t sure if she really liked it and thought she wanted a 50s style dress, I told her to make another appointment and try on a shorter dress just to see how she feels in it and reminded her that she hadn’t put a deposit down on the original dress so she wasn’t tied to anything! It left me thinking about the bridesmaid tea party we are going to this Sunday and hoping Hayley would find some inspiration from there…..