As I have probably mentioned a gazillion times in my blog, Matt & I are saving to buy our property. It isn’t easy and we I often feel really disheartened about the amount of time it is taking us, especially when we see others moving in quicker than we are. However Matt is always there to bring me back down to earth and remind me that we are doing this on our own with no funding from either sets of parents and that we have spent the last almost 7 years seeing the world with each other first.

That is something we have also had to limit/give up. Travelling.

I first went abroad (that I can remember as mum will argue we went to Disney when I was 4) when I was 16 with college to New York. I loved it and it stirred something in me to want to explore the world. I AM lucky, I have seen some amazing places in the world:
Fuerteventura, Agadir, New York x4, Indianapolis, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Croatia, Rome, Venice, Cuba, Mexico. 

But, there are always more places on my list that I need to see and explore but I never think about where I want to see in the UK! We are probably only going to be able to do days out OR weekends away so I thought I would share with you a couple of places I would like to venture to!

London Sky Garden

I heard about the Sky Garden in London last year, every time I scour their website I am drawn there even more! Located on London’s Fenchurch Street, there are 3 storey’s of fantastically landscaped gardens with observation decks, a bar, restaurant and open air terrace! Its completely free to visit, but you do have to book your visit in advance or alternatively book in at a bar or restaurant to enjoy a cocktail or 2 and some yummy food whilst taking in the beautiful gardens and the sights that London has to offer!

Sky Garden London Tink Jayne 15
This Picture Is Courtesy Of All About Tink – Check Out Her Amazing Review!

The Lost Gardens Of Heligan

When I was younger I loved watching The Little Princess on video so when I stumbled across pictures of the Lost Garden on Pinterest the other week it took me right back to my childhood! St Austell, Cornwall is the home of Heligan Lost Gardens, with over 200 acres to explore and only uncovered in the last 25 years I can imagine the pictures just don’t do it justice! The gardens are open all year round (apart from Christmas Day) and at just £13.50 per adult, I think its a complete bargain! I haven’t been to Cornwall for a long time, but this is definately on my wish list for our next visit!

Can You Believe This Is In The UK? Visit Here To Find Out More!

Blenheim Palace

We have driven past the signs for Blenheim Palace many many times but have never actually visited there. Located just outside of Oxford it is home to the Duke of Malborough and holds over 300 years worth of history as well as beautiful gardens to explore. You can book your tickets online, which start from £14.90 for an Adult, I have had a look at what’s on there over the coming months and there are some lovely things that you can get involved with!

The Water Terraces
How Stunning Is This!

I hope I have inspired you to look closer to home when planning your next weekend break, the UK has some amazing things on offer to us that we take for granted!

I cant wait to plan my next weekend break!


Emma xxx

Secret Holiday

I am due to go on holiday at the end of this week, well I say at the end of this week because as far as I know it could be any time after I finish work on Friday night! My lovely boyfriend Matt has booked us a winter sun holiday and has kindly paid for my ticket as my Birthday & Christmas present, which is such a lovely gesture and I really do appreciate it. However, it is usually me that does all the arranging and booking for the holiday and I was asked recently why I am not excited about going away? Well it’s simple, because I don’t actually feel like I am going on holiday!

I think we are going to Tenerife so I have done some research, but not a lot which is unusual as I normally know what trips we should do or restaurants we should try. I have no idea where we are staying so I can’t check out our hotel online or read reviews on Trip Advisor. Plus Matt is being so cagey about things, like I don’t know what day we are flying or where from & I have no idea how we are getting to and from the airport. I have to hand him my spending money for him to change up (which makes me think I don’t need euro’s) & he has booked all the travel insurance too. So I think the fact that I have had no involvement in the planning is restricting me to be able to get really excited, don’t get me wrong I can’t wait to go away and spend 2 weeks just us in the sun, but I would LOVE to know where we are staying.

Loro Park
Loro Parque Tenerife – Photo Courtesy of Loro Parque

Siam Park Tenerife – Picture Courtesy of First Choice

The other dilemma is what to pack, I know you are all probably saying ‘It’s a sun holiday – pack for the summer!’ That’s really easy to do when you know roughly what you are going to be doing, so in terms of packing it’s hard. I wrote up a list the other day and asked if I needed anything else but he said what I had would be ok but perhaps get a few more bits for the evenings, so that’s ok I can manage that, but then the question comes of Shoes. How many and what kind do I take? I am thinking flip flops/sandals/wedges & trainers, that way it covers all options!

I found these helpful travel tips on Pinterest!

Helpful Tips From Birchbox
Favourite Carry On Advice From Outfit Posts

I think packing would be easier if I didn’t think that I look like a whale, I have indulged over Christmas and having all the sweets still around and lovely cheese & pate it’s so hard not to just have cheese & biscuits for tea every night rather than cooking a “proper” dinner! I am getting back on track with healthy eating, but I know this holiday if it’s all-inclusive will be another indulgent time. So as soon as I am back I am going straight back to Slimming World and will be really going for it, I have a bridesmaid dress to fit into after all in March!

Here are some recipes I want to try all found on Slimming World!

Chilli Garlic Greens
Garlic Mushroom Jackets
Homity Pie
Macaroni Cheese
Tuna & Sweetcorn Fritters

I have never planned a secret holiday before and I don’t think I would be very good at it either, don’t get me wrong I am great at keeping secrets, but I think I would be too excited! I think the closest I have ever come is when we went to New York for Matts 21st, I emailed the hotel in advance and asked if we could be considered for a free room upgrade, booked us tickets to Ice Hockey which he didn’t know about, oh and I booked for us to stay overnight at a hotel near the airport the night before as well. I didn’t really arrange any of it until the month before hand though so I didn’t have to keep it secret for long!

Yey The Rangers Won!

Love This Photo!
Oh Yeah! It Snowed!

That reminds me, its Matt’s birthday whilst we are away & I haven’t got him anything yet and I have no clue what to buy him, maybe I will take us away somewhere in the new year, there are some lovely hotels in the New Forest that we could stay in maybe book for in the spring/summer.

Don’t worry, I will keep you all updated as to where we end up and share all our holiday stories with you!

Lots of Love

Emma xxx

Holiday Vlogging!

As you know Matt & I were recently in Vegas for 7 days with our really good friends Steph & Dan. We had such a great holiday and I am currently in the process of making a photo book of a once in a lifetime holiday! However, as I have mentioned to you all before, Steph has her own YouTube Channel Loved By Steph and she actually did some vlogging whilst we were away. Initially I was nervous about being on one of her video’s as I will quite often go without make up or not always look my best, but after a while you forget that you are being filmed and especially after a couple of drinks, just don’t care haha! I wanted to wait until both vlogs where up before I shared them with you, so here we go – here is our lovely holiday!

Please make sure you do a “thumbs up” if you like what you see and why not even subscribe to her channel!


Emma xxx