Seasonal Shop AW14

Hello All,

For the past few weeks I have been pinning idea’s to a new board on Pinterest ready for my next big shopping sesh with my bestie in October.

We arent going too far, but I know we will be out all day & I will end the day shattered and out of money! Here are a few things I have seen online that I really like!


I have realised that I am loving burgundy and I really hope that I can get a few of these when we go shopping in a few weeks time. The bed spread is just phenomenal, but its completely out of my price range. I put back a winter bedspread last year and I am completely not going to make that mistake again this year! And I think some of you will say it looks rubbish, but I am loving tartan at the moment for bed clothes and the nightshirt looks sooo cosy, I cant wait to buy it and sit on my bed in the tartan nightshirt with a yummy hot chocolate watching a romantic movie with some candles on and it raining outside! Oh I cant wait for autumn/winter – we seem to be having an indian summer at the moment on the south coast, but I am hoping the weather will turn soon and I can start wearing some boots and cosy jumpers!

If you would like to check out my pinboard here is the link

I will share with you my purchases in a few weeks time!


Fashion Problems For Fashion Week!

Ok, so this is a blog for the Ladies! I need your help!

I am heading to London Fashion Weekend on Saturday and I literally cannot wait! but I have a dilemma……

what do I wear?!

I am not a high fashion follower, I do follow the trends but I wear what I am comfortable in and what I think suits me. So I have decided I am wearing my black skinny jeans, these are always in fashion and they make me look skinny hahaha!

My hair I am planning on loose curling one side, make up will be natural and nothing too drastic, I am not a big fan of really doing up my face unless I am on a night out, so will probably just opt for foundation, powder, bronzer, eye liner and mascara. I will probably wear my Armani Diamonds Perfume too..

Nails I have been hunting and I am probably going to do one of the 3 designs




The next issue is what top to wear…my first option is a black tank top and my new pink jumper I got from h&m with a gold statement necklace. I thought its casual and I will still look ok, my only problem is that the jumper is bright and I will literally stand out wherever we are!


2nd option is a plain grey tee with a statement necklace and my faux leather jacket from New Look and maybe black heeled boots?!


3rd option is my safety choice….trademark leopard print top with a necklace and my faux leather blazer with either heels, pumps or flat boots….


I have honestly no clue what to wear! I want to look presentable but not smart and not too casual!

Have you been to fashion week? What did you wear? Or what would you wear if you were going?

Please help!