I am not sure when it started, but if you have been reading this blog for a while you will know I don’t hold my head high when it comes to friendships and I often wonder if I am good enough or think that people wont be interested in in spending time with me. For the LONGEST time I was unsure of what I was going to do for my recent birthday celebrations, I knew I wanted to do something with mine & Matt’s parents but apart from that I wasn’t sure. However, I bit the bullet and arranged a girls day out in Brighton making sure that the train tickets I booked wouldn’t be void if people dropped out at the last minute. Then, I am not sure what came over me I decided I would have some friends over the day after my birthday for a few drinks and nibbles, I invited quite a few of our close friends and family members but I was sure as hell that not everyone would be able to come along.

Stood in my kitchen Friday night in the middle of celebrations, Matt turned to me and said ‘Em, we have gone from thinking we would have too many chairs to not enough, look how many people are here for you.’ I was so truly shocked and humbled that the majority of people turned up for me, I couldn’t believe it. Then when Sunday rolled around and almost all of my girls were there with me, I had the best chilled out day filled with laughter I took a step back and couldn’t believe how lucky I am.

You all know that I don’t go on Facebook a lot, but I logged in on my birthday knowing that some people will have put a comment on wishing me happy birthday & I wanted to thank them. However when I logged in to see so many comments and kind words I was bowled over by people’s kindness that they were showing to little me – don’t even get me started about the amount of people that sent me gifts!

I have known all along that I have some of the best friends that you could ever ask for, but do know what this birthday really showed me? That there are so many other people who care other than those people right under your nose & that if you let them in you really will have a life that is filled with love, laughter & happiness.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me to celebrate my 30th birthday, I am so humbled by everyone’s generosity, love, kindness & time you have given up to join me!

Sending you all an abundance of love and kisses


Just Be Happy!

When I first starting blogging a few years ago, I made the decision that my blog wasn’t going to be negative it was going to be a positive thing in my life and to this day it pretty much has been. There have been some posts that haven’t always been happy or screamed positivity but hey – that’s life! I really like to try and put my positive attitude on others and I often get frustrated when all I see on my news feed when I am browsing Twitter or Facebook and people are being so negative or constantly moaning, there is just no need for it – just because you are miserable you don’t need to force it on others – but I guess people would say the same about leading a positive life!

Our lovely friends Hayley and Lee brought me some really thoughtful gifts at Christmas that I wanted to share with you. Not only will they encourage my positive mind, but when I am feeling sad it will remind me of all the good things in my life. I also love that from what I can gather the gifts are from independent businesses, which is great I love the whole shop local and that is what I am planning to do as much as I can. So anyway onto the gifts!

Buttonsy Box Of Happy

I was really unsure when I opened this gift, I didn’t get it and in the excitement of Christmas I kind of put it to one side it wasn’t until late Christmas Day night that I had a proper look, the first card reads

I shuffled my cards (I say shuffle….I’m not very good at card shuffling) and have put them back in the box and decided that every Wednesday morning I will open up my box and see what happiness I can share with the world that week. I will post on Instagram every Wednesday what the card of the week is so that you can follow along with me as well! 
Lucys World – Happy Box

I will admit, this gift as soon as I opened it I was so excited and instantly wondered what the first thing I would put in there would be. 

I have seen this all over Pinterest where people will write happy thoughts and put them in a kilner jar to read on a crappy day, I have always liked the idea and wanted to do it, but just never got round to it! So the fact that I got this gift is perfect & I have already put in my first happy memory and I can’t wait to add hundreds more!  
I pledge you all to make 2016 your happiest yet, don’t be a Negative Nancy, it wont make you feel better. Focus on the happy influences you have around you and let them be your guide through the year. 
For starters... you. You are here and you are alive in one of the most opportunistic periods in all of history.: click on this pic to visit our site. It's full of positive and inspirational quotes collected with love!:
Emma xx

Italia Romance

Last year me & Matt were looking at going to Rome…..but unfortunately he had his skiing accident which wrote off any foreign travel idea’s we had! I ended up booking my holiday to America with my family for this summer & we just decided to save and save for Vegas in 2015 with our friends.

I have been on countdown for America now for a couple of months and I am getting a list together of things I need to take and things I want to buy….its starting to get a bit long! We also have all our money ready for Vegas and San Fran next year & just need to get it booked – which we are doing probably before I go away in June!

I have had a few days off from work this week and we went for a look around the shops, just for something to do and for me to have a look at some shoes suitable for doing walking in on holiday (I have narrowed it down to converse, Birkenstock’s or just plain pumps!). We walked past Thomas Cook and they had an amazing deal on for Thailand for 14 nights, just £599 (flights + hotel) unfortunately it was for 1st May & there was no way we could do that trip, but it got us thinking maybe Asia isn’t that expensive?! We grabbed some lunch and then walked past Thomson and I jokingly said

Let’s Book A Holiday!

I wasn’t expecting Matt to say yes – his standard response is

No, We Are Going To Vegas & San Fran Next Year & You Want To Move Out

So I was surprised when he said “Ok – But Where?!” as a spur of the moment, he came up with Rome – we decided it would have to be a long weekend we both have planned off over our anniversary in August (this decision making was literally done in about 30 seconds). We agreed we would see how much it is first and if it wasn’t expensive then we would go ahead and book it. Thomson quoted us the cheapest £859 for flights, hotel & transfers – that included 1 night free, I had no idea what Matt’s budget was, but I knew I really couldn’t justify anything more than £400. So I asked the agent to print off the quote and that we would grab a coffee and talk it over (thinking, I can probably find it cheaper online!). As we walked out Matt said we should go to Thomas Cook and see what they can do for us. So we went in and somehow managed to get 4 nights B&B, flights, transfers (including 1 free night) for £795, so it worked out at about £99 each per night, which came in under my budget – we thanked her and said we needed to make some calls and would be in touch. I called my boss, Matt called his and thankfully we both definitely had the time off given to us and we marched straight back in, transferred the money from the Vegas & San Fran pot and paid for it….so we are off to Rome in August!

I literally land in the UK from America on 7th July and Fly out to Rome 1 month later! Its all a bit mad and unexpected – but I am so excited to celebrate our 5th anniversary together in Rome!

So, if you have any recommendations of restaurants or places we should definitely visit (apart from the obvious) please send me your suggestions!