It’s Going So Well

Thursday 8th May

Spurred on by my 3lb weight loss last night after a week of planning my food (for the first time in ages) I have done it again and incorporated the reduce boredom eating plan! Today I have Porridge & Banana for breakfrast & already had 1 glass of water! I have made a chicken salad for lunch with a yoghurt and apple. I have also got the chicken out for SW fajitas for tea. At about 10am this morning I was under a bit of pressure at work and all that I could think was “I’m hungry” but I really wasn’t….I recognised that I wanted to eat to ease the pressure off – point gained to me! I drunk 2 litres of water today AND 2 cups of green tea…I am feeling really positive today let’s see what tomorrow brings!

Friday 9th May

So it’s lunch time of day 2 and I had a MAMMOTH breakfast this morning and although I had a few iffy moments I didn’t feel the need to eat during my morning at work & in fact I’m looking at my lunch wondering if I will be able to eat it all! I am doing well with the water intake and having 2 cups of green tea as well! So far so good! Its 6.30pm and I am sat here waiting to go out with friends…so I will be eating after 7, which is ok! I have eaten well today and I am on plan with SW, I have already drunk my 2litres of water today as well! I am not too sure how tomorrow will go, I have not planned my food and me & Matt have no set plans. I am going to make sure I don’t snack in between meal times though and not after 7! Let’s see what a new day brings!

Saturday 10th May

It’s Saturday, means no planning! Had a bacon & egg bagel for breakfast, 2 wholemeal rolls with sandwich filler for lunch BUT I have had 2 bottles of water, so although my food intake hasn’t been great I am trying to keep up with the water! Matt is doing SW Katsu Curry for tea tonight which is really yummy and syn free so at least I know I will be ok with that! Tomorrow I will be straight back to my planned day and doing ok! But I haven’t been snacking in between meals so at least I have been ok that way! I don’t know why I’m beating myself up; I hadn’t planned anything today so I should be expecting not to stick to the plan.


I have been for a run this morning and I had breakfast (4 days in a row – this is a complete turnaround for me!) I had a snacky lunch, consisting of Humus, carrot sticks & 2 babybel. My water intake hasn’t been any good today, I have to admit I haven’t had any BUT I have had 2 mugs of green tea! I have just let myself down though, I have sat here in my room blogging and eaten some sweeties….oh my lord – totally bad move! BUT I have a completely SW Free meal planned for my tea and I will NOT going to be eating after 7pm – which I know is my danger time.

So although I have had some moments where I have been a bit naughty, I am doing well with my rules that I have put in place AND I am also sticking as much as I can to SW. All in all I am hoping and praying for another loss, even if it’s just 1lb I will be happy! Back to the gym tomorrow and working my butt off – I am feeling positive and happy with my eating for the first time in a long time! Nothing beats wearing my size 14 blue jeans and not feeling uncomfortable!


Time To Knuckle Down……

Mum – if you are going to read this one, I wouldn’t because you get stroppy every time I mention a countdown to our holiday!

For everyone else – me & my family fly to NYC in 60 something days! That is 9 more weigh in’s and numerous gym sessions! I would love to be a 14 top and bottom before we go or at least hit 12st 7lb, I would love to be able to lose 1lb a week that would get me to nearly 12st! So I have started going to the gym in the morning and making sure I eat breakfast, I am trying to control my syns and try to ensure I make the right choices when eating out.

I have suddenly realised I don’t have long till holiday and I want to feel comfortable in shorts – I will get there I just need to work hard for the next few weeks.

I did a Pole Dancing Fitness class earlier this week and oh my word – it is sooo much harder than you can ever imagine! I was a bit nervous at first, however I got speaking to a member of the class who was really friendly and made me feel at ease and when we all started working with the poles, I looked around and there was women of all shapes, sizes & ages which really made me feel comfortable. I managed to do a couple of moves, but I have definitely found a fun way to exercise and I will definitely be going back! However I have to say, I have been aching all over ever since!




Since weigh in last Wednesday, I haven’t had the best week! I haven’t written in my diet doodle diary at all, I haven’t been to the gym and generally haven’t really stuck to the Slimming World plan! There have been some other things going on that have taken priority for me and I just haven’t found the time to concentrate on me. So at work today when I was eating some fruit pastels I decided that whatever happens on the scales tonight I will just deal with and move forward tomorrow……

Then I stepped on those scales tonight and the weigh lady said ‘well done you have lost 1/2lb’ how my jaw didn’t hit the floor I don’t know! Maybe not being so set on dieting and focusing on other things helps your body to lose weight! That was definitely a WOW moment!

A few weeks back a friend at work started telling me about a show she has been watching called The Big Bang Theory and that she thinks I would really like it. I have to admit I was really put off it when I heard that it was all about science…..but I borrowed the box set of series 1-3 and I think I watched it within a week and half! I am currently on season 5 and I LOVE IT!!! It really does make me laugh out loud, I have been looking for a new show to get into and this was the right thing for me to get into – light hearted and hilarious! I am definitely a Big Bang Enthusiast!

I am signing off now to go and paint my nails, watch some more big bang & do some pinning!

Much Love!

Emma xxx


Today I ran 1/2 mile in 7 minutes, yes I know that’s slow and not a great time but I ran the whole way and didn’t stop. For me that is a bit achievement .

I have started to get used to being at the gym for an hour and splitting that hour between cardio and weights. Some days are easier than others, but this journey is a LONG one and results won’t come over night, you have to WORK hard to see the results and it makes it even better when you get there!

Don’t give up!


Letting The Side Down…..


I have been letting myself down a bit! I only managed 45mins at the gym on Monday but managed an hr on Sunday! I haven’t been since, but will be bk tomorrow and Friday and I WILL do 1hr! I felt so good afterwards on Sunday…..

Also the whole no technology after 9 kinda got forgotten about but I am going to make a conscious effort to start it as of tonight!

Things have just been a bit manic so far this month, so I am looking forward to settling down and into a routine for the rest of the month!

Let get this month kick started and kicked into shape!!!

Motivation March

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all are doing ok and keeping well. I have been thinking about March and how it is going to be a positive month for me, so I have set some things to achieve for march and encourage you to do the same!

Work out for 1 hour at the gym I will quite often stay between 30-45minutes at the gym, but I think if I spent 1 hour of pure hard work and dedication at the gym for the 3-4 days that I go then I will really start to see the benefit when I measure myself and also hopefully on the scales! Hopefully this will form a habit and after a couple of weeks it will be easy for me to stay for 1 hour!

Get my boobs measured! Ok! this is a random one – but it makes sense, there is sooo many women out there wearing the wrong size bra & I cannot remember the last time I got myself measured. Its so beneficial to be wearing the right size bra not only for your comfort but to help with posture & allowing your clothes to fit appropriately. So I’m getting measured!

Get your 1.5 stone award at slimming world! This has been on my to-do list for the longest time! I am 5lb away from getting this award. THis would be easy to achieve if I was on plan 100% all the time & I will admit I’m not. However now I will be I am going to get to this goal and I am going to sort this out for once and for all! I have decided I am going to get a food diary written down and be honest with what I am putting in my body!

No technology after 9pm! This is a bit of an odd one, but I honestly think it will help me to relax and go to bed a lot easier and get some proper rest and really switch off.

I am hoping that this will really help me to get me motivated and get some habits formed so that everything will start to flow more naturally and I will get to where I want to be!

What are your goals for march? what would you like to achieve?


Definition By A Number

I put on 2lb tonight and I was and still am PISSED OFF.

I have worked so hard this week, I have barely synned and worked extra hard at the gym all for nothing….it has left me feeling really disappointed and demotivated.

My cousin came over this evening to help my mum out with some stuff and kinda took the brunt of my moaning, but he talked me through my workout and gave me some tips of things to do… I am back on the track and got new things to try.

I have thought though, maybe I’m not meant to be smaller, maybe I’m meant to be this size. Or maybe my body wants to stay at this weight but wants me to lose inches as I can feel my work trousers are getting bigger slightly……..

Maybe I should stop worrying about the number on the scales and just worry about how I feel? I don’t want to stop getting weighed as it encourages me to eat sensibly, but I do feel that I become obsessed with the number going down and at the moment it goes up, then down, then up, then down, the stays the same. But all whilst that number is doing that I could be losing inches?!

I have found an article in the daily mail that says the average woman is a size 16 and weighs 11st 2lb…..firstly no woman I know weighs 11st and is a UK 16…..I weigh 12st something and I am a 14/16 dependant on the store, so in effect I am pretty much an average woman……so if that is the case why is there sooo much media pressure to look sooo thin!!!!

I’m going now before you start me on another rant!

Love You Guys