Wow, can you believe I went to 2 Christmas parties at the weekend and its not even December! It has kick started the festive season off nicely as I now have at least 1 Christmas event each week in the lead up to the big day and I cannot wait!

With that said, this weekends events all revolved around work. Spending time with old friends and celebrating with the current teams! It was great to let my hair down after a busy year and just enjoy getting dressed up, eating food and drinking plenty!

Anyway I wanted to share some pictures with you from my Friday night. Some of you will know that my boss of almost 9 years left the company in April. She grew to be more than just a boss and I am confident that my fellow work buddies and I have missed having her around daily on more than 5 occasions since she left. A month or so ago, we were struggling with various different things and decided that a girls night at Sue’s was just what we needed. So the date was set and we all ended our Friday at work excited for all the food and drink that would be consumed! It was so nice to be around each other again and just enjoy each others company. I haven’t managed to see Sue as much as I would have liked to since April, but she is still an important part of who I have become.

Thank You Sue for a wonderful night!

Blogging To Christmas Part III

This Weeks Installment……FOOD!

When I think of Christmas food my thoughts immediately turn to:

Christmas Pudding
Terry’s Chocolate Orange
Brie, Bacon & Cranberry Sandwiches
Pigs In Blankets
Gingerbread Houses

In our house a few days before christmas my dad starts to put out all the Christmas sweets dotted around the house & are constantly refilled over the holidays – there is always something left that no one likes, but its still garunteed to go as you eat the last of the food. It is funny how certain sweets only manage to find their way out at Christmas, like Roses and Quality Street. I think every house in the UK has at least 1 tub of each of them and they are normally brought way in advance and the mum’s of the UK will hide them somewhere only to be brought out just before the big day! Terry’s chocolate orange is another one, I know you can buy the tub of segments, but it might just be me, I can never find a whole chocolate orange, only at Christmas!

Some people turn their noses up at sprouts and christmas pudding, but I love them both not together though! Christmas pudding has to be accompanied by cream of some sort, whether its flavoured cream (baileys is my favourite) or double cream and I always tend to go back for seconds!

Last year, I really enjoyed making my gingerbread men and this year, I have decided to go 1 step further and make a ginger bread house. I am going to be making it over the next few days and will of course share with you the finished product! However, I have been looking online for some inspiration…..

gingerbread house 4

gingerbread house 2


But I have this horrible feeling that mine is going to end up like this


So what’s your favourite christmas food?? what is the one thing that is always on your list? that you just cant survive the holiday season without?

Happy Eating!!


Lots Of Little Men

Good Evening!

I had the option today to go and watch my boyfriends beloved Portsmouth FC play today…after the shambles last week I politely declined and went for a spot of window shopping with my mum.

I was in my nice new winter coat, boots and it was sooo cold and it was finally starting to feel like winter outside! We got ourselves a Starbucks, I had a yummy toffee nut latte – I would definitely recommend this! It was lovely! I got some extra Christmassy bits, I just couldn’t resist!

When we got home I decided to do a trial run of some Gingerbread Men (I have a mini present plan), using the BBC Food gingerbread men recipe that i pinned a few weeks ago I set to work…..getting flour everywhere and trying to nead the dough like they do on bake off! I wanted the little men to be hard on the outside but soft when you bite into them…..I actually did it!




So now I have lots of little men to look after! They have been iced with chocolate and caramel writing icing from Tesco! The kitchen smelt lovely and Christmassy, the smell of gingerbread just reminds me of christmas amongst many other things!

Last Friday I had the day off work and went round a local garden centre with my mum and dad and also to the shops to get a few bits. I picked up some christmas magazines and a book ready to read in December. I have had a quick look through the magazines and there are some really good ideas in there that I am definitely going to do. The book is Christmas At Claridges by Karen Swann. It was either last year or the year before I discovered her book, Christmas At Tifffanys and The Perfect Present which were both excellent reads. I have also read her other books Primadonna and Players. All are excellent and I would definitely recommend them both!

I am off now to a candle party, to get some more lovely bits from Partylite…..I don’t plan on being too late as I want to have a bath with my lovely bath bomb the comforter from LUSH!

Have a lovely evening, whatever you maybe doing. Don’t forget you can follow me o Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest!

Much Love