I have had a pretty awesome March, I have seen a lot of friends and family & done some pretty cool things. However, even with all the good stuff, I have had moments where I have really struggled. I have felt lost and confused about what I should be doing, what I want from my life and where I am going.

Then, Sunday I jumped out of a plane, I did my skydive finally and I think its what I was waiting for all this time. The feeling of jumping out into the air was like nothing I have ever experienced. Feeling the wind against your face and knowing that there is nothing but you and the peaceful sky was incredible. As we glided through the sky, I could see for miles and there was so much green around, there was no stress, no anxiety, all my worries and fears just melted away. The world is so much more than all the silly stuff I have been focusing on and I shouldn’t be letting that consume me.

Then today, on the way into work George Ezra’s new song Pretty Shining People and for the first time today, I really listened to the lyrics…..

Me and Sam in the car, talking ’bout America
Heading to the wishing well, we’ve reached our last resort
I turned to him said, “Man help me out
I fear I’m on an island in an ocean full of change
Can’t bring myself to dive in to an ocean full of change
Am I losing touch
Am I losing touch now?”
He said, “Why why, what a terrible time to be alive
If you’re prone to overthinking and
Why why, what a terrible time to be alive
If you’re prone to second guessing”

I am on a island, my island, surrounded by change too scared to dip my feet in the water to see if it will feel good. By not wanting to dip my toe I am holding myself back from experiencing new things and growing as a person. So I am going to start dipping my toe in the water, embracing change and rolling with the waves!