Brighton Rocks!

Ok, so number 5, visit a fortune teller. This is something that I have wanted to do for a long time and it started when I was a teen and saw a fortune teller stall on Paignton Pier.

My first and subsequently every trip to Brighton I always seem drawn to tarot card readers or fortune tellers but something has always held me back. I wouldn’t say that I am a really spiritual person, but I have had a reading with a medium and it was something that I would do again. The thing that concerns me about seeing a fortune teller isn’t that they would tell me something bad, but they would tell me things that I would then guide my life around. For example, if they told me they saw France in my future (wow how spooky would it be if that happened!) and then I think I would subconsciously make choices to make that happen!

It feels only right that I make Brighton the place to see a fortune teller! I love its quirky atmosphere and I never feel out of place or judged when I am there, it is home to all different people. One of my favourite places to go in Brighton is the lanes, I love the quirky shops and the fun feel that the pier has!

NorthLaines brighton

On the pier, there is what I can only describe as a gypsy wagon, where one of my Matt’s family members had a reading when we were down there for my birthday last year and said it was one of the best she has ever had!

So my plan is when the weather warms and the sun (as my nan would have said) has got his hat on (hip hip hip hooray!) I would like to get a group of people on the train and head down to sunny Brighton, do some shopping in the vintage shops in the lanes, play some arcade games on the pier, have fish and chips on the beach or maybe grab some cake at a tearoom! Then those that wish to can get a reading with me!



So who’s in???


Emma xxx


Revisiting Number 5!

5. Go On A Safari


There is nothing that I would love more than to see Elephants, Lions, Tigers & Giraffes roaming the African plains, free and without a care in the world! However, realistically a safari can cost anything upto £5k and that is a lot of money when you are trying to save up a deposit for a mortgage! So I tried to be a bit more inventive and started looking at VIP safari packages at local Zoo’s and Safari parks. There are some fantastic offers available, but the best ones, you are looking at spending £500 per person and that £1k would pay for one of us to go to Cuba for 2 weeks! So I looked at another alternative, I found a lovely Safari park in Kent where you can have personal safari & stay in the grounds, but again it wasn’t cheap. Now I know the idea of a bucket list is to do things you would never do normally, but I just really don’t think this is possible for me to do before I am 30! Soooo its being replaced….

5. Visit A Fortune Teller
Yes, you are probably are all thinking this is really random and completely unsual – but isn’t that the idea? I can remember being on holiday in Devon one year when I was about 14/15 and walking down the pier to go and play in the arcades and we walked passed a little, I suppose, shed. It was a fortune teller, I remember saying to my mum and dad I wanted to do it, but they said I was too young. Then a few years later when I went to Brighton for the first time, I walked past a Native Indian Shop and it had a note in the window stating “Tarot readings available today”. Everytime I have been down there something has made me look and think “ooo do I do it”…..So this isn’t just a one off random idea, I have wanted to do this for quite some time now….I just need to put it into action!

Revisiting the list……..

I have been mulling this over now for a while, checking my list an trying to work out what can replace Number 20 & 21 and maybe changing some other that realistically are either too expensive or just not doable!

Here are a few idea’s:

Travel Somewhere by myself
Visit a fortune teller
Celebrate my birthday in a foreign country
Feed An Animal At The Zoo
Throw a massive 30th birthday party
Go to the Mall of America
Go to a make up counter and buy the right make up for me
Go on holiday with no plans – just go with the flow
Eat no meat for 1 month
Visit a castle & learn its history
Go To Disneyland, wear mouse ears and act like a big kid

There a few in that list that I could 100% do and achieve before I am 30, but actually only 5 that I probably really want to do, but there are a few things in there that would probably be an experience I would never have before!

I am going to think this over for a while and see where my decision takes me!