Shopping Haul!

This is, I think one of the first posts that I have done like this, so if you would like to see more or less of them PLEASE let me know 🙂

Me & my bestie that we went to the states with are big shoppers, so its no surprise that we put aside some time for us to just shop. I am also really lucky that Matt isn’t opposed to shopping either so we visited the outlets in Vegas and also some shopping in San Francisco! Although, I don’t think I came back with as much as I thought I would, but I still managed to spend all my money!

First up, clothes. Don’t panic I wont show you EVERYTHING, but just some bits that I think you will like!

Maxi Dress – From Forever 21! I love Forever 21, it took me a while to find something but this will be perfect for the summer!

Hooters Vest – Of course from the Hooters Hotel! My mum unfortunately turned my white one blue in the wash! Wont be happening with a Black one!

Las Vegas Vest – From PINK – was about $25 as its specific to the Vegas stores, but I thought it would be a perfect momento from the holiday and nice to chill in around the house

Mint Green Top – Ok this photographed really badly, but I think it is possibly my favourite item of clothing that I cam back with. Its beautiful in colour and looks great on. Its from Aeropostale and was about $10!

Blue Jumper – Of course from PINK! I love their jumpers and I really wanted a mint green one, but its just felt really solid (if that is even the right word!) when I tried it on. This one has almost like a comfy towel feel inside and is so comfy & was in the sale (it cost the same as my Las Vegas Vest!)

Next Stop! Cosmetics!

Victoria’s Secret – Pure Seduction & Coconut Passion Eau Du Toilette. I love Coconut Passion, it reminds me of summer everytime I wear it even in the winter! Pure Seduction is new for me, but I loved the scent and Matt liked it too which is a plus!

Revlon Polish – Gorgeous Baby Pink (Cardshark) and Diamond Top Coat. I got these in Target, they were on special offer 2 for $10

Essie Polish – I have been wanting a ‘barely there’ pink polish for a while now and this one definitely fitted the bill! I also seem to have a think about Mint Green at the moment & fell in love with the green the minute I saw it! The colours are Mademoiselle (pink) and Fashion Playground (Green).

EOS Lipbalm – Ok I did a really stupid thing, I ditched the packaging in Vegas! I have had a hunt online and the flavours are Coconut Milk, Vanilla Mint & Pomegrante Raspberry! I love them and always have one on my desk and one in my handbag!

YSL Black Opium – This perfume caught my eye when I was in Essex with my Aunty last year and was on my Christmas List! Unfortunately Santa didn’t manage to fit it in my stocking and I almost didn’t purchase this in duty free, but Matt talked me into it and I don’t regret it either. Its a very “grown up” scent for me, but each time I wear it I love it even more!

Bath & Body Works – They deserve their own section!

I first found out about Bath & Body Works through my bestie and I am glad she introduced me as I am now hooked! I came back with quite a bit, but tried to cull my list this time round! I did pick up a Car Smelly but I put it it back, I am thinking about asking my Godparents to pick me one up and bring it over when they are here in July.

I have 3 other big purchases that I would like to share with you, but I am going to keep them under wraps for another post!

Don’t forget, if you like what you read let me know and I will post more hauls!


Emma xxx


Shop Till You Drop


I just want to apologise for not blogging last week, I had a bit of a down week and really struggled to see any positive in what I was doing and kind of felt like the whole word was on top me and I couldn’t see the light! It turns out all I needed was a day shopping with my bestie to make everything ok!

Before I share my lovely shopping experience with you all, I just wanted to say a MASSIVE Congratulations to my friend Harriet who featured in birthday blogging She had a beautiful baby boy on Saturday Morning, she named him Thomas George and he was a good healthy weight. I cant wait to have a cuddle!

Sooo to shopping! Me and Steph tend to do a big shop together twice a year, one in the spring and one in the autumn. We have joked that we want to shop in every shopping centre in the UK & to be honest, we probably will end up doing it one day! When we were planning this trip we decided that we didn’t want to go to anywhere we have been before, but we definitely wanted to go somewhere that had a Primark, Forever 21, H&M and either Boots or Superdrug….some how we ended up on agreeing on Oxford Street! So Saturday we were on the coach for 7.55am and on Oxford Street marching towards Primark for 10.45am! As usual London was heaving and Primark was really busy! But I managed to get lots including some statement necklaces, for me that’s the best bit about Primark, you get a whole new wardrobe and only spend £50! You cant go wrong! I have to say we were a bit disappointed with Forever 21 – there was nothing in there that really caught my eye….but I was on a mission to find a Jumper that I pinned earlier in the month! I also got myself a lovely winter nail polish by Essie and some make up by MUA.


L-R: Elmo Jumper, Forever 21. Top, Primark. Skirt, Forever 21. Cosmetics Superdrug.

IMG_0360.JPG (2)

L-R: Silver Statement Necklace, Primark. Just Desserts Jar Candle, Partylite. Cable Knitted Candle Sleeve, Partylite. Gold Statement Necklace, Primark

So as you can see I have got some more bits to talk to you about! For the best part of last year I was a Partylite consultant. I really enjoyed it and it definitely gave me a confidence boost! So me and mum decided to host a Christmas Candle Party a couple of weeks ago. I managed to get quite a few freebies with our hostess commission. I got some tealights and also the jar above, which is Marshmallow Peppermint and also the Cable Knitted Pair, which are sooo fitting for the autumn/winter and look lovely with a tealight in them! I just need a couple of pillows to match!

So, that is me all shopped out now for a while! I have a week off next week and we are visiting my friend Katy down in Plymouth and I cant wait, but before that we have a day of fun with Matt’s nieces!

Speak Soon!


Emma xxx

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A Little Bit Of Everything

Wow what an eventful week I have had so far! Where to begin, I guess at the start might work!

Saturday night I went to a roller disco with some friends from work! I was sooo nervous, the last time I was on roller skates I must have been about 5! It is, however just like riding a bike, once I got started that was it I was on a roll! haha, that never gets old! it was 80s VS 90s and the music was fantastic! I would definitely go again, it was a great way to exercise without realising too! If you ever get the chance to go to a roller disco, you won’t be disappointed!

check me out looking like a pro!

Sunday……Robbie Williams & Olly Murs…..Wembley! LOVED IT! Olly was amazing and I would love to see him in concert just himself! Robbie, well he didn’t disappoint either! A proper showman and he can still belt out a tune and get the crowd going!

look at all those people! So glad I don’t mind heights!

Monday was just a bit normal, chilled out nothing special! Tuesday was much of the same, however we did go to a local auction to have a look round on what was on offer and I was really disappointed! There was nothing but junk there, so we didn’t even stay to see the auction! So I am on the lookout for another one!

We looked after Matt’s 2 nieces and my word they made it look so easy for us, but it was because they were so well behaved! We went to the park, the beach, an indoor play area and fed the ducks! I don’t know about them but we were shattered! It was a great afternoon though and we don’t get to do it that often so it was nice to spoil them! It was nice to hand them back at the end of the day and go back to not having to have eyes in the back of our heads! We then went to the cinema to see Despicable Me 2, I thought it was soooo much funnier than the first movie! Definitely recommend it for kids and adults! At point I forgot it was a kids movie!

what gorgeous girls!

And today, we took a trip up to London and went to Westfields in Stratford near the Olympic Park. We had a good look around and I brought a few bits in Lush and Forever 21. It was so nice to just walk round without a care in the world and have some us time! I tried on a few Kardashian dresses in Dorothy Perkins, but they were all black and I just wanted something with a pop of colour! I did find some nice tops, but they weren’t in my sizes which was frustrating! On the plus side all the dresses were a size 14 and comfortable! Yey! Go me! I also treated my fella to a Pinkberry, he loved it! I tried a new flavour, salted caramel it was really yummy, I would definitely recommend that flavour!

His ‘n’ Hers, I wonder which is his!

Sooo overall my week is going pretty good! I brought the Emeli Sandè album this week as well and I LOVE Wonder. I guess a song can mean anything to any person, but for me it just makes me feel so positive and good about my self! So if your feeling rough or having a bad day, take a list to this:

So everyone! I am off to take a read of my new book on my Kindle, it’s really good and I am really into it and I am only on chapter 4!

Don’t Want To Miss A Thing, by Jill Mansell

Oh and I forgot to tell you! My sunflowers are really growing! They are almost as tall as me!


Ok, I am logging off for the day now! I hope you all will enjoy the heat wave that is about to come to the UK! Maybe Summer has really arrived!


Emma xxxx

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