New Favourite?!

Anyone who knows me is going to read this and think “has she lost her mind?!” BUT I am going to put it out there anyway, I think San Francisco has taken the Number 1 spot as my favourite US City! I know, NYC has always been top choice, but there was something about San Francisco that just made me really relax and enjoy it. It may have been the Pacific Sea air, the relaxed atmosphere or just the kindness of everyone that we met, but it definitely made its way into my heart. So I thought, just like with Vegas, that I would share with you a few things that we got up to!

We stayed at the Chelsea Motor Inn, which is on the corner of Lombard & Fillmore Street. I chose this location mainly because of the price and the fact that when I was looking to book it said there was free parking and we were potentially going to rent a car! Well I am glad I made the choice, the rooms were spacious and we had a great view of the bridge from our room. There have been a lot of reviews on Trip Advisor about the noise from the street, we stayed mid week, but didn’t hear a thing!

Both Matt & I are not always ones for eating at ‘regular’ resturants and like to try out where the locals eat, so on our first day whilst waiting for the Muni (best way to get around town by the way $2.25 for a ticket that lasts 90mins!), a restaurant caught my eye called Pacific Catch and one a bit further down called Noah’s New York Bagel’s, I kept a mental note and the following morning, whilst Matt was still snoozing, I did a bit of research on yelp & trip advisor to see if they were any good and we weren’t disappointed! We had a breakfast bagel in Noah’s one morning and it was a little bit of New York in San Francisco – warmed my heart a little! Now Pacific Catch, that’s a different kettle of fish entirely. We were sat, unsure where to eat, we didn’t want to go back to Union Square or Fisherman’s Wharf we wanted to stay local so I reminded Matt about the restaurant I saw earlier that week and decided we would head down there. We arrived at 6.30pm on a Wednesday and it was already booming, the few tables outside were full, the tables inside were almost full, the phone was ringing off the hook! We took a seat at the counter opposite the very open kitchen and had a browse through the menu. Watching the chef’s hard at work just fueled my hunger & trying to work out what they were cooking against the menu was great fun and looking at the food being produced we were expecting to pay A LOT more than we did! We had the Cabo Calamari for starters then for mains I had the Thai Coconut Shrimp and Matt had the 3 Taco Platter, the food was incredible the service was faultless. Just sat at the counter watching the chef’s and all the locals coming in to pick up their take-away’s and having a chatter with all the staff just showed how popular it really is! If nothing else in San Francisco, eat at Pacific Catch at least once! I do have another recommendation…..but I am going to save that for later!

If you fancy a nice walk and to get to see the scenery then head down to The Ferry Building Marketplace ideally on a Tuesday or Thursday, have a mooch round the farmers market first then head inside. Once you have had some free testers and maybe even some ice-cream, go back out side and turn right & start walking towards Pier 39! The views of Coit Tower and looking out at the bay is lovely, we just took our time and enjoyed a nice walk. When you reach Pier 39, its great to have a look round and look in some unique shops maybe have a corn dog or a churro. Don’t forget those cute Sea Lions, they are noisy and a bit smelly, but when you see them all curled up with each other they look so cute!

BUT I think I had the most fun on the day we cycled over the Golden Gate Bridge, the day was lovely and warm and it made the bike ride even easier! We rented our bikes from Blazing Saddles and headed off along the bay, we stopped took plenty of pictures then headed up a hill to make a start on the trek over the Bridge! We stopped a couple of times whilst cycling across to take photo’s, when we hit Vista Point we headed down the hill into the bay then back another GIANT hill. You start to cycle through a really cute seafront neighbourhood into Sausalito, we took a break and when you looked back at the houses set into the hills it reminded me a bit of Devon especially with the sun beaming down on my back. Sausalito is such a cute, quaint little town and reminded me very much of Nashville in Indiana. We had the best ice-cream there at Lapperts – make sure you take a visit and have the Cookie Monster flavour.

There is plenty more that I could share with you, but I think that is enough for now. Feel free to drop me a message if you want any more info or have any questions, I would be more than happy to share with you all!





Will I Leave My Heart In San Francisco???

In just under 3 weeks I will be saying goodbye to Las Vegas and getting on a plane to San Francisco. When we were planning our trip almost 2 years ago, I was quite happy to go to Vegas for a week and come home, however Matt was the first one to say ‘No, lets go somewhere else’ it was Matt who made the decision to go to San Francisco. If I am honest, San Francsisco has never been somewhere that I wanted to visit there was just nothing that really appealed to me, however Matt knew exactly what he wanted to do! So I thought why not show you some of the things we are hoping to do:

Golden Gate Bridge

When someone says ‘San Francisco’ to you, one of the first images that comes into your mind is that red suspension bridge (I’m still not sure why its called the Golden Gate Bridge when its red!). So of course this is definitely something we plan on seeing, we have gone over various different scenario’s of how we plan to go over the bridge. Initially Matt wanted to hire a convertible and drive across, we then discussed walking across or at least 1/2 way. Then when I was doing some research online, a lot of recommendations were pointing towards cycling across the bridge, you can rent a bike, cycle across stop off at vista point to take some snaps then cycle on a bit further into Sausalito have some lunch and a look around the shops before taking a ferry back to San Francisco.

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

Ride A Cable Car

San Francisco is famous for its cable cars, so this is definitely a must whilst we are out there. We may even take a trip to the Cable Car Museum! I love the pictures that you see of the cable cars going up and down the steep hills, I know for sure I wouldn’t fancy walking up them, so a cable car is for sure the way to go!

Ferry Building Marketplace

So this place didn’t come on my radar until a couple of weeks ago, I have been reading about the farmers market in blogs and people buying some yummy goodies and heading off for a picnic. I think it sounds like a lovely idea, the farmers market is on Tuesday’s & Thursday’s, so perhaps we will head down there the day before we leave get some yummy food and head to a park and just watch the world go by!

Looks Beautiful!

Looks Beautiful!

Food Truck Foodies!

So anyone that knows me and Matt knows that we are both BIG food lovers! When we went to NY for Matt’s 21st one of the things he really wanted to do was to eat Chinese out of a box, unfortunately we didn’t quite manage it, but we did go to a Chinese deli and order food which was just done by guessing as no-one spoken any English and we sat in a park in minus degrees with massive coats on eating Chinese food!

A fellow blogger Las has been tweeting and blogging about Food Trucks in Houston ( and it really got the foodie in me excited, so I did a bit of looking and found a website called Off The Grid, based in San Francisco it shows you where all the food trucks are and what food trucks are there. I am going to keep an eye on it and I have started following them on twitter as well so I can track them down!

Those are just a few bits we have planned, I will make sure I do some blogging when I get back of places we have been and things we have seen! I wouldn’t want you all to miss out!

In the mean time, if you have any recommendations, please leave a comment below!

Emma xxx