It Takes A Village

Recently we celebrated my brothers 21st he had a big party with his nearest and dearest. It was lovely to see our family friends, people that have been there through our whole lives.

I have been reflecting on so many of the nice things people were saying about my brother that night and the kind words they said to me as well. I have taken a step back and when I think of everyone that was there that night and on my 21st, each and every one of them have helped my mum and dad mould my brother & I into the people we are today.

That saying it takes a village to raise a child is so true! My parents have been gifted with some phenomenal life long friends & our wider family is one of the closest I have encountered. All of those people have really helped to shape the people we have become.

I then realised that Matt & I are part of other peoples villages. We could and are shaping youngsters that are around us, impacting their lives, helping build their characters. Completely unknowingly we could be playing a part in what their future will be.

How magical is that!

When I think about raising a child, I look around who Matt & I have in our lives and who will be part of our village. I know that we have some of the most wonderful friends and family that we adore & I am confident our village will be the loudest, happiest, funniest & full of love – I cant wait.

But most of all, I hope our village when we need it, will be just like the one that has helped raise me. Because without every single member of the village that has surrounded me with love, I would not be who I am today.

I dont say it enough, but Thank-you!

Emma xxxx


Well its booked!

I am (weather permitting) jumping out of a plane on Monday 27th August! 3 days before my 30th Birthday what a great way to kick off the celebrations for my birthday, I honestly couldn’t of thought of anything better.

Am I nervous? Yes

Am I excited? Yes

I honestly cant wait and what makes it even better than some family and friends have decided to join me too and I am so honored that they would want to join me (well watch me). I always feel humbled when people make the choice to spend their time with me, I guess that is my lacking in confidence that causes that. Always shocked that people want to experience things with me – I dont know why, but hey I guess it makes me appreciate them all a little more!

Talking of my 30th Birthday, I have even arranged a meal with mine and Matt’s parents on my actual Birthday. We are going to Koh Thai Tapas in Southsea, its a gorgeous Thai restaurant and I adore the food not to mention the cocktails!

But I would love to do something with my friends as well, but what to do is where I am stumped.

Do I go for an evening of drinks and nibbles with some of our closest friends OR a girls day out in Brighton? 

I really dont know what to do, I still have a little while to choose as I would like to give people time to make sure they are free and arrange sitters, save up some money etc. So I figure I will decide by March I kinda want to do both, but that’s really greedy! I need to think about what I will enjoy the most and that if I do one and not the other that I wouldn’t have any regrets.

I am sure I will figure it out and I will arrange something or perhaps someone could do it for me haha!


Emma xx


Whilst updating my Dropbox the other day, I found some pictures that I had forgotten about and thought it would be a nice idea to share with you some of my favourite pictures of 2017!



On 17th December Matts brothers dog had puppies! 6 beautiful brindle pups, they are we’re so tiny and cute and I couldn’t wait to meet them.

Although I would love this post to be about our new puppy… isnt…..and we dont have one…..

On 17th December a little boy decided to make his big entrance into the world, 4 weeks & 1 day early. My amazing cousin gave birth to her first born, Dillon Anthony. He was a tiny 4lb 10.5oz but just perfect! I was out for a yummy afternoon tea when I found out and I found myself overcome with emotion & Hayley was there to capture that moment!

Trina & Dillon weren’t allowed home from hospital until Christmas Day, what a perfect present! I have been eager to meet Dillon since the day he was born, but knowing he is early and Nick & Trina are first time parents it only felt right to give them their space. It didn’t help that Matt & I have both been a bit under weather so have stayed away so we don’t share any germs!

However, I finally got to meet my gorgeous new baby cousin earlier this week! Matt despite how much he wanted to, due to work he couldn’t go. He is just so little, but absolutely gorgeous and my cousin is just a natural. 

Whilst I have been sent lots of pictures since he was born and I took some snaps too, I want to give them the oppertunity as first time parents to do all the sharing as and when they want to. 

So for now, here is the only picture I will share as Dillons favourite big cousin

Ladies Night

Saturday night was great fun, our 2nd annual aunties/nieces/cousins/cousin in law/sister in law night out. Just generally the younger female generation of the family on a boozy night out! Our group has grown since this all started many years ago, when we had planned days out in London. However, more recently we have decided to stick to food and drinks – beacuse lets not lie, who doesnt love food and drink!

Our venue of choice was Turtle Bay & Sprinkles in Southampton, however a few of us met up early to hit the Christmas Market before hand! Here is a lovely selection of photo’s of our evening!


To these 3 little people, that is my name Auntie Emma.

Sometimes, I am not their favourite and they may like Uncle Matt more than me, but on the days when I am their favourite my heart swells.

When I met Matt back in 2009, I didn’t know that not only would he become the most important person to me, but that he would bring into my world his first niece. I don’t remember the first time I met Ruby, but I do remember when I became Auntie Emma.

I was at a family baby shower with my sister-in-law (Naomi) and Ruby, along with others, when Naomi referred to me as Auntie Emma, shocked I can remember saying something like ‘Really?!’ and Naomi reassuring me and reminding me that I have been in her life for almost a year now, so definitely Auntie Emma.

That was it, I was Auntie Emma.

So when Phoebe came along a couple of years later and Spud joined the gang a couple of years after that, the family grew and so did the people that called me Auntie.

Matt & I have had so much fun with those 3 kiddo’s already and I cannot wait to continue to see them grow into such smart, gorgeous young adults in years to come. Being an Auntie and Uncle is such a great role to be, you get to have all the fun and laughter without the seriousness of parenting. We have had some great days out with them and great days in, now we have our own place the girls have been over to sleep and although the early mornings are tough its nice to have that time with them and for them to know they have a safe place here.

I love that they get excited when I surprise them and pick them up from school. I love that they want to read to me. I love that we help them do their homework. I love that they want to hold my hand. I love that they are happy to pose for pictures with me. I love that they know where the sweetie cupboard is & that they have their own cups. I love how hard they laugh when Uncle Matt tickles them.

I love that Chris & Naomi have allowed me to be part of their childrens lives.

But most of all, I love being Auntie Emma.

Throwback Thursday

Well, Well, Well, its been a while since I have done one of these, so a mini collection of some of my favourite photo’s!


November 2016, Dublin With Mrs Stevens To Be!

July 2015, Dad & I At My Cousin’s Wedding

December 2014, Almost All Of My Cousins At A Family Christmas Party

September 2015, Glasgow Open Top Bus Ride In The Rain With My Favourite Liverpudlian And Her Little Treasure!


Only a few, but a few that caught my eye when I was trawling through my photo albums earlier this week!

What is your favourite throwback picture?

Love Emma xxx