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Well that is 1 month away from social media, I avoided Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat and my life feels so much better for it.

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Here are somethings I have learnt about myself since being “offline” for the first month of the year.

1. I am now actually present. When we sit down to dinner, watch a movie, see friends or if I am just reading a book I am present, attentive and alert. My mind isn’t on my phone, wondering if I have any new comments or likes, its in the moment enjoying other people’s company or actually paying attention to the book or movie I am watching. There is no mindless scrolling and being distracted.

2. Oversharing. I haven’t done this for a while, but I dont feel the need to share every part of my life. I update my friends when I see or speak with them and I am grateful for this platfrom that I can share my life with friends we dont see often or family. However, I really dont miss the oversharing that happens on social media, do I care that you had a Burger for dinner? No not really, but I would read it and probably like the picture anyway. Oh your in hospital & have updated your status to tell the world, I would hope as my friend that you would text me to tell me so I can talk to you privately. I just dont see the point in posting things for likes, comments and appreciation from people that you dont know or haven’t seen or dont even like – dont even get me started on “instafamous”.

3. The Hurt. Its no secret that everyone is passive agressive on social media, or will be a keyboard warrior at some point during their time – we have all done it including myself. You will post a status, quote or photo quite clearly throwing some shade at a situation or person knowing full well they will read it and it will envoke a reaction. It may then end up on full on rant between the 2 on your chosen social media platorm or the offendee may just take the high road and not retalitate but secretly end up in a world of pain behind closed doors. Either way, who is that helping? If you have an issue with someone, talk to them about it face to face or over the phone don’t air your dirty laundry in public, surely we are all better than that? Personally, I just dont see the point in it and I feel its led us all to revert back to being kids in a school playground – when are we going to start acting like adults?

4. Missing Out. I had MASSIVE FOMO at the beginning, I felt I was missing out on things that people would just post on social media assuming everyone would see and that would be the update. However, I soon learnt that actually if it was something I needed to know about I would find out one way or another. However, the only thing that may draw me back is the groups I was part of, that helped me to feel empowered and boost my confidence – that’s the only thing I want to see, I dont want to see the crap.

However, in light of all the negatives that I have realised social media has brought to my life over the years, it allows me to keep in touch with family and friends around the world that I dont see as often or perhaps we dont talk to a lot and that is the side of social media that I really do like. I have thought a lot about my return to social media over the past few weeks and I have made the decision that its not healthy for me to have the apps on my phone. I will fall back into the same trap that I was in before so I wont do it, its not good for me and its not good for my relationship with my friends and family & I actually find it really irritating when people sit on their phone mindlessly scrolling when they are meant to be spending time with me.

So, moving forward any Facebook interactions I will make will be when I am using my laptop or iPad, Twitter & Snapchat I can live without. However I am undecided about Instagram, I do like to see people’s photos and I am more selective about who I follow, so I am going to see how I go without it for a little longer & actually if I am continuing to be ok without it then so be it.

I never thought 1 month away from Social Media would have such a big impact, but it really has and for the better. So if you are thinking of giving something up for lent, dont give up chocolate, give up social media you will soon remember how life was without it!

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Emma xx


Social Media

So, with the blog back up and running and my creative juices flowing, I want you all to have somewhere to connect with me!

If you take a look at the right hand side of the screen, you will see links to my Instagram and Facebook where you can keep up to date with all things going on!

On Facebok all my blog posts get shared there, so unless you hit the follow button (also on the right hand side), you will be the first ones to know about new content!

At the moment I am taking a break from Instagram, so nothing will be going on there for a while. I need to take some time to get my head in check and appreciate what I have and learn to not feel jealous and bitter about what other people have got – people that I don’t even know!

I love and hate Social Media so much at the moment, I love being able to share things with friends and family but I hate that it is creating such an untrue culture. For people that struggle with self confidence and self love Social Media is a big issue especially when you start to compare yourself to others. That is the reason why I removed myself from Twitter at the beginning of the year, I don’t miss it and I dont think I will be returning to Twitter either. However, I enjoy taking photo’s so I will go back to Instagram……eventually.

So, why not hit the follow button on Instagram and Facebook and let me know that you like reading my blog!

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It All Started As Something Random

Back in the early part of May friend at work turned to me & said “keep an eye on Facebook on Sunday – I am doing something random in Portsmouth.” I didn’t really think too much of it, perhaps she was doing a walk for charity or something, but when this photo showed up in my timeline I couldn’t help but laugh

power rangers 1

I couldn’t believe the amount of coverage they got on Facebook and the amount of little kids that stopped them to have their photo taken and after setting up a Facebook page, how many parents were commenting saying “you made my child’s day” or “its great to see people finally giving something back and still doing something nice in the world”. A few days later they did a radio interview and were signed up to an agency to attend children’s birthday parties. The Portsmouth Power Ranger Phenomenam has just grown over the last few months and they continuously get good comments on their Facebook Page!

power rangers 2

More recently they visited a local Zoo and spread the Power Ranger Joy to many kids and adults alike, they keep popping up all over the place and when they do, Facebook goes crazy!

power rangers 3

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To continue the amazing work they are doing with the public and genuinely putting smiles on kiddies faces, they have decided to suit up and climb Mount Snowdon on 24th August raising money for Wessex Heartbeat, They are a south coast charity who helped the blue ranger out in his time of need. Wessex Heartbeat’s driving ambition is to help achieve the very best care for people with heart conditions treated in the Wessex Cardiac Centre. They would love to raise £500 for their chosen charity, now I personally know 3 of the Rangers and I cant imagine them ever normally wanting to climb Mount Snowdon, but this charity and their fellow ranger must really mean a lot to them to want to give something back.

So if you would like to help the Portsmouth Power Rangers to raise some money, why not visit their just giving page & don’t forget to like their page on Facebook, just search for Portsmouth Power Rangers.