Wow, the 3rd month of the year! How quick is this year going already? Its crazy!

For the past 2 years I have done a “month off March” period to cull my poor eating habits and just challenge myself. This year I wasnt planning on doing anything, but after Matt & I saw the British Heart Foundation advert for dechocx and we decided that actually lets do it.

So for the past few days we both have been Chocolate free, however I have also been sweet, biscuit AND crisp free.

In my slimming world group 2 weeks ago I made the decision to go back to basics AND challenged myself to have my 1.5 stone award BEFORE we go to Cuba in May!

Matt & I both encourage each other witb naughty eating habits so I know this month will be a challenge BUT it will do us both some good and I know it will help me stick to plan and get me closer to reaching my goal!

My aim is to have at least my 1 stone award by the end of March!

Have a great March xxx

Amazing Easter Eggs

Writing this is really TOUGH as today, I could easily eat a few bars of Chocolate or even a yummy cake, but as I have already hit my fundraising target on Just Giving I am so motivated and so grateful! However, I had planned to post this ages ago and I wasn’t just going to let this opportunity to show you some of my favourite Easter Eggs that I have seen out and about!

I found this gorgeous selection in Marks & Spencer recently, they always have a great selection of Eggs and given that food can often be expensive in M&S I think for the amount of Chocolate they are quite reasonable! My Favourite has to be the GIANT Bunny, he is just adorable and I don’t think I would want to break him up!

I also found some really cute Eggs in TK Maxx today, however I cant promise they will be in your local store as each TK Maxx seems to stock different stuff!

One of my favourite Chocolate Shops has to be Hotel Chocolat, I haven’t been able to get to my local store but I have done some browsing online and they are stocking some really neat goodies for Easter! Check my favourites out!

Photo Courtesy Of Hotel Chocolat

Photo Courtesy Of Hotel Chocolat

I have scoured the pages of Pinterest as well to find some treats you could make yourself! You can find all the Pins below on my Cake Board!

Well I hope I have given you all some inspiration for Easter Weekend, to make or buy some treats for yourself or your loved ones! I would say I am gutted I am going to miss out, but raising some money for Cancer Research and giving my body a month off Chocolate, Cakes and Sweets is just what I needed! If you would like to help keep me motivated, please visit my Just Giving Page and why not donate the price of an Easter Egg! 
Emma xxx

Sharing The Best Bits Of UK Shopping!

I am a big lover of American Shopping and the fact that when I am out there I can pick up quite a few bargains! For example, when I was in the states earlier this year in Victoria’s Secret I brought 5 items (shower gel & perfume) for $30 which works out to be approx £18. When I was in duty free headed to Rome in a ‘duty free’ Victoria’s Secret, the offer was 5 for £30 which is about $50! I know they have to import it to the UK, but seriously I just don’t get the price bump?!

I was looking at some people that I follow on Instagram the other day and they were able to buy Yankee Candles for as little as $5! It’s insane! Don’t even get me started on how much cheaper make-up and nail polish is I could rant on all day about it!

Now I know from just talking to our family friends in the states that they LOVE all things British, my godfathers daughter in law loves Aero, chocolate that I have to be honest quite often overlook! But she thought it was crazy how much American Candy I was bringing back to the UK with me!

My bestie and I LOVE to shop and we both have a love of America and especially shopping there and I can feel we are going to be a complete nightmare when we hit Vegas next year, but we will come home with some complete bargains!

Now this leads me onto an extremely random request and a suggestion that my mum put into my idea, but to all my American readers and followers, would anyone be interested in doing a box swap once every couple of months? I could send typical English things that perhaps aren’t available in the US or are more expensive and in return you could send me some US bits and pieces? If anyone is interested, please get in touch with me on facebook / twitter / Instagram as I would love to be able to get something like this started!