I have had a pretty awesome March, I have seen a lot of friends and family & done some pretty cool things. However, even with all the good stuff, I have had moments where I have really struggled. I have felt lost and confused about what I should be doing, what I want from my life and where I am going.

Then, Sunday I jumped out of a plane, I did my skydive finally and I think its what I was waiting for all this time. The feeling of jumping out into the air was like nothing I have ever experienced. Feeling the wind against your face and knowing that there is nothing but you and the peaceful sky was incredible. As we glided through the sky, I could see for miles and there was so much green around, there was no stress, no anxiety, all my worries and fears just melted away. The world is so much more than all the silly stuff I have been focusing on and I shouldn’t be letting that consume me.

Then today, on the way into work George Ezra’s new song Pretty Shining People and for the first time today, I really listened to the lyrics…..

Me and Sam in the car, talking ’bout America
Heading to the wishing well, we’ve reached our last resort
I turned to him said, “Man help me out
I fear I’m on an island in an ocean full of change
Can’t bring myself to dive in to an ocean full of change
Am I losing touch
Am I losing touch now?”
He said, “Why why, what a terrible time to be alive
If you’re prone to overthinking and
Why why, what a terrible time to be alive
If you’re prone to second guessing”

I am on a island, my island, surrounded by change too scared to dip my feet in the water to see if it will feel good. By not wanting to dip my toe I am holding myself back from experiencing new things and growing as a person. So I am going to start dipping my toe in the water, embracing change and rolling with the waves!


A Fresh Start

Hi Guys!

I have been thinking for a while about changing the format of my blog and a few other bits and pieces…..

My blog first started about my bucket list and crossing off 30 things to do before I am 30, for anyone that knows me will know that I love a list and it has felt great to cross my achievements off as I have gone along & I have done somethings in the past couple of years that I would never have done before!

However, I have found something in this blog that I really enjoy & always have done, writing. I am not great at accepting compliments – ever – but when someone says that they enjoy my blogs and like my writing smile I just get a really warm feeling. Its a compliment I will never tire of hearing! Over the last couple of months, I have been looking at my bucket list and thinking either “yeah I would love to do that, but I just don’t have the time/money at the moment” or “do I really want to that?” I admit it, I am just not feeling it any more….so I think I might just stop.

Don’t worry, I am not going to stop blogging. If anything my bucket list and this blog has made me see that life can be so positive and kind and fun if you let it. You don’t need to plan your fun or write a list to make it happen, you can just go out there and enjoy it and let life happen. So I am going to stop focusing on ticking off things to achieve in my life & just enjoy it!

So as part of the fresh start, I am looking at doing some visual changes on my blog and also looking at changing the name from Learning To Fly. I have no clue what to change it to, so I am hoping you all can help me? Please post your comments below with any idea’s for a new blog name!

Although I may not be focusing on my bucket list anymore, I will still be sharing stories of my life with you. I hope you all stay reading and enjoy the changes to come!


Emma xxx

Watching Those Whales

The first time I watched Free Willy my heart melted and since that day I have always had a soft spot for Whales, specifically Orcas! I think I remember even adopting one when I was a youngster and telling my mum and dad that I wanted to go and see the whales when I was older.

It was only natural that whale watching was on my bucket list, I just never realised the cost of it especially if you want to look for Orcas and the locations are really limited! Also, reading reviews and reports, you cant always guarntee a sighting either, so I could fly all that way spend 2 days on a boat looking for whales and not see a sausage! Saving for a home is one of the most expensive things you will ever do, so realistically spending £1k on a holiday to see whales that you might not actually see is probably not the best idea.

The only thing is what replaces it? Its going to have to be something good and that I want to do and maybe takes me out of my comfort zone and something that I learn from……but what that thing is I have no idea?! I have a big love to travel, but it costs money and I want to save! So it has to be something free and something exciting. I have a few idea’s:

– Donate My Hair To A Children’s Cancer Charity

– Climb A Mountain

– Become Involved In A PCOS Charity

– Drive A Sports Car

– Learn a new language

I am going to think about it for a while, if you have any ideas or suggestions please help me out!


Emma xx

It’s Not All About The Shopping!

18. Be In the Audience Of A TV Show

18. Go To The Mall Of America

I have my first replacement, it has taken me a while and I know some of you will be thinking that I am replacing something for just a shopping centre, but do you know what

I don’t care!

I have been wanting to go for some time and its not just shopping, there is a whole theme park within the shopping centre! What also draws me in is the fact that it is another place to cross off to say that I have been to & in reality I could team it up with another city in the states, so I could 2 for the price of 1. In my research, I have been basing it on going back and staying with my godparents, but I have been looking and I could pair it up with a week in Texas or maybe go an hang on the beach in South Carolina or visit Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. For me, America is 100% the land of hopes and dreams, there is so many different things you can do in 1 country – it is insane!



So that is another change down – I just need to think about when its going to happen!

Revisiting the list……..

I have been mulling this over now for a while, checking my list an trying to work out what can replace Number 20 & 21 and maybe changing some other that realistically are either too expensive or just not doable!

Here are a few idea’s:

Travel Somewhere by myself
Visit a fortune teller
Celebrate my birthday in a foreign country
Feed An Animal At The Zoo
Throw a massive 30th birthday party
Go to the Mall of America
Go to a make up counter and buy the right make up for me
Go on holiday with no plans – just go with the flow
Eat no meat for 1 month
Visit a castle & learn its history
Go To Disneyland, wear mouse ears and act like a big kid

There a few in that list that I could 100% do and achieve before I am 30, but actually only 5 that I probably really want to do, but there are a few things in there that would probably be an experience I would never have before!

I am going to think this over for a while and see where my decision takes me!


Get It All Off My Chest!

Hello All!

I seem to have been neglecting you all for a while and I am sorry for that! My brain has been going into over drive recently with lots of things whizzing around that I am trying to make sense of! I won’t bore you with the details, actually I think I will!

As you have probably guessed I LOVE to do my nails and whilst I was hunting round various Sephora stores in Rome, I thought to myself “oooh I want to get a home gel kit” which then turned into “oooh maybe I go back to college and learn how to do nails and maybe do it as a side business”. I have researched various different course and companies and looked at all the start-up costs, but realistically I would be spending out approx £1000 until I have either fully trained myself up and got all my equipment and then is it really worth it? Would I get the business? Would I still love doing nails if I did it up to 10 times a week? At the moment, it’s a no; I have managed to talk myself out of it. It’s still very much in the back of mind and maybe something that I do look at in the new year – I think I need to stop being so negative about it and just actually do something for me once in a while!

I have closed a door in my life that I was keeping ajar as a “just in case”, that clearly wasn’t worth leaving open. The only thing about that is that I am going to have to amend my bucket list – what with I’m not sure – but I will keep you updated!

I have also been looking into my finances and trying to make sure that I can actually start saving for a mortgage, I started doing really well, then I brought Little Dot and went on holiday, but I have started again and I have been looking into fixed savings accounts where I can’t touch the money for 2 years. I am pretty jam packed for the next couple of weekends so on my next free Saturday I am going to go into all the banks and see what they can offer me so I can start properly getting my finances in order!

I have been thinking about my bucket list and some of the things I have left, mainly learning Yoga or Pilates/reach size 12/run the race for life. As I broke my foot I haven’t been to the gym for some time and I was planning to go back this week but I recently got an email from my gym to say they were closing the gym for 10 days due to an upgrade! So I am going back 1st September and I am going to GO FOR IT. We have 8 months till Vegas, so 8 months to lost about 1/1.5 stone and tone up. I can do it!

Phew that felt good to get things off my chest!


Happy Sunday & Happy Mother’s Day to all my American readers!

I have quite a few things to update you with, so I will start with the positives.

The 3 sunflowers are growing fabulously and I plan on putting them into the garden next weekend, I would have done it today’s but the weather hasn’t been too good.


Also, I failed to let you all know of my quote of the day this week, I think it’s a good one and should make all you ladies feel proud and happy to be who you are!


On other news this week, after several heated discussions with my heart and my head and some words from the fella I have made some changes to the list…..

Numbers 10, 16, 23 as they were published on 1st April 2013 have been scrapped. I worked out if I wanted to do all the trips abroad and include spending money I would be looking between £10 – £15 thousand and if I am going to save for a house then that’s no good! Plus, I don’t think those landmarks are going anywhere soon! So they have been replaced with the following:

Number 10: Run the Great South Run
Number 16: Buy something at an auction
Number 23: Go for a girly spa break

So with those changes to the list and a new outlook I am fresh as a daisy and ready to get some wheels in motion! I have been looking at the best time to go Whale Watching in Boston and its anytime from March – November, so I think I will go in October as I have always wanted to go t Boston in the fall, it’s too late to book it for this year, so I am planning Boston for October 2014! I have also spoken to the fella and we are going to do the safari for my 30th birthday, so that will be the last one crossed off the list! I just need to sort Christmas in New York & Vegas now!

I hope you all are ok, feel free to message me hotel ideas or hints & tips for any of my trips!

Don’t forget to follow me!

Emma xxxx