Thoughts Have Turned To The New Year

Tonight, whilst watching Miracle On 34th Street (the ’94 version!) my thoughts have turned to what events I have planned in 2014!

I have a big holiday planned with my family in the Summer to stay with my godparents for 2 weeks, I am also booking our Vegas trip next year, so money is going to be a little bit tight! So next year will be more about cheaper things to cross off the list! So my plans for next year, as well as anything else that comes along……

1) Girly Spa Break
2) Milk A Cow
3) Make My Own Christmas Cards
4) Stay Up All Night Watching Movies
5) Run The Race For Life

Ok, so Girly Spa Break…..I need to do some research and find somewhere that me and a friend can really go to town have some lovely treatments and some even better food! Milking A Cow…..I can do this at a local farm and the experience runs daily and I only need to pay to get in (so any friends reading this that would like to join me, please feel free!). Make My Own Christmas Cards…..I wanted to do that this year, but left it a little late, so I am going to raid the craft shops in the January sales and get some bits throughout the year! Stay Up All Night Watching Movies…..I need to put a movie set list together and put one Saturday night aside with my man and have popcorn, pick n mix and yummy drinks and go through a Harry Potter Marathon or Hangover Marathon or maybe even Avengers Marathon! Run The Race For Life……this requires ALOT of motivation from me! I can currently run half a mile and the race for life is 5k which is approx 3.1miles, so I have a bit of work to do, but I am confident I can do it! The Race for life is taking place in my local town in July….so I have approx 7 months to be able to run and be confident in running it without stopping!

Over the past few weeks, my thoughts have really turned to moving out and getting myself a little house, so I really need to start saving and stop splurging! So I have tried to be a bit more inventive with my Bucket List. Whilst I would LOVE to jet off to Africa and go on a real Safari, the cost is just insane and it isn’t always guaranteed you will see all the animals. So I have googled Longleat Safari Park tonight, as I have been before but remember seeing something about a VIP experience and they do have VIP Safari Tours ranging from Bronze to Platinum and prices start from £85pp. Now, I know I am meant to be saving money, but if I cant do the real thing (unless any travel agents want to send me on holiday and I can review it for them!) I am going to have to settle for 2nd best. So I have my eyes set on the Gold VIP Safari Tour, which is approx 6-7 hours and includes Tiger Feeding, Lion and Cheetah experience, Behind the scenes tour, Giraffe feeding – it looks rather cool! So that is definitely an option for me to save a few grand for the house pot! That just leaves Vegas, Boston and New York as the most expensive costs!

Well I am starting to look forward to 2014 and all that it has in store! Do you have anything exciting planned for 2014?

Eat, Drink & Be Merry!

Emma xxx


East Coast or West Coast???

Good Morning (just!),

I have realised I have been AWOL for a while, I just haven’t had much to report on or write about….

I haven’t really been on “track” either, slimming world has kinda fallen by the way side and the gym has definitely been forgotten about! I can sense you all shaking your heads…..

I feel your disappointment seeping through the screen, don’t be. I am ok with it. I am back on track, slowly, with slimming world and I am going back to they gym tomorrow AM. I am also joining a beginners pilates class on Monday! I have 8 months to shrink back to size 12 ready for holiday time…..I can do that, no sweat!

Did you see the documentary on BBC 2 last night about Killer Whales? I have always had a fascination with them from the first time I saw Free Willy. They are such large animals but i couldn’t believe last night that it has been shown that they have social circles and can feel emotion. They are beautifully creatures, if just a little bit violent about how they catch their food! It got me thinking about doing Whale Watching whilst in Boston. I have done some research and you don’t see any Orca’s in that area, its normally humpback whales, which would be lovely to see. So I looked a bit more and the best place to watch Orca’s are Seattle/Vancouver. So I have been thinking, which is more important? Boston or seeing Orca’s?

I would love to do both, but financially that is not possible. I can honestly say, I have never been drawn to Seattle/Vancouver – whereas Boston has always interested me and whale watching (even if it isn’t Orca’s) has played a big part of that. I think I am going to do a bit more research into Seattle and Vancouver first before I make any big decisions.

Somehow, without realising I have managed to already do quite a bit of my Christmas Shopping. I have everything planned as to what I am going to get people, the only ones I am stuck on is my in-laws. What are you getting yours??

Things will be back to normal come Monday and I will be back to blogging at least twice a week and planning the next thing I can get ticked off the list!

Have a lovely weekend

Em xxx

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British Summers!

So, 1 year ago the UK had the whole world watching us. We celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee with street parties and bank holidays, we even decorated the outside of our house with flags. The country felt united for what I feel was the first time in a long time! We then went on to host the 2012 Olympics, I am not a sporty person, don’t get wrong I love a game of footie and going to gym, but I’m not overly keen on sport. The Olympics however, it was great I found myself getting so into everything, staying late at Matts just to see the end of a race!

My cousin Ryan had the luck to be accepted as a volunteer for the Olympics last year and he made this lovely video following his time during the games…..

Following all the excitement from last year, I can’t help but feel this summer is a bit of a lull. There isn’t much excitement going on in the country! I am gagging for a holiday, Matt has his return to work meeting next week and hopefully we will find out when he can take some leave, I just hope that we can have time off together. I am thinking though, even if we can’t get the time off together I might still go away for a few days on my own. I’ve been thinking I might go to Boston so next year with my cousin we can just shop till we drop in New York!

Well I am off for now, I will blog again later in the week.

Emma xx

Travel, Travel, Travel

Well after my concerns the other night it all appears to have been over nothing!

I spoke with my boyfriend about my conversation with my bestie over Vegas & LA and whilst we both agreed we would like to go to LA one day, its not somewhere we are really really wanting to see right now. So we have made the decision that we will do a week in Vegas with my friend and her boyfriend and when they go off to LA we will come home. I cant wait, I am really hoping we can go to the Grand Canyon and do the Rollercoasters in New York New York and on top of the Stratosphere. Me and my boyfriend really enjoy a visit to the casino, so it is likely that we will have flutter or two!

We also had a chat about his travelling plans as he wants to do the majority of Asia and Australia next summer and even though we will be apart for a couple of months I will be at my godparents for some of it and we have whatsapp so its not like we cant talk to each other. We have both agreed that it will either make us stronger or we will grow apart, either way we have to say we tried!

Now, when we were sat at the beachfront and I got a text from my gorgeous cousin, just a picture message of a holiday brochure of New York Holidays and saying can we go??? I messaged her back and said we can but when? Bless her she was like this year – but realistically I know that there is no way either of us could afford to go this year, so I suggested we go next year and would she be happy to do a week in the states and team New York up with Boston?! She only went a bloomin’ said YES! I was sooo happy! So we are going to 7 nights split between NYC and Boston, so she will get to shop and I can tick Whale Watching off my Bucket List!

I was a very happy girlie last night and I am so grateful for being able to do all this travelling and with such wonderful people. I truly feel blessed that I have such wonderful friends and family!

I work in an office and cannot believe the amount of people that haven’t been to the states yet and they are so uninterested in going, I try so hard to encourage them as its not all about big cities and Disneyland. I cannot wait to go to my godparents next year, they live in a small town out side of Indianapolis and it so laid back and in the country. Every time I go I feel more and more relaxed and that for me is the best bit about America. If you want to lay by the beach and party, go to Miami. If you want rollercoasters and to feel like a big kid, go to Florida. If you want to shop till you drop and see a show, go to New York. You can even go skiing, or visit the desert, I love how diverse America is and yet how everyone that I have ever met makes you feel so welcome.

Well I am off to finish sorting out my bag as me, Mumma, my cousin & Aunty are off to my other Aunty’s in Essex tomorrow for our Aunty & Nieces Weekend. We are hitting London Town, going to Harrods, the Choccywocydoodah Shop and Lorraine Pascale’s Cupcake Shop in Covent Garden. We might even have a cocktail and some food somewhere too! I can’t wait, hopefully the weather will be nice and we will all be relaxed and have a giggle!

Have a great weekend and stay positive!


Em xxx


Lone Traveller

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while! I need to let some frustration out…..


I am looking for holidays to Boston for next October, so I can go in the fall and do some whale watching and on my own at The Taj Boston it is approx £1300 if I go with another person it goes down to £850! How is that fair? Why do single travellers get penalised for not having someone else to travel with! I am going to hunt around for single travel agencies, there has to be another way, I have even looked at sta travel who deal with student and young person travel and they are just as expensive! Does anyone know any lone traveller travel agencies?

I think maybe that is my calling! Maybe I need to set up my own travel agency!

I got a call from my bestie today as we are planning to do a couples holiday to Vegas! She has been looking around and we could also end up go to going to LA for 3 nights! It’s all very exciting and becoming very real! I can’t wait!

On a separate note, I have been doing the couch to 5k app and I am on week 5, I am still finding it hard but I am not going to give up! I have also found this Pinterest


I am going to start it on Monday, I’m hoping it will boost my weightloss! I’m still doing ok, losing a bit at a time. I know it will come eventually!

I am still doing my yoga, but have found my hips are a bit clicky and sound like they are grinding. I am going to speak to my yoga teacher on Thursday and see what she says and if need be go to the doctor!

Me and the boyfriend have been having some heart to hearts over the past two weeks and I definitely feels that this quote is exactly how I feel about him!


Ok well I am going to search and search for lone traveller travel agents!

Have a good week


Emma xxx

All American Girl

Well hello there fellow readers!

I hope you are all doing well on this Thursday evening! It’s nearly bank holiday weekend, yey! So the boyfriend finally has a date for his operation, it’s TOMORROW!!! I can’t wait for him to be on the road to recovery, we may even be able to squeeze a holiday in this year!

I have been doing a lot of research into my list recently and I have been looking at hotels in Boston that is close to everything and reasonable in price. I have found one I like the look of called Taj Boston, have you stayed there? What did you think?

My family and I have also got in touch with my godparents who live in Indiana and it has been confirmed that we will go and stay with them next Summer for 2 weeks hopefully over the 4th July which I am really looking forward to! I have also promised my younger brother that we will sneak away for 2 days and go to New York!

So hopefully, if all goes well next year I will be off to the states in the Summer and in October!

In an aim to keep running I am on week 3 of the couch to 5k app and I am finding it hard but I’m not going to give up, I have found it a really good way to release stress and calm down. Who knew exercising could be so enjoyable! Whilst I was working out the other day just casually sweating one out whilst doing 100sit ups, there was a little girl watching me through the window. It was really off putting at first but then I thought to myself ‘I could be making a difference to her’. Was there ever a time when you were younger and you looked at an older girl and thought ‘I would love to be like her!’ Which leads me to my Quote of the Day


I hope you all have a wonderful bank holiday weekend! Remember I need idea’s for Boston!

Much Love


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