On 17th December Matts brothers dog had puppies! 6 beautiful brindle pups, they are we’re so tiny and cute and I couldn’t wait to meet them.

Although I would love this post to be about our new puppy…..it isnt…..and we dont have one…..

On 17th December a little boy decided to make his big entrance into the world, 4 weeks & 1 day early. My amazing cousin gave birth to her first born, Dillon Anthony. He was a tiny 4lb 10.5oz but just perfect! I was out for a yummy afternoon tea when I found out and I found myself overcome with emotion & Hayley was there to capture that moment!

Trina & Dillon weren’t allowed home from hospital until Christmas Day, what a perfect present! I have been eager to meet Dillon since the day he was born, but knowing he is early and Nick & Trina are first time parents it only felt right to give them their space. It didn’t help that Matt & I have both been a bit under weather so have stayed away so we don’t share any germs!

However, I finally got to meet my gorgeous new baby cousin earlier this week! Matt despite how much he wanted to, due to work he couldn’t go. He is just so little, but absolutely gorgeous and my cousin is just a natural. 

Whilst I have been sent lots of pictures since he was born and I took some snaps too, I want to give them the oppertunity as first time parents to do all the sharing as and when they want to. 

So for now, here is the only picture I will share as Dillons favourite big cousin


Exciting Times

While I have been away from blogging, we all know that Matt & I have been enjoying our first home and settling in well. However, things aren’t just going well for us but also for people around us! Today’s blog was meant to be about my PCOS and how that is going, but when I was finishing it off it felt a bit gloomy and with British Summertime in full swing (yes its raining cats & dogs) I wanted to post something happy and fun!

2018 – its under half a year away, can you believe that! Its going to be a BIG year, for many reasons…here, I wrote a list to tell you why!

  1. I Turn 30!
  2. My Little Brother Turns 21!
  3. Matt & I Have Been Together 9 Years!
  4. My Best Friend Gets Married!
  5. My Cousin Has Her First Baby!

Now, what makes you most excited when you read those 5 statements?! For me, its 4 & 5! Don’t get me wrong I am excited to celebrate my 30th birthday AND see my brother turn 21! Of course the fact that Matt & I will have been together 9 years is such a fantastic achievement and especially when it only feels like it has been a couple of years!

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BUT back to 4 & 5!

Sooo for those of you that read posts last year will know that around the time of Matt’s accident my best mate went through a break up. However, as most of you now, that often out of bad situations good things happen and she had some really great people around her and one of them made more of an impact than others. By the end of the summer she had brought a flat with her new man and they were extremely happy (and still are)! We all figured it wouldn’t be long before they got engaged, although its a whirlwind romance it seemed right and she was happy. I won’t lie, I was reserved, cautious that I didn’t her to go through another break up and wanting to make sure she was completely happy. However, when she called me in February to announce they had got engaged I was over the moon for her & seeing them at their engagement party earlier in the spring, I truly saw just how happy and how much they just fit together. I was overjoyed to be asked to be one of her Bridesmaid at their wedding next winter and I cannot wait to share their special day with them!

Loved By Steph

Well, at the beginning of the year my cousin, her husband, Matt & I started to go out on double dates to country pubs just having a giggles and enjoying some really gooooood food! However, our last Dinner Date in May Trina was unwell and out night ended quite quickly and since then I hadn’t heard from her (as much as I did) and her husband came to our housewarming without her. Now I remember saying at the time that I thought she was pregnant BUT inside I was worried that I had upset her and that she was having some space. But we are family – why not just tell me, its not like she could avoid me forever?! So, when she text me inviting Matt & I for a BBQ a few weeks ago Matt knew that we were going no matter what else we had planned. I walked in and thought to myself “well she doesn’t look pregnant – great maybe I did piss her off?!”, we were all sat around (her other cousin included – not my cousin – its not really that confusing) and Trina announced that she was going to start to get forgetful and bigger……instantly I knew what she was telling me and I held back happy tears sooo hard! Unfortunately Trina has been really unwell at the start of her pregnancy which is why she has been quiet and she wanted to keep quiet about things until her scan and well, I am sure she would have ended up spilling the beans had she of seen me! So I have a brand new baby cousin is on his or her way arriving January 2018!

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So as you can see 2018 is going to be a great year for us, even without those 5 things we have some wonderful trips that we are wishing for and more decorating to do in the house. I cannot wait – however we still have the remainder of this year to enjoy and there is still so much to look forward to!

So whilst 2018 is going to be great fun I cannot wait for the rest of this year!

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Keep Smiling


Emma xxx

Shop Till You Drop


I just want to apologise for not blogging last week, I had a bit of a down week and really struggled to see any positive in what I was doing and kind of felt like the whole word was on top me and I couldn’t see the light! It turns out all I needed was a day shopping with my bestie to make everything ok!

Before I share my lovely shopping experience with you all, I just wanted to say a MASSIVE Congratulations to my friend Harriet who featured in birthday blogging She had a beautiful baby boy on Saturday Morning, she named him Thomas George and he was a good healthy weight. I cant wait to have a cuddle!

Sooo to shopping! Me and Steph tend to do a big shop together twice a year, one in the spring and one in the autumn. We have joked that we want to shop in every shopping centre in the UK & to be honest, we probably will end up doing it one day! When we were planning this trip we decided that we didn’t want to go to anywhere we have been before, but we definitely wanted to go somewhere that had a Primark, Forever 21, H&M and either Boots or Superdrug….some how we ended up on agreeing on Oxford Street! So Saturday we were on the coach for 7.55am and on Oxford Street marching towards Primark for 10.45am! As usual London was heaving and Primark was really busy! But I managed to get lots including some statement necklaces, for me that’s the best bit about Primark, you get a whole new wardrobe and only spend Β£50! You cant go wrong! I have to say we were a bit disappointed with Forever 21 – there was nothing in there that really caught my eye….but I was on a mission to find a Jumper that I pinned earlier in the month! I also got myself a lovely winter nail polish by Essie and some make up by MUA.


L-R: Elmo Jumper, Forever 21. Top, Primark. Skirt, Forever 21. Cosmetics Superdrug.

IMG_0360.JPG (2)

L-R: Silver Statement Necklace, Primark. Just Desserts Jar Candle, Partylite. Cable Knitted Candle Sleeve, Partylite. Gold Statement Necklace, Primark

So as you can see I have got some more bits to talk to you about! For the best part of last year I was a Partylite consultant. I really enjoyed it and it definitely gave me a confidence boost! So me and mum decided to host a Christmas Candle Party a couple of weeks ago. I managed to get quite a few freebies with our hostess commission. I got some tealights and also the jar above, which is Marshmallow Peppermint and also the Cable Knitted Pair, which are sooo fitting for the autumn/winter and look lovely with a tealight in them! I just need a couple of pillows to match!

So, that is me all shopped out now for a while! I have a week off next week and we are visiting my friend Katy down in Plymouth and I cant wait, but before that we have a day of fun with Matt’s nieces!

Speak Soon!


Emma xxx

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