Body Image!

Recently matt an I have found ourselves watching music channels and listening to music we grew up listening to…..dont get me wrong it can be very varied.

But tonight I was sat watching the Janet Jackson all for you video tonight thinking christ….she is thin there! Then I tried to remember back to when I first saw the video and I cant recall thinking anything about her weight, just how much I loved the track. Then we had a bit of the spice girls and the same thing happened…..

Favourite Janet Jackson Song

I am really struggling to comprehend how and when my brian got turned to mush and my first thought when listening to music has gone from thinking about the music to thinking about how thay person or group looks?! 

Why is that acceptable? Who cares how small or big someone is if they have a talent so great they have managed to rack up number one singles and albums or even smashing box office records?! 

I tell you where it came from. The media. It feeds us all postive and negative crap everyday. On one page it will be telling us to embrace our natural physiche and in the other it will be a pictures of up and coming trends NONE of which are regular sized women all smaller framed ladies. Then they have the audacity to praise companies who have “real” women representing thier brands!!! 


Since when has it become acceptable to judge someone on their size? Why do advertisers and designers favour the slender frame? Surely they want to appeal to all women and promote a healthy body image to all women?! 
Do not even get me started on what this attitude must be doing to younger generations. 

A while ago I made decision to try really hard not to comment or judge people on thier weight, how they dress or how they look as is none of my business if someone has put on 2 stone in 2 months BUT I will praise someone if I know they are actively trying to amend thier appearance because they are unhappy. I would love to live in a world where we build each other, praise each other and accept people for who they are not how they look. 

So I ask of you, when you next turn to someone and go to say ooh she has put on weight or what is she wearing. Dont. You dont what that person is going through or if those jeans are the next size down from the ones they were in last week.

And for gods sake do not encourage our youngsters especially our girls to focus on how they look! Congratulate them for other things. Dont teach them the only way to get compliments is by how you look and what you wear. 

So please! Next time you start to judge others on their appearance, consider how you would feel if someone said the same things about you, your sister, your mother, your aunt, your cousin or even your daughter.

Emma x


Definition By A Number

I put on 2lb tonight and I was and still am PISSED OFF.

I have worked so hard this week, I have barely synned and worked extra hard at the gym all for nothing….it has left me feeling really disappointed and demotivated.

My cousin came over this evening to help my mum out with some stuff and kinda took the brunt of my moaning, but he talked me through my workout and gave me some tips of things to do… I am back on the track and got new things to try.

I have thought though, maybe I’m not meant to be smaller, maybe I’m meant to be this size. Or maybe my body wants to stay at this weight but wants me to lose inches as I can feel my work trousers are getting bigger slightly……..

Maybe I should stop worrying about the number on the scales and just worry about how I feel? I don’t want to stop getting weighed as it encourages me to eat sensibly, but I do feel that I become obsessed with the number going down and at the moment it goes up, then down, then up, then down, the stays the same. But all whilst that number is doing that I could be losing inches?!

I have found an article in the daily mail that says the average woman is a size 16 and weighs 11st 2lb…..firstly no woman I know weighs 11st and is a UK 16…..I weigh 12st something and I am a 14/16 dependant on the store, so in effect I am pretty much an average woman……so if that is the case why is there sooo much media pressure to look sooo thin!!!!

I’m going now before you start me on another rant!

Love You Guys