The Weekend

How is the weekend almost over?! I don’t even know where it went or what I did! However what I do know is that its been bloody HOT!!! I am not good with hot unless I can be in and out of a pool with cocktails handed to me hourly and snacks available 24/7. Although a nice pink & white ice-cream today on our 6 mile walk went down nicely – sod the diet haha!


Don’t get me wrong, the lighter evenings, bbq with friends and after walk sea front walks are lovely BUT I am internally looking forward to some cooler weather OR someone buying me a paddling pool!

So whats the plan for this week?! 2 1/2 day week for me – wahooo! Matt & I have booked some leave together and I cannot wait to spend some proper time together as we have a busy weekend next week! Our weekend starts Wednesday when my godparents visit for dinner (they are over from the states), Thursday & Friday we will see what happens, but then Saturday is my parents annual party with all the family and Sunday is the Food Festival which we are so excited for! So its going to be a busy long weekend for us, but I CANNOT wait!

Here is my thought for this week – I hope you have a great one!

Life is better when you're laughing - great inspirational quote.



Seasonal Shop AW14

Hello All,

For the past few weeks I have been pinning idea’s to a new board on Pinterest ready for my next big shopping sesh with my bestie in October.

We arent going too far, but I know we will be out all day & I will end the day shattered and out of money! Here are a few things I have seen online that I really like!


I have realised that I am loving burgundy and I really hope that I can get a few of these when we go shopping in a few weeks time. The bed spread is just phenomenal, but its completely out of my price range. I put back a winter bedspread last year and I am completely not going to make that mistake again this year! And I think some of you will say it looks rubbish, but I am loving tartan at the moment for bed clothes and the nightshirt looks sooo cosy, I cant wait to buy it and sit on my bed in the tartan nightshirt with a yummy hot chocolate watching a romantic movie with some candles on and it raining outside! Oh I cant wait for autumn/winter – we seem to be having an indian summer at the moment on the south coast, but I am hoping the weather will turn soon and I can start wearing some boots and cosy jumpers!

If you would like to check out my pinboard here is the link

I will share with you my purchases in a few weeks time!

Number 16

Good Morning!

It’s Sunday morning and I thought after working 6 days on this week I would probably sleep in, but not me….I was up the time my alarm would usually go off! I have my small Windows open and i can feel this crisp morning air, I think autumn is definitely on its way!

So this post is dedicated to Number 16 of the bucket list Buy Something At An Auction. The plan was to visit an auction house and bid with a paddle and all that sort of thing, but I have been to a couple and there has been nothing but junk there! So, put my thinking cap on and realised that there is a massive website that is 1 big auction……EBay (I still don’t know why it’s not called EBid).

Now I have sold a couple of things on eBay in my time and I have brought something’s through my mum via buy it now but I have never actually searched through the millions of items and bidder on anything! So I figured if I do a bit of research and hunt through all the items and find a few things that I like and put on my bid, it’s still buying something at an auction. I know it’s not the normal standard way, well actually maybe it is in the current day and age?!

So, I kinda figured i am probably the only person in the world that hasn’t brought anything off eBay! So I need some help, what have you brought? How much is your average spend? Do you work your way up to your top bid? Have you brought anything from abroad? As you can see I’m a bit of an eBay bidder virgin!

Well I am going to go an have some breakfast, and get ready for a shopping day! I’m thinking the Uggs will be making an appearance for the first time since summer!

Have a lovely relaxed Sunday & don’t forget I want all the info you can give me on eBay!

Emma xx

You Can’t Revise For Some Tests!


Well its late Sunday evening here in the UK and it is the end to what I feel has been a good week!

As a family we have an agreement to our dates for our holiday next year, we are going to NYC for 2 nights and then heading to my godparents in Indiana for almost 2 weeks. I am sooo excited! We are planning on staying in either the Wellington or Crowne Plaza Times Square – if you have stayed in either your opinion would be greatly appreciated!

At weigh in, despite not really being on plan I only gain 1/2 lb, which I was really pleased with. I have been really good this week and hardly synned at all. I do however, feel really bloated and not like I have lost any weight at all.

I also went shopping today with Harriet and I got her some really gorgeous bits for her little bubba, who will be with us in just a few weeks!

Its all been quite a good week, I am slightly nervous about tomorrow, I am going for my first smear test. I know that it is something the majority of women my age go for this test and it is ALWAYS wise to do so. I think for me it I am not worried about the actual test, its the results (which is always the case after a test). Unfortunately this isn’t a test I can revise for or do my best (as my dad always says), this is down to my body to give the right results. I have been thinking over the past couple of weeks about people that really moan about their lives and that they do nothing with it. I cant help but think that if they actually did something for themselves that they might have something to be positive about. There are people in this world that would love to have the chance to lead a healthy life and have unlimited options as to what they can do, surely you would want to live your life to the fullest for them?!

Sentimental part out of the way!

On the plus side I have felt this weekend that it is the beginning of Autumn, which has got me VERY excited! I LOVE autumn/winter, getting all snuggled up in a nice thick jumper and boots, fresh, crisp mornings and dark evenings! I am seriously excited about Christmas, I love this time of year and I am going to go all out this year and make my own Christmas cards (another tick!).

Whilst browsing on Pinterest I stumbled across a new blog that I have completely fallen in love with there is free printables, craft ideas, cooking ideas all fantastic stuff and I have already seen a few things that I am going to be giving a go!

Ok, I need to call it a night, I have to be at work tomorrow for 8am! Whilst I am here I thought I would let you know that Learning To Fly now has its own Facebook Page, so why not enter into your browser and hit like

Speak Soon

Em xx