I wont lie, I have been watching A LOT of Sex And The City recently. When I say A LOT I mean all the way through from Season 1 Episode 1 to the very end of Season 6. Just the movies to get in now and I will have completed my SATC fix!

Whilst watching SATC recently it has made me realise just how much of an important part of life friendship is. Whilst Samantha, Carrie, Miranda & Charlotte see each other regularly and communicate what seemed like every day, in reality that isn’t always possible.

I will admit I am not perfect, I can read a text message and not reply then forget about it for a week.

Work, the gym and just general house maintenance takes up my time and without realising almost a month has passed since I last saw some of my favourite people! But when my life slows down and I dont hear from my friends or we dont meet up for a while, I worry that I have done something to upset some one. Its stupid as every time I eventually speak with them or see them things are fine and I am just being insecure.

A friendship should not be valued on the amount of time you speak and spend with each other.

I had a couple of friends a few years ago, the 3 of us we used to live in each others pockets and talk continuously. I thought we were really close, friends for life. The friendship fell apart slowly over about 18 months, we all started to make decisions that each other didn’t agree with and our lives just didn’t interact anymore. The sad part was that at the time we each blamed each other for the downfall of our friendship, in reality it was all of us. Nowadays, I am lucky if I see my friends (apart from those I work with) once a month, we will text once a week maybe, but spending actual time together is a few hours of an evening once a month or maybe the odd day shopping every few months. I am not complaining as I love every minute I spend with my friends, but what I have learnt is that we dont have to spend all our time together.

There are lots of posts and things going round the internet like the one below and weirdly its true, real friends will be there for you no matter how long its been since you last spoke.

With that said, I hope to all my girls that are reading this know that even if I am rubbish at texting back or our lives get in the way of us meeting up regularly that you feel the same as I do.

Our friendship is strong enough that you know that I will drop everything if you need me.




Sweet On The Inside

Is it just me or are there Pineapples everywhere at the moment? It feels like every shop I go into and every time I have a browse through Pinterest, there they are. I wonder if this song that my nieces are obsessed with have anything do do with this new craze?

Whether you are looking to include them in your home decor, your wardrobe or perhaps a new item of jewelry you can pretty much pick anything up to suit your style. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Pineapples, well apart from when they make your tongue fuzzy – does anyone else get that? Or is it just me?

Well,  I have been sucked in to the Pineapple trend and have even thought about including some pineapple decor in my redecorating plans, if you are following me on Pinterest you will notice I have done a slight overhaul on my boards and have become a frequent home decor pinner recently.

I wondered how many of you have also thought about bringing this new trend into your homes and wardrobes and thought I would share with you some things I have found or even brought recently, I know that blogs are worldwide, so all of these items are UK based so may not be available overseas.

Sweet Smelling Home

I love nothing more than burning candles and creating a lovely fragranced home so it is no surprise that Partylite has been part of my shopping routine for many years now. Just before Christmas my cousin (who is a consultant) hosted a party for my mum and knowing that I was moving out soon I took a look in the book for things for my new home. I fell in love with the smell of Pineapple Sugarcane. Partylite describe this fragrance as

A Summer Fizz Of Lush Pineapple And Crisp White Coconut Meet Sun Ripened Peaches And Pink Papaya In A Heady Coastline Cocktail.

Image Courtesy Of

I brought the 3 wick jar when it was on offer, I think it only cost me £15 at the time, when we first moved in it was the only thing I would burn and everyone commented on how nice it was, as I am sure you can imagine I was gutted once I had burnt the lot in just over 4 weeks! I am definitely going to be ordering another Jar, they are just £19.95 for a jar which Partylite advise lasts between 24-45 hours. The one thing that has always frustrated me with Partylite is that you used to have to order at a party, but now you can buy online through your consultant. The cost is no different, there is just a charge for postage & packaging, but its £3.50 no matter how much you buy! So I am going to buying online through my consultants website, why not browse yourself – just click on this link!

Heart Of Gold

We were in Homebase the other week buying our new tiles for the bathroom (they are totally gorge by the way!) and decided to have a look round the wallpaper section, trying to find something to go in the Kitchen and I stumbled across some wall stickers. They were mainly for nurseries and kids rooms, but I spotted some lovely gold polka dots which I thought would go nicely in our smallest room (I want to claim that room as my closet – I have no chance), when my eyes spied some cute gold Pineapple stickers. I am not overly sure what I want to do with our spare room, but I thought they would go quite nicely with the furniture we have in there at the moment.

The pack costs £9.99 and for that you get 40 gold stickers, which should be just enough to cover a small wall, or perhaps get 2 boxes and create a border around the room. It works out a lot cheaper than buying actual wall paper and according the website they are easily re positional as well. I have been hunting through Pinterest for some inspiration as to how I can include these in my decor for the spare room and I love this idea.

Cherish Your Memories

I love my photos and I love nothing more than displaying them, I am yet to update my frames and get them up around the house but I have some things up my sleeve and just biding my time. I have a soft spot for black frames, but every so often I like to mix things up a bit and what a perfect way to this with this £10 Pineapple frame from Sass & Belle on asos. It’s perfect for the hallway or a teen bedroom, ideal for displaying your favourite picture of you and your loved one.

Wear It

Perhaps your looking for something a bit more subtle that you can mix up with your spring/summer wardrobe? I found this cute earring set on the Forever 21 website, 3 different stud sets for just £3! Perfect for that trip to the beach or cocktails with the girls.

Maybe a new charm for your bracelet? Hit up H Samuel to get your hands on this GORGEOUS Chamilla Pineapple charm for £45. I think is adorable and I know people that have added Chamilla Charms to their Pandora bracelets and vica versa, so why not!

Eat Me!

I love pineapple especially at our local Brazilian restaurant when they warm it with cinnamon its lovely. I have found these lovely sounded recipes on line that I thought you might want to try too!

The Beach House Kitchen’s Chocolate Dipped Pineapple Slices – how lovely do these look and if you were to use dark chocolate it would definately be a healthier snack.

The Stay At Home Chef has done wonders with this reciepe, Pineapple Pancakes with Coconut Syrup! I can just picture myself sat in our garden, the morning sun beating down on me whilst I sit eating a plateful of pancakes and a morning cocktail (why not – I am on holiday in my dream). I cant wait to try these!

Well, I hope I have given you all some inspiration as to how to bring some Pineapple sunshine into your cold wintery Febuary! I love the winter and definately prefer being cosy, but there is something inside me that just cant wait for the weather to get a little bit warmer!



It’s Ok To Be Normal

On any day of the week, scrolling through any social media feed you will find friends, family, bloggers, vloggers, celebrities and just your general everyday folk claiming just how wonderful their lives are and how “lucky” they are to be going on an expensive trip or having purchased a new luxury fashion item or how much weight they have lost the list is endless. All the time you are scrolling, if you are anything like me you will be sat there thinking “why can’t I have that?” and questioning why your life is so boring and dull.

BUT in reality we are only seeing what they want you see. You never rarely see people posting genuinely about their lives, all the ups and downs. Social media is full of fake lives and its about time that I remember this and stop comparing my normal life to those who only show us the parts they want us to see.

Don’t get me wrong, I have posted things before that may make my life seem to be more perfect than it is and my facebook memories are constant reminder of how much I used to post my whole life for the world to see. Why do we do that? Why do we think that everyone wants to see every part of our life? Because we are all nosey buggers? Ha! Yes we are, but would we miss it if people didn’t share everything? No, probably not.

Today, whilst writing this, I removed my twitter app from my phone. Following bloggers really wasn’t helping my self esteem and I have found it has made me really unappreciative of my life that I have spent so long building with Matt. I am going to be keeping my Instagram, mainly becuase I only following friends, family and companies that I use and I will stick around on Facebook too for the same reasons.

If I keep comparing my “normal”life to their fake lives then I will never appreciate what I have. I have great friends, great family, an awesome boyfriend and after many years of waiting MY OWN HOUSE. That for me, is a massive thing I have wanted for a long time so sod the fakers, I am excited about my new adventure and new chapter in my life!

If I can ask anything of you all. Screw the fakers. Remember that if you stay at home in your PJs all weekend eating cake and drinking prosecco it’s ok!


Emma xx

Memories Of 2016

For most people they will claim that 2016 was one of the worst years on record, I understand their reasons as a human race we did make some questionable decisions last year but I don’t see why everyone’s year should be cast as a bad one? 

Each year, no matter who you are, you will have ups and downs and life will throw you some unexpected curve balls. However, that is normal and it wouldn’t be life without the odd curve ball to overcome! For those that follow this blog, will know that I was handed a few curve balls myself but everything I came up against just made me stronger.

I have A LOT of fond, happy memories of 2016 and I can hand on heart say, that 2016 was pretty great for me. I wanted to share with you some pictures which remind me of the great parts of 2016!

Mexico – Jan 2016. Hands Down One Of The Best Holidays We Have Had. The Sea Was a Gorgeous Blue, Filled With Happy Sea Turtles. The Hotel Was Superb And We Made Life Long Friends With Fellow Holiday Makers.
The Stevens Wedding – March 2016. Such A Lovely Day Seeing 2 Of Our Favourite People Commit The Rest Of Their Lives Together.
Centre Parcs – April 2016. Yes, Matt Had His Accident And It Was A Testing Time BUT Before That We Were Having The Best Time With My Cousins. I Love The Bond That We All Share, I Truly Feel So Lucky To Have Them.
Our Mini Break – June 2016. In A Bid To Get Away Whilst Matt Was Still Recovering, We Headed Down The Coast and Enjoyed A Few Days In Devon. Although I Was Stopping Matt Swearing This Is My Favourite Photo Of That Whole Weekend, We Were Genuinely Having A Really Lovely Time.
Girls Day Out – July 2016. A Very Green Trip To London, The Sky Garden, The Folly, St Dunstans Church & Spitalfields Market. It Was A Pleasure To Spend The Day With Hayley & Helen, Helen Even Announced Her Pregancy And Guess What It’s A Girl! So It Truly Was A Girls Day Out!
Birthday Shopping – August 2016. A Day With My Favourite Cousin At Westfields. It Was Fantastic & We Are Planning On Doing It All Again This Year! 

Scotland – September 2016. A Week With One Of My Best Friends And Her Gorgeous Boy! It Was Just What I Needed And I Loved Every Second Of It!
Ladies Night – September 2016. Turtle Bay With The Ladies Of The Family. These 2 Are Much More Than Family! Such A Great Night, Lots Of Cocktails And Yummy Food Was Consumed!
The River – Sept 2016. One Of My Favourite Experiences Of 2016. Washing Away My Fears In The River. Another Amazing Dimples & Daisies Shoot.
Firework Night – November 2016. Local Fireworks With Our Sister In Law & Nieces. It Was Brilliant To Share Our Yearly Tradition With The Girls.
The House – December 2016. Our First Home, After Just Over 7 Years We Brought Our First Home Together And It’s Perfect!

So as you can see, my 2016 holds some pretty awesome memories for me. So when you are claiming that 2016 was rubbish or it was the worst year on record remember that might be true for you but it isn’t necessarily true for the person you are speaking to. We all go through each year individually and you can make as great or as bad as you want it to be. If you choose to be guided by the media and politics and let that dictate the year you are going to have, then you will forever lead a bad life. If you decide to sit back and see where life’s journey takes you, you can end up on some really good adventures.

I hope you all have a fantastic 2017 and that when the clock strikes midnight turning into 2018, you can all say that there was something about 2017 you enjoyed.

Goals For 2017

I cant recall the first time I heard about a New Years Resolution, but I remember people always saying that you never stick to them. People will frequently start a New Year Diet or sign up to the gym, but this are done so frequently and last for such a short period of time, I cant help but wonder if people agree to these just to please society?

Don’t get me wrong, I have done both those things in January, but not as a New Year Resolution. I am simply getting back into a routine that I had started last year and just forgot during my recent house move.

I did have a think over the festive period about what I want to achieve in 2017 and what I want to do, not resolutions as such, I guess more of a 2017 bucket list. I wanted to share this with you, not only to give you all some inspiration about goals you could set yourself, but also so that they are down on paper and it can be things I can share throughout the year.

1. Have Both Sets Of Parents Over For Dinner
It will be so nice to have both mine and Matt’s parents over for dinner, cooked by us, in our own home at some point this year. Both sets of parents have done a lot for us over the years and have really helped us out when we were in our home buying process. Strangely and not as I expected, they have allowed us time to just settle in to our home, I was only saying to Matt the other day that neither set have just turned up unexpectedly.

2. Walk To The Castle & Have A Picnic
I am definitely someone who believes that you should love where you live and I candidly take my local area for granted. Not too far from our house is a Castle Ruin which has lovely grounds and an ideal picnic location in the summer. I would love for Matt and I to take a nice stroll down there and relax in the afternoon sun with some yummy food. There is a lot in my local area that I have haven’t done or don’t appreciate, I would like to explore my local area more and really start to enjoy it.

3. Have An Easter Egg Hunt For Our Nieces & Nephew
I love spending time with our Nieces (8 & 4) and Nephew (18mths), they are all such lovely children and really bring a smile to my face. We have often taken the girls on days out to the zoo or the farm, but I would really like to be able to have an easter egg hunt for them at our house. Being a typical auntie I love nothing more than to spoil them and they all know where the “naughty” cupboard is at our house and we have only been there for 4 weeks!

4. Go To Harry Potter Studio’s At Christmas
Matt & I visited the Harry Potter studio’s a few years ago now when we had a week off one spring. It was great fun and we both really enjoyed it. However, I know quite a few people that have been at Christmas when the Hall is all decorated and have said it is truly magical. It has become tradition for us to watch Harry Potter in the lead up to Christmas and it would be a great start to our 2017 Christmas celebrations to re-visit the Harry Potter Studios.

5. Drop A Dress Size
I have been on a “diet” since I was 18, so almost 10 years now. For almost 10 years I have wanted to be skinny. Don’t get me wrong, there have been times where I have been a lot thinner than I am now but in contrast times that I have been a lot heavier. However, I don’t want to be thin, I want to be healthier and fitter than I am now. I am trying to eat healthy, everything in moderation and I have been a regular visitor at the gym for a good few months now. Everything takes time, but if I can drop a dress size this year and end the year in a smaller jean size than I am currently then I will be happy. We don’t own a pair of scales in this house and we NEVER will, this year will be based on how my body feels and changes – I will not be focused on a number.

Like I said, they are goals personal to myself and things that I would like to achieve in 2017. All I ask of you is that any goals or resolutions you set in 2017 do them for YOU. Don’t set goals and resolutions to follow the crowd or be influenced by society, use this year to do something that you want to do. Be it travelling, a new hobby or even start a family. Just enjoy each moment and make the most of the year as I am sure 2018 will be here before we know it! 


Emma xx

Where Have I Been?!

Wow, its been a while!

I would apologise for being away for a few months but in reality I am not sorry. As I posted a little while back I was feeling at a bit of a low point after my Birthday and it took me a while to get out of my rut, but I did in my own way and in my own time. Unfortunately, with that came a writers block and a lack of motivation and inspiration to write and get lost in words. If I am honest, I am not sure how long this spurge now will last, not because I feel naff but just because I still don’t know quite what I want to say, but whilst I feel the urge I am going to write away.

So what have I been doing with my time (not that blogging took up much of it)? In September Matt and I visited a financial advisor to get some advice about how far off we were getting a mortgage and if we could realistically afford it on our salaries. I think we were both shocked and excited when he told us we were fine to go ahead and start looking and that we would have no problems getting a mortgage. We started to look around and see what was out there, we wrote a list of things we wanted from a house and were picky about what we looked at. The 3rd house we looked at we both really liked, we debated on the dining area as we felt it was too small and it turned out we debated for too long as it was off the market when we decided we wanted a 2nd viewing. Not to be deterred we viewed a few more and thought we had found “the one”, but open houses are a nightmare and we ended up in a bidding war and pulled out as the offers were getting ridiculous. Then nothing seemed to come on the market and I think we were starting to get a bit disheartened when I got a call from the agent saying that the first house we both really liked was going back on the market and did we want to take a look?

We had our 2nd viewing the following day and didn’t waste anytime in putting in an offer. About an hour after putting in our offer we were walking round Asda when we got a call to say our offer had been accepted. I could have cried. It was then all systems go, as first time buyers we were in a position to go as fast as the seller wanted and luckily there was just 3 houses in our chain and everyone was happy to be completed by Christmas. So on 9th December 2016, exactly 8 weeks after our offer was accepted we moved into our first home. A lovely 3 bed, semi detatched on the outskirts of a city, about a 10 minute drive from my family home.

It is perfect, we dont need to do anything to the house apart from put in a driveway, but of course like any young first time buyers we want to put our stamp on the place. We have already decided to remove the bath and just have a walk in shower unit, as well as eventually do an extension on our kitchen/diner to create a bigger socializing area and potentially extend into the loft. Some of our friends and family think we are crazy to be planning so much, but for us this is our forever home. Neither of us want to move around frequently and its not something we have done with our families. We decided on this house because the location was ideal, there was potential to grow into the house and for the house to grow with us.

So I suppose my mind has been on other things and the fact that only a handful of our immediate family and friends that were helping us move knew, I couldn’t write on here all about it. That was difficult as there was so much I wanted to write and share as that is all I have known since I started blogging. Trust me there will be lots of home blogs and idea’s coming soon!

So where have we been the past few months? Getting prepared to settle in nicely to our first home and that is exactly what we have done. As I write this we are both relaxed on the sofa eating a tub of Quality Street and watching crappy telly trying to find a light fitting for our living room!

I cant wait to share more of our journey with you over the following months…..


Emma xxx

The River

4th July

Dimples & Daisies announce on their Instagram and Facebook a grand 4th July sale with fantastic offers, disappointed that there was no Liberty Shoots on offer, I messaged the girls on their Instagram page to find out if they will release any more offers including Liberty Shoot and they replied pretty quick asking me to keep an eye on their Facebook site for an offer later that day…..

9pm that evening…..I have sent a text to Jemma asking if she is interested in the offer on the River shoot – Buy One Get One FREE!!!! BARGAIN! She replies saying she is in – I transferred the money and Voila! We are booked in for the River Shoot! With Hayley having stunning photo’s like this come back from her shoot, I cant wait for mine!

How Pretty! 

Love This One! So Natural!

8th July

Over dinner at our local Harvester, we have a chat about how much my excitement is reaching crazy stupid heights and Matt decides to tell me that he has booked a surprise for my Birthday on the date of my River Shoot! To say I was cross but excited about a surprise was a bit of an understatement.
I messaged the girls and they worked some magic and managed to switch us onto another shoot, so we are still full steam ahead for our September River Shoot!

24th July

Visiting the Sky Garden in London, I can’t help but practice my posing – Yes! I am a poser and YES I love it!

Early September

Jemma and I head to our local shopping centre one night after work and hit the sale rails in New Look and manage to get some lovely pieces for the shoot, whilst shopping we pick out bits for each other and we spent time laughing about how all the 90’s fashion is coming back in – dresses over t-shirts?! what is that about! It was so nice to shop with Jemma, its been a long time BUT it just added to whole experience!

27th September

The day of the shoot, I was excited and nervous and didn’t expect to cry or feel the way I did. I naughtily couldnt hold off writing about my experience of my shoot and some of you may have already read all about it, but check out my post here to see how it effected me!

With all that in mind, I honestly felt soo good about myself and so confident afterwards and even now I still have that feeling going now and I love that just getting your photo taken and being surrounded by fellow women building you up can make you feel that good!

12th October

Photo day! Things have been pretty manic for me lately (more about that in a different post) so I haven’t had chance to get nervous. As I drove myself and Jemma over to Holly’s for our viewings my tummy started to get excited and I started to get butterflies. That was until I realised I had forgotten the Pretzel Bites I had promised Holly and a wave of dread came over me that I had let her down, but don’t worry – she will get her stash!

Jemma went first and had the absolute same reaction I did first time round and it was so nice to see her realise just how awesome she is! Holly is the 100% best person to show anyone their photos, she is so positive and has such a good eye and makes you see things about yourself that you cant see.

I have read a lot on the Facebook page that Jen’s style has changed over the last year and I LOVE my corn shoots, so I was a bit concerned what if I didn’t like these ones, but I really did not need to be concerned. They were ALL amazing, but due to body hang ups of my own or not wanting to come away with ones that looked similar I walked away with 10 photos and apart from 2 (due to hating my fat cellulite covered thighs) I love every single one and CANNOT wait to share some of them with you……

If you are in the Hampshire area and looking to do something for yourself OR want to give your partner a way to boost her confidence and let her see what you see in her, contact the girls. I am sooo pleased Hayley got me in touch with them over a year ago, I can’t ever imagine wanting anyone else to take my photo’s now and I will be a member of the Dimples & Daisies Squad forever more!


Emma xxx