I had a bit of a meltdown a few days ago. I felt lonely, 2nd best and generally not good enough.

I cried hard to my mum on the phone, silent cried at my desk and cried at my desk with a team mate. It was a bad day and the first one for a long time.

But do you know what made me feel better? 

Coming home to Matt. 

For the first time I didnt turn to food to cure my sadness, I didnt rant on social media. I just waited for 5pm.

I have seen the quote that home is in your arms, or something like that and I never understood that until that day.

Often we take for granted our relationships and loved ones who are always there for us. I know that no matter what Matt will always be there for me. 

He is the man that I wanted when you hear all the love songs as a teenager. I have got the love I have always imagined. I have someone that I not only fancy pants off but someone who is genuinely my best friend. The person I want to tell my happy and sad stories to. 

If I have no-one else I have him. 

So for all the teens out there that hear love songs, watch the teen movies and want a love like that. 

Its yours. 

It will come to you and when it does grab it with both hands. Love hard and love honestly. 

Capricorn & Virgo

This Man Right There Has Stood By My Side Solidly For The Past 8 Years Today. I Wont Lie, It Hasn’t Always Been A Straightforward Path & We Have Had Our Ups And Downs. But We Are Still Standing And I Am Ready For Whatever Comes Our Way Over The Next Year, Because I Know Together We Can Do Anything.