Pay Day Wishlist

This post was originally meant to be about the Seafood Festival at Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth that Matt & I attended last Saturday. Unfortunately it wasn’t that good and 100% not blog worthy! However, whilst looking round the shops I really wished it was payday and I had some spare cash to spend…..

With just £15 to my name and just enough fuel to get me to and from work for the next 5 days when I wrote this, I decided I was going to do some dreaming about what to spend my money on next month!

So, everyone has bills to pay each month and savings (mine is for Canada next year) but after that most of us have a bit of money to play with. For me the amount of play money I have depends on how much I am saving that month and that all depends on how much I have dipped into my savings the month before hand haha!

But this payday, I have some plans and things I want to buy!

  • A new dress for Goodwood Races in August. The theme this year is navy and white – I am thinking a white dress, joined with a navy bag and shoes. Perhaps something like this one from New Look.

  •  Chrome Nail Polish by Sensationail. I really want the silver and cobalt blue one – I love how they look! A bargain for £6.99!


  • Birthday Goodies for my best friend. Its her birthday towards the end of July and I always try to get something that she wants and a little something extra.


  • Plants for the garden. I love our garden BUT its crying out for some greenery and colour! I got some terracotta pots a month or so ago, so I just need to get something to go in in!

So only a few little treats, but sometimes that’s all you need to make you feel happy a few little splurges here and there dont hurt anyone! That reminds me, I think I will need to pick up some smellies too and maybe take Matt out for dinner or drinks one sunny evening too!

So what do you like to spend your fun money on? Is it spent on take outs and drinks out of an evening or perhaps a new wardrobe each month! Why not sound off in the comments below so we can all have a natter together!

Keep Smiling!



Brush Egg Review


This is a really unusual post for me as its related to beauty and a review/tutorial which is way out of my comfort zone! However, when I saw on my twitter feed about a brush egg, I thought it would be a perfect tool for me to clean my make-up brushes, now I am not a big make up person and will usually just wear the basics so I have never been too bothered about looking after my brushes. My parents brought me Real Technique brushes for christmas (last year) and I figured I needed to look after them, so I brought a Brush Egg on Amazon for 99p (BARGAIN) and thought I would show you all how I got on!

So, I got all my brushes together along with my favourite towel some baby shampoo and got myself set up at the sink in the kitchen.

I ran the tap so it was lukewarm and set to work! First off make sure you have some soap on your brush egg tool, then place either your 2 forefingers or your thumb into the egg, dampen the brush and start to swirl the brush in circular motions.

Be sure to rinse your brush off and get all the soap out of your brush, always hold the brush downwards so that the water doesn’t seep into your brush and undo all the glue! 
Seeing the colour disappear out of all my brushes, I cant believe I left it so long to do this! The great thing is the egg is suitable for all brush sizes which makes this a quick 5 minute job for someone like me who as minimal make up tools. The brush I was most impressed with was my foundation brush, it was packed with make up, but the end result was fab….

I was so impressed, it looks as good as new – I almost don’t want to make it dirty again. I carried on with the remainder of my brushes and the amount of make up that came out of them was unreal!

I have left them on my windowsill to dry out before I use them again, but I am so impressed with my Brush Egg and will definitely be making sure I regularly keep my brushes clean! So why not pick your self up a Brush Egg for yourself to make this little task a bit easier! 
Emma xx

Mani Monday

Happy Monday!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, I spent Sunday celebrating one of our Niece’s 4th Birthday! We headed to the Beach to hit up the arcades and finished off a fun afternoon with a lovely Roast Dinner!

The girls wanted so badly for us to go back to watch Pitch Perfect, but Matt had some jobs to do and I needed to get some blogging done, so we promised to visit them soon for a movie night. Ruby wanted to know what blogging I was doing and I told her I needed to update my nails ready for Mani Monday and she requested that I painted my nails pink! So like any good Auntie, I promised her I would!

So today’s Mani Monday, is brought to you by Barry M! Stage 1 is the Gelly Hi-Shine, but unfortunately I am unsure what the shade is.

But, I couldn’t just have normal pink as I believe every girl deserves a bit of sparkle! So I opted for a sparkly top coat, this one is a limited edition so I am not sure if its still available as I got it a long time ago!
I love my pink sparkly nails and if my week at work this week is as crazy as last week, seeing my girly nails will keep me smiling all week long!
Hope you all have a wonderful week!
Emma xxx

Mani Monday

I really treated myself last week, shortly after I my post had gone live last Monday I was doing some shopping on Amazon and found Beautifully Bizarre for just £6.20!! I couldn’t leave it there, so I clicked buy now and impatiently waited for it to come in the post.

I was so overjoyed on Friday when it arrived and knew that this weeks Mani Monday would be all about Beautifully Bizarre!

I am so besotted with this shade, its such a beautiful pink pearl colour, I only had to use 2 coats to cover it, if I am honest it could probably do with 3 coats! It also dried really quickly which is an added bonus. 
I cant wait to play around with it, I think it would make it beautiful undertone with a black crackle overlay or maybe even spruce up a ring finger with a pale pink manicure! 
I would love to get more on from the Melrose Collection, so I will be keeping my eye out on beauty websites and scouring the shelves in TK Maxx!
Until next week….
Emma xxx

Mani Monday

Hello All!

I am in the midst of a nail dilemma…..trying nail tape again and KEEP failing, I am so annoyed! BUT I will try again, so everything I had planned to share with you today has gone out the window……but worry not! Rather than showing you my awful attempt, I am going to share with you what I am dying to get my hands on!

Its ORLY’s new collection called Melrose, described by ORLY as 

Take a stroll down the famous and funky indie shopping mecca that stretches from Silver Lake to Santa Monica. Here you’ll find designer couture, funky indie shops, restaurants and one of L.A.’s most popular flower shops.’ 

The colours are gorgeous and perfect for spring, my favourite out of 6 polishes is Beautifully Bizarre, its a beautiful pink/pearl colour with a touch of shimmer, I think it would be great for toes or fingers! 

You can pick these 0.6oz polishes for $8.50 direct from the ORLY website, or the whole collection for $42.50!

I can’t find these anywhere in the UK at the moment, but the minute I do, I will be getting my mitts on these, so any UK readers out there that have seen these let me know please!

Happy Monday

Emma xxx

Mani Monday

Happy Mani Monday!

So, did any of you try out the nail art tutorials I posted last week? They all looked so easy and when it came to changing my polish over the weekend I wasn’t sure whether to give them a go OR use my Sensational Kit that my parents got me for Christmas!

As I haven’t used my kit yet, I thought I better had. I have only had a Gel Manicure twice and both times I have been really impressed with how long they have lasted and the fact that its dry straight away. Grabbing yourself a Sensational Kit means that you can do this in the comfort of your own home and you don’t have to visit the salon and it took me about 15 minutes in total.

You get quite a bit included in your kit:

Ideally, they pack in a really simple instruction card, advising how to prep your nails and apply the gel polish. I think once I have done it 2 or 3 times I will be a pro, so I wont need to use any instructions! 
To cut it short, you have to apply the base & top coat and cure under the light for 30 secs then apply 2 coats of the polish and cure for 60 secs each then the base & top coat again for another 30.
The colour is quite pale, but its nice and neutral and Sensational do a lot of different shades and I cant wait to start picking some up from Boots! 
Emma xx

Mani Monday

Happy Mani Monday Everyone!

Today I wanted to share with you my favourite tutorials that I have been watching this week on YouTube! They have given me a lot of inspiration for new designs and things that I want to try, so perhaps they might inspire you all too!

Comment below with your attempts and keep your eyes peeled for my attempts coming up in the following weeks! 
Emma xxx