Sorry my blogging is a bit all over the show at the moment, I am very much enjoying being a home owner for the first time and everything that it encompasses! Our first few months (they have gone super quick!) hasn’t been without its problems, mainly as I know most people find, we had to get a new boiler! Thankfully it hasn’t put us too far behind with the projects we want to get done this year so we can have a year of rest and adventures in 2018!

Our first project this year was the bathroom, we haven’t been blessed with a big bathroom, but that wasn’t something on our wishlist. Neither of our parents homes have large bathrooms, so its never something we have been used to really. It had everything we needed and was fully tiled with large white tiles and lovely black sparkly floor tiles, but the one thing that was wrong was the size of the bath!

There was no chance of Matt getting in there for a bath, I tried twice, maybe 3 times to have a nice relaxing bath with some of my favourite bath bombs from LUSH, with no avail – I was too long! I have never had that problem before in my life! So, we used some money that we had been given when we moved in combined with our savings and decided we would strip the bath out and have just a shower unit.

I had 2 requests…..mosaic tiles and a rainfall shower. I managed to get one of my requests fully but the 2nd had to be compromised. But I really don’t care as the finished product is amazing – I have never been so excited about having a shower in all my life hahaha!


So I want to show you our finished product – here are a few pictures and I will share with you below where we purchased some of our bits, so you can recreate a similar look in your own home!

Not Much Has Changed Here, Just A New Unit To Store Some Bits!


Aaaaah! Our Beautiful New Shower Unit!


Gorgeous Tiles & Shower
Our Little Towel Rail!

Don’t you just love it! I am so pleased we managed to get our finishing touches this weekend and can start to make the finishing touches to the garden and make a start on the next room!

So where did we get our stuff from?

Our new unit I purchased (and put together) this weekend is from The Range, it cost £34.99 and has 1 shelve in there. It perfectly fits all our cleaning products and spare shower gel, toothpaste, spare toothbrushes and general bathroom necessities! Unfortunately I can’t find this on The Range website, but I am sure if you head to your local one they will have this one or something similar.

I love our toothbrush holder! Its from Asda and cost £7, its a lot heavier than it looks and I love the granite look that it has. Our Shower Caddy is also from Asda, its rust free which is great and came with 2 stickers so it can be attached to the wall. However, at the moment we aren’t fussed on having it on the wall. It was a bit expensive at £15, but as its rust free which is something we were really keen on, so worth the cost!

Our lovely shower is by a company called Mira, its a Mira Agile model which you can buy directly from Mira at £459.60 with a 5 year warranty. Our Shower tray is also from Mira, because of the size of the room ours its an unusual size, but its Resin Stone, so its strong and well made too!

Now, for our tiles! We had to get some new white tiles which don’t quite match, but I am hoping it isn’t glaringly obvious when you look at these photo’s. They were just basic tiles on offer, I think £10 for a pack of £10, we over brought so were able to take a pack back, which is always a bonus! Our grey mosaic tiles are not mosaic at all. Its a full size tile that is mosaic effect, its £15 for a pack of 10, its an ideal option for anyone who loves mosaics but not the hard work of tiling them! All our tiles were brought at Homebase and as I mentioned previously if you have a full unopened pack, you can return them and get your money back – so my advice would be buy more than what you need, just in case and return any unused packs!

Well, I hope you have enjoyed a little insight into our bathroom!


Emma xx

Sweet On The Inside

Is it just me or are there Pineapples everywhere at the moment? It feels like every shop I go into and every time I have a browse through Pinterest, there they are. I wonder if this song that my nieces are obsessed with have anything do do with this new craze?

Whether you are looking to include them in your home decor, your wardrobe or perhaps a new item of jewelry you can pretty much pick anything up to suit your style. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Pineapples, well apart from when they make your tongue fuzzy – does anyone else get that? Or is it just me?

Well,  I have been sucked in to the Pineapple trend and have even thought about including some pineapple decor in my redecorating plans, if you are following me on Pinterest you will notice I have done a slight overhaul on my boards and have become a frequent home decor pinner recently.

I wondered how many of you have also thought about bringing this new trend into your homes and wardrobes and thought I would share with you some things I have found or even brought recently, I know that blogs are worldwide, so all of these items are UK based so may not be available overseas.

Sweet Smelling Home

I love nothing more than burning candles and creating a lovely fragranced home so it is no surprise that Partylite has been part of my shopping routine for many years now. Just before Christmas my cousin (who is a consultant) hosted a party for my mum and knowing that I was moving out soon I took a look in the book for things for my new home. I fell in love with the smell of Pineapple Sugarcane. Partylite describe this fragrance as

A Summer Fizz Of Lush Pineapple And Crisp White Coconut Meet Sun Ripened Peaches And Pink Papaya In A Heady Coastline Cocktail.

Image Courtesy Of

I brought the 3 wick jar when it was on offer, I think it only cost me £15 at the time, when we first moved in it was the only thing I would burn and everyone commented on how nice it was, as I am sure you can imagine I was gutted once I had burnt the lot in just over 4 weeks! I am definitely going to be ordering another Jar, they are just £19.95 for a jar which Partylite advise lasts between 24-45 hours. The one thing that has always frustrated me with Partylite is that you used to have to order at a party, but now you can buy online through your consultant. The cost is no different, there is just a charge for postage & packaging, but its £3.50 no matter how much you buy! So I am going to buying online through my consultants website, why not browse yourself – just click on this link!

Heart Of Gold

We were in Homebase the other week buying our new tiles for the bathroom (they are totally gorge by the way!) and decided to have a look round the wallpaper section, trying to find something to go in the Kitchen and I stumbled across some wall stickers. They were mainly for nurseries and kids rooms, but I spotted some lovely gold polka dots which I thought would go nicely in our smallest room (I want to claim that room as my closet – I have no chance), when my eyes spied some cute gold Pineapple stickers. I am not overly sure what I want to do with our spare room, but I thought they would go quite nicely with the furniture we have in there at the moment.

The pack costs £9.99 and for that you get 40 gold stickers, which should be just enough to cover a small wall, or perhaps get 2 boxes and create a border around the room. It works out a lot cheaper than buying actual wall paper and according the website they are easily re positional as well. I have been hunting through Pinterest for some inspiration as to how I can include these in my decor for the spare room and I love this idea.

Cherish Your Memories

I love my photos and I love nothing more than displaying them, I am yet to update my frames and get them up around the house but I have some things up my sleeve and just biding my time. I have a soft spot for black frames, but every so often I like to mix things up a bit and what a perfect way to this with this £10 Pineapple frame from Sass & Belle on asos. It’s perfect for the hallway or a teen bedroom, ideal for displaying your favourite picture of you and your loved one.

Wear It

Perhaps your looking for something a bit more subtle that you can mix up with your spring/summer wardrobe? I found this cute earring set on the Forever 21 website, 3 different stud sets for just £3! Perfect for that trip to the beach or cocktails with the girls.

Maybe a new charm for your bracelet? Hit up H Samuel to get your hands on this GORGEOUS Chamilla Pineapple charm for £45. I think is adorable and I know people that have added Chamilla Charms to their Pandora bracelets and vica versa, so why not!

Eat Me!

I love pineapple especially at our local Brazilian restaurant when they warm it with cinnamon its lovely. I have found these lovely sounded recipes on line that I thought you might want to try too!

The Beach House Kitchen’s Chocolate Dipped Pineapple Slices – how lovely do these look and if you were to use dark chocolate it would definately be a healthier snack.

The Stay At Home Chef has done wonders with this reciepe, Pineapple Pancakes with Coconut Syrup! I can just picture myself sat in our garden, the morning sun beating down on me whilst I sit eating a plateful of pancakes and a morning cocktail (why not – I am on holiday in my dream). I cant wait to try these!

Well, I hope I have given you all some inspiration as to how to bring some Pineapple sunshine into your cold wintery Febuary! I love the winter and definately prefer being cosy, but there is something inside me that just cant wait for the weather to get a little bit warmer!



The River

4th July

Dimples & Daisies announce on their Instagram and Facebook a grand 4th July sale with fantastic offers, disappointed that there was no Liberty Shoots on offer, I messaged the girls on their Instagram page to find out if they will release any more offers including Liberty Shoot and they replied pretty quick asking me to keep an eye on their Facebook site for an offer later that day…..

9pm that evening…..I have sent a text to Jemma asking if she is interested in the offer on the River shoot – Buy One Get One FREE!!!! BARGAIN! She replies saying she is in – I transferred the money and Voila! We are booked in for the River Shoot! With Hayley having stunning photo’s like this come back from her shoot, I cant wait for mine!

How Pretty! 

Love This One! So Natural!

8th July

Over dinner at our local Harvester, we have a chat about how much my excitement is reaching crazy stupid heights and Matt decides to tell me that he has booked a surprise for my Birthday on the date of my River Shoot! To say I was cross but excited about a surprise was a bit of an understatement.
I messaged the girls and they worked some magic and managed to switch us onto another shoot, so we are still full steam ahead for our September River Shoot!

24th July

Visiting the Sky Garden in London, I can’t help but practice my posing – Yes! I am a poser and YES I love it!

Early September

Jemma and I head to our local shopping centre one night after work and hit the sale rails in New Look and manage to get some lovely pieces for the shoot, whilst shopping we pick out bits for each other and we spent time laughing about how all the 90’s fashion is coming back in – dresses over t-shirts?! what is that about! It was so nice to shop with Jemma, its been a long time BUT it just added to whole experience!

27th September

The day of the shoot, I was excited and nervous and didn’t expect to cry or feel the way I did. I naughtily couldnt hold off writing about my experience of my shoot and some of you may have already read all about it, but check out my post here to see how it effected me!

With all that in mind, I honestly felt soo good about myself and so confident afterwards and even now I still have that feeling going now and I love that just getting your photo taken and being surrounded by fellow women building you up can make you feel that good!

12th October

Photo day! Things have been pretty manic for me lately (more about that in a different post) so I haven’t had chance to get nervous. As I drove myself and Jemma over to Holly’s for our viewings my tummy started to get excited and I started to get butterflies. That was until I realised I had forgotten the Pretzel Bites I had promised Holly and a wave of dread came over me that I had let her down, but don’t worry – she will get her stash!

Jemma went first and had the absolute same reaction I did first time round and it was so nice to see her realise just how awesome she is! Holly is the 100% best person to show anyone their photos, she is so positive and has such a good eye and makes you see things about yourself that you cant see.

I have read a lot on the Facebook page that Jen’s style has changed over the last year and I LOVE my corn shoots, so I was a bit concerned what if I didn’t like these ones, but I really did not need to be concerned. They were ALL amazing, but due to body hang ups of my own or not wanting to come away with ones that looked similar I walked away with 10 photos and apart from 2 (due to hating my fat cellulite covered thighs) I love every single one and CANNOT wait to share some of them with you……

If you are in the Hampshire area and looking to do something for yourself OR want to give your partner a way to boost her confidence and let her see what you see in her, contact the girls. I am sooo pleased Hayley got me in touch with them over a year ago, I can’t ever imagine wanting anyone else to take my photo’s now and I will be a member of the Dimples & Daisies Squad forever more!


Emma xxx

Hidden Treasures

A couple of weeks ago I saw on a Blogging Community Twitter Feed that they were hosting a blogger event at a local Home Sense store, I was really tempted to go along and see what it was all about and roped my bestie in to come along with me! 

As always traffic was not on our side, but my little dot (my Citroen C1) powered along the motorway and we managed to get there not long after the start time. We were greeted by the lovely Fran and were given a choice of variety of bubbles and there was plenty of food to nibble on too! Fran gave us a Southampton Loves luggage tag and asked that we use this to include in any photo’s we take and make sure that is used as the # when we upload onto social media! 

We grabbed a basket each and started hunting round the store, there was so much to see it was like where to look first! I was loving it though and got so much inspiration for our own home, just how gorgeous are these pieces…

Homeware Haul!

We were lucky enough to be given a £20 gift voucher to spend in store on any goodies we fancy, is it just me or when you are given free money you can never decide what to spend it on?! I really struggled, I wanted to make sure my purchase was really worth while. A few weeks before Matt & I had spotted the glasses our welcome cocktails were served in when we went to Mexico. Now some of you may think that they were similar BUT I promise you, they were the same and were even made in Mexico & when I saw them at Home Sense, persuaded by Steph, I just couldn’t leave them there!

A Forever Mexico Momento

Now, whilst I love to shop and I don’t mind shopping for home ware and adding to my dream list, I never really properly looked and thought of how things would fit into our home that we will eventually buy….until that night, just how pretty are these table tops and gorgeous Moroccan themed lamps! Perfect for a little courtyard garden or conservatory!

Honestly, I had such a lovely time mooching round the shop and getting inspiration for our own home, I cant wait until the time comes that we can properly start shopping for the finishing touches! 
BIG thank you to Southampton Bloggers and Home Sense for having me, I can’t wait to attend the next event!

Emma xxx

Brush Egg Review


This is a really unusual post for me as its related to beauty and a review/tutorial which is way out of my comfort zone! However, when I saw on my twitter feed about a brush egg, I thought it would be a perfect tool for me to clean my make-up brushes, now I am not a big make up person and will usually just wear the basics so I have never been too bothered about looking after my brushes. My parents brought me Real Technique brushes for christmas (last year) and I figured I needed to look after them, so I brought a Brush Egg on Amazon for 99p (BARGAIN) and thought I would show you all how I got on!

So, I got all my brushes together along with my favourite towel some baby shampoo and got myself set up at the sink in the kitchen.

I ran the tap so it was lukewarm and set to work! First off make sure you have some soap on your brush egg tool, then place either your 2 forefingers or your thumb into the egg, dampen the brush and start to swirl the brush in circular motions.

Be sure to rinse your brush off and get all the soap out of your brush, always hold the brush downwards so that the water doesn’t seep into your brush and undo all the glue! 
Seeing the colour disappear out of all my brushes, I cant believe I left it so long to do this! The great thing is the egg is suitable for all brush sizes which makes this a quick 5 minute job for someone like me who as minimal make up tools. The brush I was most impressed with was my foundation brush, it was packed with make up, but the end result was fab….

I was so impressed, it looks as good as new – I almost don’t want to make it dirty again. I carried on with the remainder of my brushes and the amount of make up that came out of them was unreal!

I have left them on my windowsill to dry out before I use them again, but I am so impressed with my Brush Egg and will definitely be making sure I regularly keep my brushes clean! So why not pick your self up a Brush Egg for yourself to make this little task a bit easier! 
Emma xx


I am not sure if any of you caught my recent Instagram post with my Coconut Haul of goodies??

So it appears that I have some crazed obsession with all things Coconut! Honestly, I have about 3 different perfumes where the key tone is Coconut haha, this girl is literally obsessed! 
Anyway, I am not here to talk about all things coconut, well ok I am kinda, but mostly its about the amazing tea that purchased from Holland & Barrett! 
I first tried coconut green tea at my Hairdressers last year and have been looking for it (not literally hunting it down) ever since! I was over the moon when this jumped out at me whilst I was scouring the aisles the other day. You have no idea how insane the smell is that radiates from the packaging, it just makes me think of the sun and blue skies! 
I have already started to use my teapees (love that they are called this) and have fallen in love with this sooo much that I wanted to let you all know! 
The packaging describes their Organic Coconut Green Tea as 

An exotic combination of green tea and coconut with delicate lychee, which together make a delicious and distinctive tea blend that is both smooth and sweet.

The tea is completely organic and is produced by an independent family run company, Higher Living, in the UK. Which makes purchasing this product a complete win, win for me. I love supporting UK Companies especially when they are an independent business!
Each packet contains 15 teapees which are completely biodegradable, so are ECO friendly and safe for the environment. They recommend using 1 teapee for a single cup or 2 for a large cup, simply pour over boiling water and leave to infuse for 4-5 minutes to create the best flavour. I personally like to get as much as I can for my money, so I used 1 teapee for 2 cups (all for myself) today, it didn’t change the flavour of the tea at all and means that I will get 30 cups out of my 15 teapees now!
I have been looking on Higher Living‘s website at all the teas they have to offer and so far have started a mini shopping list!
I hope I have inspired you to try some different tea and visit Higher Living to see what they have to offer you! 


Emma xx

A Treat A Month

Hello All!

It has taken me a while to get this post to you, but whilst saving hard for a mortgage I am limited to the treats that I am getting myself and have wondered about a subscription box so I get a mystery treat once a month.

There are HUNDREDS of subscription boxes that you can get, before I have had a glossybox, but I am not a big make up fan and found that I didnt really use the products that often or really need them so I was wasting my money! However, after a bit of research there are 3 boxes that have caught my eye recently that I am really intreguied about. I wanted to share these with you & see what you think, maybe you have used these boxes before and have loved or maybe hated them! Let me know!

TreatBox By Not Shabby Very Chic

I first came across Not Shabby Very Chic on Instagram and instantly loved all their quirky bits and often thought some of their products would lovely in my dream home (don’t laugh we all have one!). So when I found out they do a monthly subscription service where you can get anything from stationary to home where all through your letter box, I thought this could be the right one for me! Their service starts at £12.95 a month or you can prepay for 3 months for £36 or 6 for £70. I am considering signing up for a monthly service and see how I get on and if I like the products, however, looking at past months I dont think I would be disappointed!

April’s Box! Photography Credit Not Shabby Very Chic

Nailbox By Nailbox

This one kinda does what it says on the label! Its a monthly subscription service which sends you 3 or 4 nail polishes & either 1 or 2 two tools/treatments for just £13.50 a month. Which when you look at the polishes that are included you are getting a COMPLETE bargain! I have to say this is the most tempting subscription service as I love painting my nails and would love to be able to get up to 4 polishes a month is just amazing, however I do wonder if I get bored and what if I don’t like the colours? I do think this is probably the most suited one for me though!
July 2015’s Box! Photography Credit
Sweet Sub

I found Sweet Sub on Instagram (are you suprised?!) its a monthly subscription box of SWEETS, could this be any more perfect?! To make life even better, if you sign up to their newsletter you get 20% off your first box! There are 3 options on offer £2.49 weekly box, £3.99 weekly calorie counter or a £5.99 monthly box. As I am calorie counting at the moment the £3.99 box seems the right choice for me but it works out at almost £16 a month and I can’t help but wonder that I could buy my own sweets from a supermarket and count them out myself for cheaper haha! Despite that, how nice would it be to get a weekly treat of sweets all calorie counted ready for me to stuff my face with!

Taster Of Sweet Sub! Photography Credit Sweet Sub

So there you have it 3 boxes, all completely different and all different in price! I would love to sign up for a box, but which one to choose – what would you go for??

Love Emma xxx