Ladies Night

Saturday night was great fun, our 2nd annual aunties/nieces/cousins/cousin in law/sister in law night out. Just generally the younger female generation of the family on a boozy night out! Our group has grown since this all started many years ago, when we had planned days out in London. However, more recently we have decided to stick to food and drinks – beacuse lets not lie, who doesnt love food and drink!

Our venue of choice was Turtle Bay & Sprinkles in Southampton, however a few of us met up early to hit the Christmas Market before hand! Here is a lovely selection of photo’s of our evening!


Lavender Brunch

It was Brunch Club today with Hayley and Carla! This time was Hayley’s choice of Long Barn just off the A31. Long Barn grows Lavender as well as selling a vast range of products as well, if you were to ask me to describe the venue its almost a garden centre, cross cafe, cross unique shop – it really is something I have never really experienced before.


As I pulled into the car park, straight away I was taken aback by how modern but yet, held a country shop vibe it just looked really welcoming! My tummy was rumbling, so I requested we eat first then explore the shop and grounds! We found a seat in the barn and it was just gorgeous, all the seats were like recycled, antique looking metal garden chairs with big chunky wood tables. There was a lot of greenery and just felt really natural and organic.


We took a look at the menu, but after walking past the abundance of cake (I didn’t get a snap of that!), I knew it was going to be a case of cake for brunch for me! Luckily I wasn’t on my own and both Hayley and Carla joined me! So what did we have?

Carla had a lovely hot chocolate with loads of mini marshmallows, accompanied by a bakewell slice. Hayley tucked into a coffee with a generous slice of passion fruit & banana gluten free cake. For me, it was a mocha with a chewy pecan slice HEAVEN! We all tucked in a enjoyed our cake breakfast, there was plenty more on offer – but can resist a cake?! We, as always talked for ages about everything from the list of brunch idea’s Hayley has, to Christmas gifts, to Carla’s wedding plans. Its always lovely to spend some time catching up with these ladies!


Once we have chewed each others ears off, we took off to explore and found some really cool things! Take a look at some of the snaps I took!


So! If your stuck for something to do of a weekend and want somewhere new to explore, head over to Long Barn. They are really welcoming the cake is INSANELY good and the grounds are lovely – I would love to see it when the Lavender is in full bloom!



Emma xxx

Brunch Club!

It was a beautiful sunny sunday morning….my alarm went off before 8 am…..‘why?!’ I asked myself ‘why is my alarm going off’. Then I remembered. 

The night before I thought I would go to the gym first thing. It didnt happen

The reason going to the gym was such a good plan, is because its brunch day! That normally means yummy coffee and something naughty! Hayley and I have been doing brunch on and off since the start of the year and today we invited our friend Carla to join our club! 

Todays venue was T & Thistle in Southsea, about a 20min journey from my home, so not too far! After a strange tour by my satnav (I am not great driving in Portsmouth!) I arrived and the girls were already inside. It was so quiet, I got myself a latte and we started a 3hr chatathon!

The coffee was amazing – I couldn’t help myself and got a mocha when we ordered our food! I went for Eggs Florentine and they were gorgeous. I love eggs and I so wish I could poach eggs, so they are always a real treat. Although I was really torn between that and a bagel, so maybe that will have to be saved for next time! Hayley also had eggs and Carla went for crumpets. 

It was really nice to spend sunday morning with the girls and finding out about each others plans and just generally chatting and taking it easy! It wasn’t massively expensive either, I spent around £12 for 2 coffees and food which is perfect for when your on a tight budget. 

As we were starting to get ready to head out our thoughts turned to our next date! We have planned it for September and our venue choice is Longbarn. So a bit of a drive but hopefully completely worth it! 

Are you based in Hampshire and have a recommendation for brunch? Please let me know!

Emma xxx

Southsea Food Festival

Last year we made the trip to Southsea Food Festival and had a great time, it wasn’t too busy and there was lots of stalls to choose from. So when we saw it advertised again this year on Facebook Matt & I knew we were going to attend and made sure our friends Hayley & Lee were free to come along with us!

Here is our trip for you in some lovely photo’s!

Our Day Off

My godparents are over from Indiana visiting family and friends at the moment and usually they go to my parents and have dinner and drinks with us as a family. However, as we recently bought our own place it was decided that everyone was to come to us instead so we could show off our home! The date was decided to be mid week, so Matt and I took some time off for the rest of the week so we could just hang out together before getting ready for my parents big annual party at the weekend (more on that later)!

It wasn’t until we headed up to bed that I realised I hadn’t taken any pictures that night, which I was upset about BUT I realised that also meant I didn’t have my phone on me. I was just happy being and enjoying everyone’s company – it was actually quite refreshing! Seen as I don’t have a recent picture, here is an oldie of my borther & I with our godparents a few years ago.

Matt had told me he had planned a day out on the Thursday and that we would be out the door at 7am, so when I stirred from my sleep and turned over to have him staring at me, I was a bit confused. He said it was nearly 9am and that he hadn’t wanted to wake me so we would find something else to do. We took our time getting ready and decided to go out for breakfast and then go from there.

We headed to The Tenth Hole and made some decisions on breakfast, I went for Breakfast Bruschetta. 2 lovely poached eggs on bread that was smothered in pesto and avocado with a side of roasted vine tomato’s. It was wonderful! Matt had a full English which, had I have got the order right would have been with a side of Black Pudding – I was rubbish and forgot when ordering haha!!

Whilst we were sat eating our food we were discussing what we wanted to do for the day amongst many other things. We ended up deciding that we would go and see the final installment of Planet Of The Apes. We headed down to Gunwarf Quays and brought our tickets before going round the shops for a bit. I was on the hunt for a dress for Goodwood Races, we are going with Matt’s brother and partner beginning of August. Unfortunately I didn’t see anything I liked, so we headed back to the cinema picked up some popcorn, nachos and an ice blast for me before heading to our screening. There was just 5 of us in the massive screen, so we were a bit naughty and chose to sit in the VIP seats rather than our standard seats – sssssh! Don’t tell!

The film was really good – we have enjoyed the 2 before this one – there was a bit of action as well as some comedy chucked in for good measure with the Bad Ape! Watching the trailers beforehand, we both decided that we might try and see Dunkirk as it looked a lot better than what we thought it was going to and I think some of it was filmed locally as well.

It’s been really nice to just spend time together with no time limits on when we need to be home by or that we need to be doing something. Sometimes I think it is really easy for couples to get a bit lost when you are so busy doing other things, but just spending a little bit of time together can bring you right back to where you need to be. Heck, we have been together 8 years next month, we must be doing something right somewhere!

Keep Smiling

Emma xx


A Sweet Monday Freebie!

Who loves treating family & friends and getting a little bit of money off too?? GOOD I am glad its not just me!

You might think it makes me sound a bit cheap, but whenever I shop online (which isn’t very often) I ALWAYS have a search for a discount code first to see how much I can save! I recently stumbled across Boomf when I was hunting the web for a personalised mothers day gift for mummy dearest and managed to get 20% off AND I have just done the same for my dad (he loved mum’s gift!).

Mum’s Personalized Mothers Day Gift

Dad’s Personalized Fathers Day Gift

It is soo simple to create this gorgeous personalised marshmallows, you can upload your own photo’s and mix and match with pre-designed clipart or just use either on their own. They now even do mallow pops which are just the cutest idea and I love this as an alternative to cake pops – they are definitely less messy! I could order things from Boomf all day long, whats even better is that delivery is normally 1-3 working days, it comes straight through the letter box, so no need to worry about having to sign for a parcel or anything!

For a box of 9 Marshmallows is £15 (incl. postage), which is perfect for a little sweet treat for a friend or family member, the mallow pops are £20 (incl. postage) for 9.

As I love all my readers sooo much, I have got a code which allows you all 20% your next order! All you need to do is follow the below link enter your email address and start shopping!

Your 20% Off Code!

I cant wait to see all your creations that you have made!


Emma xxx



Its that time of year where you start to have friends over for alfresco dining and maybe a drink or 2 or 3. We love to have people over but where we still live with our parents it can be a bit tough so usually only have friends over when we are house sitting for them or if we are house sitting for friends and family.

We love nothing more than to enjoy a few drinks and good food with our friends and when the girls are round it normally means COCKTAILS! I have a board on Pinterest which is called Birthday Party Idea’s….I should really re-name it Cocktail Board as that is all that’s on there and my Birthday’s usually end up in Cocktails and Cupcakes haha! So I raided my board and thought why not share with you all the 5 cocktails that I will be making this summer!

1. Mermaid Water!

My Cousin tagged me in this post on Facebook the other week, it sounds lovely and I definitely what to make this at least once during the summer! However, I am never sure what Blue Curacao is or where to get it from! 
Note To Self – Must Serve In Mason Jar!

2. Coconut Watermelon Margarita

This sounds soo yummy and refreshing, I think it was the Pink in the jar that dragged my eye before I even saw it contained Coconut, another thing to fill my obsession! I checked out the recipe online and it looks so easy to do, there would have to be some changes with the coconut bacardi rum and frozen margarita mix as I am not sure we can get that in the UK but its definitely one I want to try!

3. Pina Colada Sangria

When I stumbled across this recipe I instantly knew I had to give it a go. I love to have a glass of wine and my cocktail of choice is always a Pina Colada… why have I never thought to combine the 2?! Wine & Glue has put together a fantastic blog post with a simple guide to create this lovely drink, I cant wait to try it!

Photography Credit Wine & Glue

4. Vodka Raspberry Lemonade
This is a great deviation from a drink I spend many evenings in Mexico drinking in January! I discovered Raspberry Absolut Vodka and when mixed with Sprite it was amazing & I think the recipe that Pretty Plain Janes has shared will be just as good! 
Photography Credit Pretty Plain Janes

5. Frozen Kahlua White Russian

I have seen many beautiful photo’s on pinterest about this cocktail and it has always been something I would like to try as I can imagine it is very similar to a Espresso Martini which is very yummy! However, despite how many pins I have browsed through, I liked this recipe by Cooking In Stilettos the most. The fact it combines ice cream and alcohol you cant say no!
Photography Credit Cooking In Stilletos

Well I hope I have given you all some inspiration for your next party or maybe your next cocktail night with the girls!

Why not share your favourite cocktail with me below?
Emma xx