O Christmas Tree

Its that time of year again, when Dad & I head out together in search for the perfect tree! It has been a family tradition now for several year. When I was still living at home, we would put the tree up the day it was brought and I would be the one to decorate the tree.

As Matt & I moved out December last year, we just had a little tiny tree as we weren’t really set for Christmas. However, this year, we are set! We have some decorations up, lights in the windows and I put aside money to get a decent sized tree. Matt is a bit of Grinch when it comes to Christmas, so told me that I should get a tree that was a little bigger than last year, but no where near what my dad gets.

I headed out with my Dad and he was telling me that he had seen some really nice trees at our local Tesco Store with my mum at the weekend and he felt we should head there first. So we did, an unusual place to purchase a tree! The lad that was out in the cold carpark surrounded by trees was really friendly and was happy to get out as many trees as we wanted to find our perfect tree.

When he pulled out a smaller tree for me, as soon as he stood it up I noticed there was a wonky bit at the top and I knew then it was going to be our tree. For those of you that remember last year, our tree was a little wonky then, its only right that we keep on that tradition! I got the tree home and with some help from dad, got it up and watered. After Dad headed out, I hoovered up the stray needles and then got out all of my Christmas Tree decorations. Most of them I brought last year, but some I took with me from my parents and others have been brought for us.

With The Santa Clause playing in the background, the tree started to become alive with twinkling fairy lights, shades of gold, red and & white. After about an hour, the tree is complete and Christmas has definitely arrived!

I love that our tree is now up, it certainly feels like Christmas has arrived! We have so many decorations on our tree and most of them have a special meaning or have been given to us by special people in our lives. Although all my decorations match to some extent, they are all unique and individual and for me that is the best thing about a Christmas Tree!

So, have you got your tree up yet? What is your favourite decoration?

Emma xx



I am coming to the end of 4 days off work, making a lovely weekend extended to a 6 day weekend! Its been a nice way to start the festivities!

On Friday, my parents & I headed to Bath for the Christmas Market. I have to say it is one of the best ones I have been to and I am gutted I didn’t have more money to spend on the day. There were lots of stalls with unique gifts, food and drink and I could have easily spent a fortune. However, I am on a tight budget this month which helped and meant that I didnt waste my money on things I didn’t need. My parents however brought an abundance of things from chutneys to wreaths, however I have to say our best purchase was some fudge. I love fudge and I love it even more when it is Christmas Cake flavoured & looked like a Christmas Cake too. It was sooooo good! I am gutted I only got 1 small slab, I could easily eat so much more of it! Disappointingly, I only got 2 photo’s of the day. Well, I say its disappointing, it just means you will need to head there for yourselves and see just how good it is!


Saturday, for those of you that follow me on Facebook will know that Matt was working on Saturday unexpectedly, so I took full advantage and decided to put some Christmas decorations up! However, I cant help but feel that compared to my parents house that our home is so bare! However, I need to keep reminding myself that we have only been here a year, my parents have been buying Christmas decorations now for over 30 years! If you want to keep up with my Christmas events, search on Instagram for #christmasat36

Then Monday, Hayley & I had a date booked in for a spot of Christmas shopping and a spot of brunch! It was really nice to have just a chilled Monday around the shops, catching up and ticking things off the shopping list! I budgeted and spent all my budget, but I got what I needed and managed to do some window shopping too! We even managed to sneak a trip to our favourite garden centre where the Christmas goodies are by the truck load!

Its been a lovely long weekend and today was even better as I got my TREE!!! But That’s for another post!

Emma xx

Ladies Night

Saturday night was great fun, our 2nd annual aunties/nieces/cousins/cousin in law/sister in law night out. Just generally the younger female generation of the family on a boozy night out! Our group has grown since this all started many years ago, when we had planned days out in London. However, more recently we have decided to stick to food and drinks – beacuse lets not lie, who doesnt love food and drink!

Our venue of choice was Turtle Bay & Sprinkles in Southampton, however a few of us met up early to hit the Christmas Market before hand! Here is a lovely selection of photo’s of our evening!

Sing With Me!

Ok, if you know me, then you will know that I love a singalong in the car and there is nothing that I love more than singing along to Chrismas tunes!!

Yup, I said the C word and I don’t care that its only October! 

This is what I LOVE about spotify – you can have a playlist for anything! So, I have spent the last few days creating a Christmas playlist, so as soon as I go on Annual leave on 29th November those Christmas Tunes will be blaring out my car stereo! I am off work for 4 days and every single day I have something Christmassy planned it, so it will be a great start to the festive season!

I hear you, what is on my playlist?! Well you can check it out for yourself – do you have spotify? Just open up this link and hit the follow button – I will add songs as I go along BUT if you can think of anything then hit up the comments below!

Let’s all have a big sing-a-long!

Image result for christmas singing quotes



Christmas Fun!

Can you believe Christmas is over and finished with already? The weather is so mild on the south coast that I don’t even feel that we are in December – it’s crazy! I was lucky enough to have a few days Annual Leave in the lead up to Christmas and I thoroughly enjoyed being pampered at the hairdressers and enjoying a Christmas Eve breakfast with Matt & my brother. It was nice to have a couple of days to relax.

Christmas Eve we have a family tradition that we always go to Carols by Candlelight at our local church, where both myself and my brother were christened, we are joined by my grandparents and my Godfathers mum for a good sing-along and it’s always followed by Chinese afterwards. It’s lovely to get together, especially if I won’t be seeing my grandparents on Christmas Day. We always have a laugh and it’s a great time to see faces in the Church that you might not have seen since last year. I often see an old School Teacher and it’s great to see her and let her know what I am up to.

Christmas Day itself seem to be here and gone before I knew it, as always I was up at 7am ready to go down and open presents. I could hear my dad pottering away downstairs putting the meat in the oven and other bits and pieces, but it didn’t sound like there was any other movement in the house, so I put on my TV and watched Prep & Landing and finished my book! It was around 9ish that my brother and mum got up and I was ready to get everyone down stairs for 9.30am! It was a push, but by 10am we had finally started opening presents, that is my favourite part seeing everyone opening their gifts! Santa delivered quite a bit to the King’s house, my brother was lucky enough to get some new clothes, a fit bit and an electric razor amongst many other things. My parents got lots of presents from family & friends including a trip to see Jersey Boys in London for my Dad & a Pandora Charm for my mum. However, I have to admit I love seeing them struggle to open presents from some lovely friends, there is always lots of cello tape and mum and dad had a race this year to see who would open the gifts first!

I was spoilt again this year by family and friends, I was gifted with bath products, lush bath bombs, jewellery, stationary, vouchers, slippers, handmade gifts, early bridesmaid gifts amongst various other bits! I thought I would share some snaps with you of some of my present haul, I will be doing a separate post about The Happy Box & Box of Happiness – so keep your eyes peeled!

Over the last few days when we have met with friends and family I have been asked many times what Matt has brought me & my reply is simple…..nothing…….they often look shocked and jib Matt for not buying me anything, but we swiftly remind them that we are going on Holiday in January and that Matt paid for me to go as a gift for my Birthday & Christmas. I am often then reminded just how lucky I am to have such a thoughtful boyfriend!

It has been a strange one this year as I have definitely not felt as Christmassy as I normally do, but I am looking forward to celebrating New Year with Matt and going on our holiday in just over a weeks’ time!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas with your friends & family and are looking forward to celebrating the New Year!

Lots of Love

Emma xXx

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Its Midday, I am hoping you have all had a wonderful Christmas morning and are getting ready for a big feast!

                                                    Free Printable { Although It's Been Said... ! }:

Our afternoon will consist of food, games and Christmas tunes – have a great Christmas and stay safe…..


Emma xxx

Festive Family Fun

It has become a family tradition in recent years that my parents host a summer party and my mum’s cousin and his family host a Christmas Party. It means that there is at least 2 times over the year that we all get together have a big catch up, drinks, food and fun. Christmas definitely is time for family and friends and I am so fortunate that I am able to go to events like this as I know there are others in the world that won’t be seeing their loved ones at Christmas, so for that, I am extremely thankful.

Unfortunately Matt had been really poorly and in and out of hospital in the run up to the Family Party, so was unable to come. I think he would be pleased to miss out, as the car journey up there with my parents and brother was just awash with Christmas Tunes and bad singing (of course not on my part!). Mum had in her mind that she wanted to visit a garden centre close by to our family as she wanted to pick up some chutney for Christmas Day, as she is doing Cheese & Biscuits in the evening! In true King style, we had a great time and I have already told Steph that next year we will make a special trip up there at Christmas (even if it’s only for the Café)!

That’s My Dad!

Full Of Festive Cheer!

Yep, I Couldn’t Resist!

I Love These!

Such A Big Kid!

We Need This For Our Garden!

LOVE This!

After an hour or so and plenty of strange looks, we headed over to our families home, which is absolutely stunning. It is very deceiving as on first impressions it looks quite small but when you go in there are rooms filled with people everywhere! 

Me & My Nanny!

2 Of My Cousins!

Grandad In His FIRST Christmas Jumper

Aunty & Gorgeous Harry, Our Youngest Family Member!

My Lovely Cousin Trina & Cousin In-Law Lauren!

Cousins ❤

As always people always congregate in the Kitchen, most of the men were in the Lounge watching sports & you could hear the children playing in the toy room. There was plenty of booze and food consumed by all, we all enjoyed a game or two and a special viewing of ELF!

Scott Really Enjoyed The Game!

Me & Adam Entertained the little ones!

My Cousin & His lovely girfriend who feeds us all with CAKE!

We all crammed in the Lounge for a viewing of……


Us 3 knew all the words!

I hope you all have the chance to spend time with your loved ones over this festive period! I will be posting pictures of all things Christmassy in December on Instragram using the #christmasatthekings. So for family & friends who use Instragram – if you happen to snap a pic PLEASE use the hashtag, it would be great to see your pictures!

Lots of Christmas Love

Emma xxx