Christmas Fun!

Can you believe Christmas is over and finished with already? The weather is so mild on the south coast that I don’t even feel that we are in December – it’s crazy! I was lucky enough to have a few days Annual Leave in the lead up to Christmas and I thoroughly enjoyed being pampered at the hairdressers and enjoying a Christmas Eve breakfast with Matt & my brother. It was nice to have a couple of days to relax.

Christmas Eve we have a family tradition that we always go to Carols by Candlelight at our local church, where both myself and my brother were christened, we are joined by my grandparents and my Godfathers mum for a good sing-along and it’s always followed by Chinese afterwards. It’s lovely to get together, especially if I won’t be seeing my grandparents on Christmas Day. We always have a laugh and it’s a great time to see faces in the Church that you might not have seen since last year. I often see an old School Teacher and it’s great to see her and let her know what I am up to.

Christmas Day itself seem to be here and gone before I knew it, as always I was up at 7am ready to go down and open presents. I could hear my dad pottering away downstairs putting the meat in the oven and other bits and pieces, but it didn’t sound like there was any other movement in the house, so I put on my TV and watched Prep & Landing and finished my book! It was around 9ish that my brother and mum got up and I was ready to get everyone down stairs for 9.30am! It was a push, but by 10am we had finally started opening presents, that is my favourite part seeing everyone opening their gifts! Santa delivered quite a bit to the King’s house, my brother was lucky enough to get some new clothes, a fit bit and an electric razor amongst many other things. My parents got lots of presents from family & friends including a trip to see Jersey Boys in London for my Dad & a Pandora Charm for my mum. However, I have to admit I love seeing them struggle to open presents from some lovely friends, there is always lots of cello tape and mum and dad had a race this year to see who would open the gifts first!

I was spoilt again this year by family and friends, I was gifted with bath products, lush bath bombs, jewellery, stationary, vouchers, slippers, handmade gifts, early bridesmaid gifts amongst various other bits! I thought I would share some snaps with you of some of my present haul, I will be doing a separate post about The Happy Box & Box of Happiness – so keep your eyes peeled!

Over the last few days when we have met with friends and family I have been asked many times what Matt has brought me & my reply is simple…..nothing…….they often look shocked and jib Matt for not buying me anything, but we swiftly remind them that we are going on Holiday in January and that Matt paid for me to go as a gift for my Birthday & Christmas. I am often then reminded just how lucky I am to have such a thoughtful boyfriend!

It has been a strange one this year as I have definitely not felt as Christmassy as I normally do, but I am looking forward to celebrating New Year with Matt and going on our holiday in just over a weeks’ time!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas with your friends & family and are looking forward to celebrating the New Year!

Lots of Love

Emma xXx


Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Its Midday, I am hoping you have all had a wonderful Christmas morning and are getting ready for a big feast!

                                                    Free Printable { Although It's Been Said... ! }:

Our afternoon will consist of food, games and Christmas tunes – have a great Christmas and stay safe…..


Emma xxx

Festive Family Fun

It has become a family tradition in recent years that my parents host a summer party and my mum’s cousin and his family host a Christmas Party. It means that there is at least 2 times over the year that we all get together have a big catch up, drinks, food and fun. Christmas definitely is time for family and friends and I am so fortunate that I am able to go to events like this as I know there are others in the world that won’t be seeing their loved ones at Christmas, so for that, I am extremely thankful.

Unfortunately Matt had been really poorly and in and out of hospital in the run up to the Family Party, so was unable to come. I think he would be pleased to miss out, as the car journey up there with my parents and brother was just awash with Christmas Tunes and bad singing (of course not on my part!). Mum had in her mind that she wanted to visit a garden centre close by to our family as she wanted to pick up some chutney for Christmas Day, as she is doing Cheese & Biscuits in the evening! In true King style, we had a great time and I have already told Steph that next year we will make a special trip up there at Christmas (even if it’s only for the Café)!

That’s My Dad!

Full Of Festive Cheer!

Yep, I Couldn’t Resist!

I Love These!

Such A Big Kid!

We Need This For Our Garden!

LOVE This!

After an hour or so and plenty of strange looks, we headed over to our families home, which is absolutely stunning. It is very deceiving as on first impressions it looks quite small but when you go in there are rooms filled with people everywhere! 

Me & My Nanny!

2 Of My Cousins!

Grandad In His FIRST Christmas Jumper

Aunty & Gorgeous Harry, Our Youngest Family Member!

My Lovely Cousin Trina & Cousin In-Law Lauren!

Cousins ❤

As always people always congregate in the Kitchen, most of the men were in the Lounge watching sports & you could hear the children playing in the toy room. There was plenty of booze and food consumed by all, we all enjoyed a game or two and a special viewing of ELF!

Scott Really Enjoyed The Game!

Me & Adam Entertained the little ones!

My Cousin & His lovely girfriend who feeds us all with CAKE!

We all crammed in the Lounge for a viewing of……


Us 3 knew all the words!

I hope you all have the chance to spend time with your loved ones over this festive period! I will be posting pictures of all things Christmassy in December on Instragram using the #christmasatthekings. So for family & friends who use Instragram – if you happen to snap a pic PLEASE use the hashtag, it would be great to see your pictures!

Lots of Christmas Love

Emma xxx

Sneaky Christmas Shopping!

The other day, I had a day off it was mainly to run some errands and to get ready to meet Matt for an early dinner as we were going to see UB40! Matt loves UB40 and I like their music too. But I kinda diverted and did a tiny spot of Christmas shopping in lovely garden centre, which is a little out of the way, but I love it alot and they have got all their Christmas bits out & I wanted to share with you my favourites!

How Yummy Do These Mince Pies Look!

I Need This Decoration In My Life

So Cute

Love This Lantern

Cute Little Hankies!

I Love The White And Copper Style At The Moment

Classic Christmas Scenery


Emma xx

Christmas Crafting

I know….its early to talk about Christmas but I love it so I am going to rabbit on all I like!

A few weeks ago now, myself and Hayley ventured out one Saturday afternoon to a local crafting place on the seafront to get our craft on and paint ourselves some early Christmas bits. I arrived a bit earlier than Hayley and decided that I would do 3 different ornaments to start off my Christmas collection. When Hayley arrived she picked out a Snowman Tealight Holder and a lovely Bowl!

So we got to painting and talking and before you knew it, our time was nearly up! They recommend 3 layers of paint to make it properly sit in the kiln and ensure that there are no lines, but I was running out of time and started to rush so my Reindeer didnt get as much love as he should have! All in all I think they turned out great – even before the kiln fire….don’t take my word for it, take a look!

They normally say it takes a week before they are ready to be picked up, but Hayley collected ours about 3 days later. We were both really happy with our little creations and definitely want to do another trip soon!

So why not find your local craft shop and get your craft on!


Emma xxx

Winter Feelings

I am not sure about everyone else, but on the south coast despite the clear blue skies there is definitely a chill in the air and the trees are starting to change color. Autumn and Winter are definitely my favourite 2 seasons of the year, the chance to wear boots and lovely jumpers – perfection!

I am unsure if I am lucky or unfortunate that most of my immediate family have birthdays over the Christmas period, so even when I think I am organised there is always some mad rush to get everyone’s gift! To add to the present mix my lovely baby brother is turning 18 in December and buying a special present for an 18yr old is difficult – they have everything or they want something that is soo expensive aaaah! This year, because I am saving my booty off to get a home of my own, I am being a bit more frugal with my spending and I am doing some home made gifts for family and friends. I have been looking online, ok mainly Pinterest for recipes and ideas. I thought some of you guys either might be struggling or want some Pinsperation on home made gifts that are ideal for family, friends, neighbours, teachers, colleagues etc!

I am a MASSIVE and I mean massive FOODIE & I just love to get people some yummy treats, especially at Christmas, so here are some bits that I am going to try.

Salted Caramel Bark

Salted Caramel Bark recipe, an easy holiday treat and perfect for food gifts! My husband begged me to make it for all his clients as gifts!:

I am a massive fan of Salted Caramel so when I stumbled across this recipe from a fellow blogger Miss Information I knew I wanted to give it a go. I have made chocolate bark before and its soo easy – now this recipe is of course American BUT brits don’t fear, you can get Chocolate chips from any supermarket or even hobbycraft, the caramel bits I haven’t figured out where to get these from, but I think Rolo’s may make a good substitute!

White Chocolate Rocky Road

I love rocky road but even more than that I love White Chocolate and I know I am not the only one! I am not great in the kitchen but with limited ingredients and the easy method Technicolor Kitchen have shared I reckon anyone could could give it a go.

Marshmallow Snowmen

Put 3 large marshmallows on a stick, dip in white chocolate, then decorate with mini M and icing.:

So easy and so cute, as mentioned on this link it is so simple! All you need is kebab skewers white marshmallows, mini M&Ms and some icing to pipe! Such a simple, yet really cute idea.

White Chocolate Pretzels

White Star Pretzels in a Jar Gift + FREE Printable Label:

How cute are these! For those of you that know me, you will probably have tried at some point my pretzel bites and I would love to add these to my pretzel range! The recipe is here and it is sooo simple and would be a perfect thing to do with little ones for a gift for their teachers!

So there you go a few little idea’s to get you started. I will be pinning constantly in the lead up to Christmas, so why not make sure you follow me so you can see what I am up to.


Emma xxx

One Crazy Saturday!

Yes, this happened on Saturday – Christmas At The Kings – 6 months early!