About Me

That’s me! My name is Emma a 20 something year old from Hampshire, England.

I started blogging in 2013 about a bucket list that I had created of 30 things to do before I was 30. It kick started me into a more positive life and led me to be more open about new experiences. However, over the last few years, I realised I actually enjoyed writing a lot and my blog was moving more towards just sharing my life in an online journal.

I can promise you that within my blog I will always be honest and truthful with you & only write about things that really mean things to me. When we said goodbye to 2015, I made the promise to myself that I would work towards getting content uploaded at least twice a week for you all to read and that went really well until I brought a house late 2016 and blogging fell off the shelf! However, I am back and feel the creative vibes again!

Here are a few quick facts that you might be interested to know about me!

Star Sign: Virgo
Personality Traits: Independent, Loyal, Honest, Loving
Favourite Time Of Year: Winter
Favourite Animal: Elephant, Whale, Bear
Interests: Shopping, Movies, Reading, Keeping Fit, Family, Friends, Travel
Favourite Place: Top Of The Roc – New York/My Godparents porch in Indiana/San Francisco

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So, join me on this journey where I spread my wings and Learn to Fly……Love 
Emma xxx

Photography Credit: Dimples & Daisies Photography