It’s Been A While

Last time I posted it was a quick post, just some thoughts I had and things that I wanted to share. That’s pretty much how last year went with my blog, I stopped trying to post regular content that I didn’t care about & started posting when I felt strongly that I had something to share.

2018 was a roller coaster of a year, it was full of so much laughter and so much frustration all in one go! There are a lot of things that I will look back and remember fondly in 2018 including moving into a new decade.

So we are 5 days into 2019, I have been thinking today a lot about what I am going to achieve this year – I have never been someone for setting resolutions, but there are goals that I have for this year. So I thought I would share them with you!

  • Sky Dive – FINALLY!! I booked in to do this in August and it got cancelled due to poor weather, but I am going to re-book for Spring and I will jump out that bloody plane!
  • Go back to Yoga – its been a few years, but I loved it before & it has been proven to help PCOS. So this year, I am going to get back on it and become a master of zen!
  • Get to target – for so many years I have wanted to get to target, my life has been consumed by a number on the scales. 2018 I finally started to like what I saw in the mirror, but this year, this year I am going to hit target when I feel comfortable & not when the scales tell me I should.
  • Save – Save – Save! I ended 2018 with £46 in my savings account – how poor is that. £46 , what a shambles. This year I want to regularly be putting money aside so that I have a back up if I need it, or perhaps a pot so I can book that last minute holiday or buy that pair of jeans.
  • Read – I love to read & I am one of those people where I either read 10 books in 10 days or read nothing for 6 months. So this year I want to read more, I want to read at least 1 book every month. Send me your suggestions!!

So there you have it, things I want to achieve in 2019. I know I wrote a mini bucket list on here a while back, I am going to take a look this evening and see what I can add, perhaps I will do a 40 things before I am 40!

What would you like to achieve in this fresh new year?

Emma xx

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