Just Shop……

When you read this, I will be out for the day with Matt, our 2 nieces and our nephew to treat them all for our nephew’s 2nd birthday – you can’t just take 1! haha!

However, this post isn’t about that, this is about my urge to shop…..I love a good shop, going out with some money you have saved up getting bits you need, bits you dont need and maybe a luxury item or 2 if your really lucky. BUT its been an AGE since I was able to do that & no its not because I brought a house, I just haven’t had time to plan it in. Last time I did a full day shop like leave the house at 7am and get back at 7pm was for my birthday last year! OVER 1 year!

Don’t get me wrong, I have been shopping over the past year, but just not shopped – do you know what I mean?! I am calling my girls – I NEED some shopping tiiiiimmmmmeeeeee!!!

Image result for shopping meme

Now, I know a lot of people shop online and that’s great, for them……but what happened to spending an hour in the changing room with about 10 different outfits? Coming home with about 10 different shopping bags, one of them was bound to have broke on the way round so you have to cram it all in other bags. I can recall Steph and I actually sitting down in Primark one year with our baskets to determine what we actually needed vs what we wanted so we didn’t spend all our money in 1 shop!

Even Matt is a good shopper with me but only in America! What is that?! In this country he just gets under my feet and doesn’t buy anything for himself – in the states, he turns into me! In San Francisco we were in Armarni Exchange for at least 1 hour whilst he tried on god knows how many different items on clothes and he brought 1 style t-shirt in 3 different colours! AND to make it even better – he encourages me to spend money!

That’s it, either we need to go to America just to shop OR I need a shopping day with my girls here…..somebody please step forward!

Well your probably wondering what would I buy……

What would I buy?! Honestly no blooooody clue – but when did that ever stop anyone?!

Just Take Me Shopping!!!!


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