My Travel Journey!

My Heart Is Saying Travel, My Head Is Saying Decorate……

The joys of being a new home owner and coming to the realization you cannot have everything, well not straight away! It was almost 10 years ago I got the travel bug, my 3rd holiday abroad to Fueterventura with my best friend kick started my want to explore and see the world. I had been abroad twice before that once to New York with college in 2005 and once to Indianapolis with my parents and brother in 2007. However, there is nothing like venturing abroad with your best mate to a lovely hot country for a week to start a habit of a lifetime!

That year, 2008, we went to Fueteventura in the March and I got made redundant in the April. This is how eager my 20 year old self was to explore because we booked to go to Morocco in September of the same year! So despite not having a job and Steph being a full time Uni student, we somehow made it work and holiday’d twice in 1 year. Both just week breaks and both were all inclusive and we didn’t really do much apart from laze by the pool and the odd shopping trip, but it was nice to be away and just relax.

Little did I know that those 2 trips where going to start a life long adventure of seeing the world. I am not sure how long I was back from Morocco before I booked ANOTHER trip! This time, I wanted to travel (initially) on my own, I decided I was going to stay with my godparents for a couple of weeks in Indianapolis and just enjoy a bit of the country and all America has to offer, I ended up taking my godfathers mum along as a suprise and I had a GREAT time for those 2 weeks!

That was 2009, the year I met Matt & the year I turned 21. It was also the year I booked to go back to New York in 2010 with then a very good friend. A return to a city that first time round didn’t capture my heart. 2nd time round, I started to understand why everyone loved it so much and I really enjoyed myself despite not having the best company (that is a story for another day) and when I returned and really looked back over my trip I decided that one day I would go back and make my sour memories sweeter with someone else.

Mine and Matt’s relationship grew and after mini breaks in the UK we decided that 2011 would be the year of our first holiday abroad. After much debate, we decided on Rovinj, Croatia on the Istrian coast. We stayed in a hotel on its own island, only able to return to the mainland by boat surrounded by beautiful blue sea’s. It was a perfect first holiday for two young lovebirds with a day trip to Venice chucked in for good measure.

We holidayed in May and I think by the September we had already booked our next adventure, New York to celebrate Matt turning 21 in January 2012. A whole week in New York a chance to make new memories and see how the city was changing, being Matt’s first time to America we did lots of things to make it special and we both have fond memories of that trip. Looking at my timehop, we had only been back a matter of weeks before we started to look at our next holiday. How we managed it I am not sure, but we managed another trip that year, the latter part of year of course. Some Winter sun, Cuba in November a perfect sunny getaway – I had so many firsts on that trip; snorkelling, eating lobster, horse riding on a beach.

Then 2013 hit, Matt holiday’d to Austria skiing and ruptured his ACL and it put a halt on our plans for that year, the first year since 2008 that I hadn’t been abroad. It hurt and I struggled, but one thing that came out of it was I was put to work researching and booking our last holiday as a family, just myself, my parents and my brother. A quick stop in New York followed by 2 weeks with my godparents in Indianapolis in the middle Summer celebrating July 4th!

Those 2 weeks were fantastic and I will share more about Indianapolis in a different post, but I cannot recall exactly, but perhaps a couple of weeks prior to going to to the states Matt & I booked to go to Rome over our 5th Anniversary. It was completely off the cuff and initially I wasn’t keen, I wasn’t overwhelmed by Venice so felt that, despite my heritage, that Italy just wasn’t for me. Oh, how wrong I was. Rome is one of the most amazing cities, even in the heat of August, it was so beautiful and I wouldn’t hesitate a return journey! So 2014 ended as another year with 2 holidays and it didn’t take long after our return that another holiday was already on the countdown having started being planned long before I jetted off to the states in July.

April 2015 Matt and I headed off to Las Vegas with my best mate and her then boyfriend for a week, I came away with lots of wonderful memories from that trip and even with all Vegas has to offer, I still feel we didn’t cover all of it and would gladly return! After a week as a foursome we split, they headed to LA and we headed up the Californian coast to San Francisco. Aaaaah San Fran, I definitely left a piece of my heart of there and it has honestly become one of my favourite places to be. We were there for around 3/4 nights and although I feel like we did everything, I would gladly go back again!

2015 also brought trips for me to Scotland and Dublin with my girlfriends, both were fantastic and I have lots of fond memories that I will always treasure! However, whilst I was holidaying with my friends Matt was busy planning our holiday for 2016, a surprise for my birthday and Christmas all rolled in to 1. I was constantly being told we were going to Tenerife, whilst disappointed initially I remember the fun I had in the Canaries 8 years earlier and knew the weather would be good and we would have a great time, so to have ended up in Mexico was just phenomenal!

Mexico was a dream and just such a perfect way to start what was unbeknownst to us at the time going to be one of the most craziest years so far. It was a perfect mix of sightseeing and relaxing with white sand and clear blue sea’s!

However, we ended 2016 with no future holidays booked as we brought our first house, our first sofa and started building our forever. Currently sat on our gorgeous leather sofa, as I write this my heart is saying ‘go on, check for cheap deals for the time you have booked off work’. I definitely have the urge to travel and see the world, but my head is thinking of what wallpaper should we pick for the front room and when I can start painting and wallpapering our bedroom also wishing for next weekend to come so we can rip out the hedge in the front room!

Looking back and reminiscing over my last almost 10 years worth of travel, I realise how lucky I have been and how, in a few years to come, I will be even luckier as I am sure we will travel more and further in the world with Canada, Vietnam and Dubai on our hit list I am sure we will make lots of more travel memories. However, at the moment, our priority is getting our home to how we want it to be. With a hedge to remove, decorating to be done, a shower unit to install and a driveway to build with a possible extension on the horizon we are going to be busy but to create a home that we both love so much will make it all worth while to come back to after being away for a while!

So, whilst my travel bug may just have to be kept deep inside for now, it doesn’t mean I cant share with you my hints, tips and wishes! So, consider this a start of travel posts to come!


Emma xxx


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